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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:November 18, 2017 Last Modified:November 20, 2017
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That organisation calling itself the 'UK Supreme Court' released what it calls a judgement saying that setting a minimum price for alcohol is legal
Scotch Whisky Association V The Lord Advocate and others

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Are they nuts?

Price fixing should be illegal, that's like saying charge you a million a day for anything medicinal and shouldn't be allowed the uk surpreme court has clearly lost its mind as in a n oral world prices should be allowed to come down. And people trusted to make their own decisions about what they do with their own lives. The court calling itself the uk supreme court clearly lost its mind and is totally insane with ruling like that. Also isn't alcohol a fuel? and that's expensive enough as it is.

looks like Scottish parliament argued scanning at the judgement text
'to address health and social consequences which can arise from the consumption of cheap alcohol"

and 'The minimum price is to be set by the Scottish Ministers by secondary
legislation. The current proposal is that it should be 50 pence per unit of alcohol'

copy of the uk supreme court judgement here

Everytime an 'organisation', government, country group starts thinking it has the right to impose it's will on another using force you end up in situations like this:

55BC Roman Invasion of Britain By Julias Ceaser>
(Around) 450AD Saxon Invasion Of Britain
553 AD The 5th Ecumenical Council (The 2nd Council of Constantinople)
1003 Sewyn Invasion (after 1002 St Brice Day Massacre of Danes )
1066 Norman Conquest of Britain
The May 1096 Rhineland Massacres of Jews in Speyer, Worms and Meitz
1209 Cathars being Massacred at Beziers in Langoudoc and elsewhere
May 30th 1431 Joan Of Arc Getting Burnt At The Stake
1562 - Diego de Landa calderon, Destruction of Myan texts. (see also auto-de-fé )
1572 St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
1641 Ireland
13 Feb 1692 Massacre of Glenco
1775 American War of Independence
1882 American Chinese Exclusion Act
1899 1901 Boxer Rebellion, China
(9 April 1835 – 17 December 1909) Leopolod II, King Of Belgium, Congo, Unreported Genocides
1936 The Great Purge, Russia
1936 Law #136 US Government female sterilisation in Puerto Rico
883AD Maecedonain Monk, Saint Cyril (slavonic Cyrillic Alphabet i.e. B [v] = in, OHá [a-ná])
1937-1945 Unit 721, Japan
1939 T 4 Genocide Program and 1933 Sterilisation Program, Germany

1940 Katyn Forest Massacre a mass executions of Polish nationals carried out by the NKVD, Russia
1943 Khatyn Massacre, Belarus, Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118
1932, 1972 The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Alabama
1947-1987 Willowbrook State School Scandle with Dr Kruman deliberately infecting kids with Hepatitis, Staten Island, New York experimenting on children to find a cure
1959 Hola Concentration Camp, Keny
1973 - Augusto Pinochet, Chile
1975-1979 Cambodge Genocide, 1976 S21
1976-1983 Argentina, and people such as Doctor K Eduardo Kalinec who was reportedly sentenced in 2010 as others were from that era for murder and torture in those camps
Morning 15th April 1986 - USA bombed targets in Libya
Afternoon 15th April 1986 - My Grandad Murdered in Marrakesh by an Arab looking for Americans
1994 Rewana Genocide
1995 Srebrenica Genocide

and the list goes on, and given we already know that the uk NHS genocide division [the NHS] experiments on humans, and tortures on people against their consent, you can see that their judgement erodes the liberty, safety, security of the people as majorities have already been brain washed to vote war criminals like Teresa may in (who voted to suspend liberty and the sanctity of human life) and it is the uk arrogance inter alia which got you into all those conflicts to begin with.

why they would even consider funding the uk genocide division [the nhs] or trying to push society backward is beyond me, your supposed to be using logic and reason to enable people to think for themselves, make their own judgments in life, be self sufficient as i'd rather live in the world of trust, love over war.

instead all i see in uk is the growing mentality that one group of people with guns think they can impose their will on another, such as met use of spit hoods, and that is why the legal system gets written off so easily across the modern world, Libya (death of gadaffi), Assad in Syria, death of Saddam Hussein Iraq, Tunisia, Myanmar, Yemen, Egypt, Zimbabwe (not that I've researched that one yet), and all the rest

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