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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:July 28, 2018 Last Modified:July 28, 2018
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testimony of the dead
someone claiming someone in Istanbul wanted an article or did by tomorrow
shutter island film attemping tonwatch, if i can locate dvd remote control

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Told he is on some commitie has an active interest in judges, either way the testimony i heard yesterday from the dead, doesn't change facts knew that my Grandad's murder in 86 was premeditated over someone pissedd off regarding bombing of lybia,,although the fact he was chosen according to that testimony from the dead which i have never heard before was that he was asking questions about how to make money in Libya when on holiday in morroco of sone arabs and didn't know about the bombing that has occurred that morning.

Meanwhile i am getting requests to weite an article when trying to watch shutter island for the first time and that film has at least one clip that helps me out as it highlights people being detained and controlled with lobotomy as the ruling elite dont want people making money least their own business jobs go down, and that in turn impacts on inter alia equality under the law and the American dream amongst other things and the ability to relax in the place your living, as most people just don't want to loose their home, and don't want to starve to death or worse be rounded up and tortured or killed by an armed majority in their area, as that tends to impact on ones enjoyment and their quality of their own lives.

The reason i was told i got that tesrimony yesterday was because the person who was annoyed was supposedly trying to decide which way to sway the influence towards me as well as tasked with defending legal system from me. Which was remark thus evening.

The commentary i got is on facebook!/story.php?story_fbid=2113413875565728&id=100006914079901&fs=0&focus_composer=0

Meanwhile i qm going to have to put links to inquest files i found regarding deaths at lanchester road hospital aa NHS didn't declare when asked about death stats instead trying to argue paranoia as a reason to detain for ligiture points being pointed out. In room i.e vent smoke alarms etc, though i was pointing our because of the film amen and tge t 4 wards but the dead were going on the record when i was detained about injection death in 80's and stating that in 80'a 90's people were killed inter alia.

However going on record with testimony of the dead is he really written up as paychosis and insanity amd reason to detain to lonotomise with drugs, given NHS death stats one can only assume that the reason they do that. Is to stop people finding out who the NHS killed, as i am scepticle that all murders by nhs get declared amd think it would be written up as misadventure or cabinet or something else.

Either way if that type od question is declared in reports, then i think anyone sitting on a tribunal if they know about deaths qt the hospital have a duty to declare amd argue in the detaines defence as if people working in the system lie then they loose the respect of the people and as such i don't think the NHS can be trusted at all as they have a record od lying too much and anyone working in the system on salary shouldn't feel the need to lie or cover up evidence as they should be neutral in all cases in my opinion, so why anyone gets their hands dirty is beyond me when people are getting starves out of house and home.

Testimony i got was stating some judge didn't went me making mo era in that era which is why I got shafted as i tried doing my own thing on the side with hence why game over with career as no other area allowed me to move out of durham when needed to pay mortgages, ans i couldn't find a job in that recession, as they were going in with local people and other countries wanted me to stick it out in Britain, and that is why business people have to keep buying people drinks to reassure people that their business will not impact on them, and as such that stops you getting detained and lobotomised with drugs on a mental health ward and in that's era as an i.t. Geek if system trying to effort money when you have no money to pay and if people going unto you looking for excuses to destroy rather than pro actively build offer suggestions to make better more useful sites, your self confidence gets erroded and after mental health is used and equality under the Kaw evaporates when people detained and incarcerated without charge with back door commities then trying to do anything or speak with anyone is hard work or dangerous when the public is conditioned Ro ignore the Hippocratic oath to assume people detained need to be medicated Ro be safe, oldest con of all times detain people in nice surroundings tortur weigh drugs while the Press put up propoganda on why people get killed and that is why and how all wars start as sooner or later the people learn the truth ans loom to defend themselves from those abusing power amd how one breaks.that vicious cycle be attempting to restore the legal system and explain the reasons why people.shouldn't be detained without cross examining alle eye witnesses in public hearings before detention takes place when they should say why detaining people helps the public.and individual out,

I forgot to cut and paste and lost data on the save.

Read facebook and twitter feeds if necessary and writing this on my phone at a time when my site constantly times out with session expiries as i have firewall on desktop which is stopping me browsing for links and i have no development environment currently that works pff the internet and that means i have to write one or buy software in and still have to do a lot of changes to male my web site usable aa my phone tends to crash randomly aa well if open too many apps.

Thus i cant so the job currently and am only living on welfare amd have too mich data i need to process and need to do more research to do better lists to help people out so i think asking me to write article unfair though i will attempt to write better one when get the time.

meanwhile the romote control for dvd was around the other day and don't know where it's gone, as their are no buttons on the blueray player to reset to watch shutterisland from the start as missed too much of it, and even putting another dvd in didn't reset the memory of where it was in the film, as the relevance of surrendering guns, and then getting classed as a mental health patient who is written up in reports as violent and as such should be lobotomised is pertinent when getting detained when asking if the public are allowed into court to view public hearings and then getting done for demur [demeaner] without access to cctv footage and forgetting to point out that by being allowed in through the security doors they signed of on demenour, and as such in my opinion justifies self defense and any means to escape if detained when nhs staff refuse to follow the principles of the law, such as not detaining people without public jury trial, cross examination of witnesses accusors and of course no criminal charge.

as unlawful detention is dodgy and dangerous as hell, as is any system that doesn't declare deaths, as one would have hoped thought that ward staff would remember people who had died on those wards. especially in last few years as opposed to death told about in 85? by someone claiming to have been detained their in that era. (previous hospital before the new one was build)

obviously checking out facts when detained, and or getting cover from the public requires being able to have access to phone, internet and social networking sites for the safety of all. (in my opinion)

and working out how long one has to write an article to nip issues in the bud early, how much detail to go into when on a dodgy phone is hard work as word so is not working very well at all, and it's like how much does one person dare write before a save with session time outs, as well as then having to go back to proof read check gamma which is something i rarely get done these days as too busy distracted on something else.

so yes read facebook and twitter or better yet just pick up the phone and call me if you need clarification on something least my sloppy writing in s a rush cause problems elsewhere as another has looked at this article already going by my site stats. (unless that count was with session timeout and i don't think it was as i don't get counted in article reads if logged in, just other people)

now if you excuse me i need to watch shutter island from the start as its 2:04am on the 28th july 2018 and finally got back to the menu prompt as need to double check if can use the film to highlight certain points.

and my site doesnt save edits because I haven't written code to do that yet, and it's a question of database space which costs money as I am living on welfare currently and don't have the resources to pay for that at current prices unless i find a better deal on another hosting company or somewhere else.

so what is sufficient detail or minimum effort to cover arse? as need to double check article wrote when annoyed as doing proof readings making sure no errors creeps in is hard work in my oppinion and given the hacking stuff I wouldn't trust electronic records, reports anyhow even though I point other articles out as sources of issues in an attempt to avert problems, but one assumes those journalists are getting paid for writting articles and I aren't unless people argue being on welfare is being paid.

if anyone was good in the film shutter island they would say people who have been classified [or labelled as] criminally insane as opposed to being criminal insane, as ones persons opinion not necessarily same as another and that type of distinction can save your arse in a war.

I had this radical idea once, I thought if you just tried to explain things to police in a rational way and orderlies and psychiatrists with the truth that their would be mutual respect and things would always get resolved amicably, but the more I learn I think that the only language that type of person understands is that when power goes to their heads when they get authoritarian and try to enslave and control you need to be able to be able to defend yourself to the best of your ability and if in a facility like that, it is in the best interest to have a gun and to stop yourself getting taken into that type of facility using any means necessary as the longer your in that position the more dangerous it gets, fortunately for someone who went on the record with shutter island once who misunderstood the film I have forgotten who that person is as in my opinion he misunderstood the plot and forgot to take into account the year it is set in with world war II, and what was done in concentration camps and t 4 wards inter alia regarding evidence, testimony and other things.

is that person being bailed out, with the distractions I am getting when attempting to sit and watch the film shutter island through from the start? you think (time currently 2:52am and another person appears to have looked at the article in the meantime, if not the same person again.

4:28am Assuming i only watched scenes the person who spoke to me did in shutter island id have to assume one of the stupidest comment ever made or a hospital plant, and properly ought to point Aston hall out but someone thinks that unnecessary and that would be better as a separate article though i rarely write articles i should write up amd tend to rely on bookmarks these days.

That person put me off watching this film earlier and that was unfortunate as their are some references in the film in the film which would have perhaps sped up historical research and to remind people of importance of eye witness testimony, witnesses, concept of patient swaps and uk missing person counts also what would be important would be inserting word convicted on people in the film script, unfortunately the sad reality is most people detained have not been convicted in a jury trial before incarceration at all, and the concept of beyond reasonable doubt, facts, evidence and cross examination concepts do not seem to be concepts known by many people at all (in some areas) namely the staff working in that type of facility or one of those things they tend to forget when arguing to keep people detained and then they get surprised when countries break out in war, or when groups break off into separate states rather then being happy to work together in improving all peoples lives.
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