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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:August 28, 2017 Last Modified:September 02, 2017
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Reports that a Nurse may have killed further 84 patients
dw quote 3 year probe saying nurse niels h respionsible for another 84 deaths then initally thought
photo found in web search reportedly of nurse niels h in court

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information from article dated 28/8/2017

article says Niels H., who is already serving two prison separate sentences, was found to have injected patients with cardiovascular medication at hospitals in the northern towns of Delmenhorst und Oldenburg between 2001 and 2005. His aim was to induce heart failure or circulatory collapse before successfully resuscitating his patients to impress his colleagues. article says nurse was sentenced in 2008 to seven-and-a-half years for attempted murder, after he was discovered trying to give an overdose to a patient. He was then jailed for life in 2015 after being found guilty on two counts of murder and two further counts of attempted murder and battery after his "trick" failed to work. However, prosecutors alleged that he had likely killed many more people but kept the charges down to just three killings to make their case easier to prove. reports that During the 2015 trial, Niels H. also admitted to a psychologist to killing 30 people while working at the clinic in Delmenhorst, having injected the medication into at least 60 patients. Last year, prosecutors estimated the total number of deaths to be 43.
However, if the former nurse is found guilty of the subsequent deaths, the case would go down as one the biggest murder sprees in German criminal history.
Over three years, investigators exhumed and probed more than 100 bodies for the traces of Niels H's. cardiovascular medication, raising the number of suspected killings to a further 84.
Oldenburg Police Chief Johann Kühme said the sheer scale of Niels H's. crimes "leaves us speechless," adding that some cases will never be proved as the bodies had since been cremated. "And as if all that were not enough, we must realize that the real dimension of the killings by Niels H. is likely many times worse," he said. 
Kühme said that new proceedings against Niels H. were scheduled but, given that he is already serving a life sentence, his jail term would not be amended.

I find this storey interesting as in uk, it's usually the psychologist giving the orders to inject people against their will (torture) and thought it would be an opportunity to point some of the nhs and other serieal killers in the health serices below.

NHS hall of fame include

Doctor Harold Frederick Shipman (Serial Killer)

2002 Collin Norris,Murders Leeds Hospital, Found Guilty Newcastle Crown Court 3rd March 2008
Nurse Serial Killer Victorino Chua, 49 ,Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport

May 1993 Serial Killer Nurse Beverley Gail Allitt, Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire

2004 Dr Mohammed Kassim Al-Byati, Saddam Hussain Torture Dcotor working for the NHS for 7 years

"NHS Boss" Mr Mueen-Uddin, for Murders, and torture in Bangladesh

Dec 14 2016,Lea Ledesma,London Heart Hospital, 18 months unlawful Killing with blood transfussion, Southwark Crown court.

28 April 2017 Breast surgeon Ian Paterson jailed for 15 years for carrying out needless operations, Nottingham Crownn Court

also articles like
800 women sue over vaginal mesh implants

2015 article 2300 people sucesfully sued nhs over last two years over deaths due to 'medical blunders'

December 2016 NHS say 56 billion of budget ear marked for legal costs over NHS neglegance cases

34,000 were given HIV or hepatitis C through infected blood on the NHS (penrose enquiry)

NHS probed over deaths of 15 babies and 3 mums [Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust]

NHS mislead people over stillborn baby deaths [2009, Leighton Hospital]

NHS sued over person who contracted MRSA virus on mental health ward, Cygnet hospital Sheffield

Other names with notices:

1989 Angel of Death Richard Angelo,Good Samaritia hospital West Islip,New york

Efren Saldivar, California, "confessed to 50 murders" via injecting people

Daniela Poggiali (Nurse Serial Killer), Hospital, Lugo, Italy ("upto 96 patients, in single year april 2013-april 2014")

Charles Edmund Cullen, New Jersy, confessed to killing 40 patients in 16 year nursing career ["400 deaths"]

Lodz Appeal court June 2008, Surprem Court of Poland Oct27, 2009 "skin Hunters" Paramedic Anderzej Nowocien, Karol Banas, Dcotor Janusz Kulinski,dcotor Pawei Wasilewski [selling to funeral homes for money, and billing families]

2009 State of California v. Conrad Robert Murray [Michael Jacksons Physician]

2017 Canadian Nurse Elizabeth Wettalufes nursing homes murders "9 year killing spree", 2 nursing homes [Caressant Care in Woodstock and Meadow Park in London, Ontario], 8 counts of First Degree Murder + 4 counts attempted murder + 2 counts of aggrevated assault

1888 Whitechappel Murders?

Old Baily, London, October 1910 - Trial Of Dr Crippen

and I calculate Walter Freeman who lobotomised people detained on health patients would be responsible for 482 first degree homicides , if stats saying 14% of 3,439 people died were correct for deaths via lobotomy, ignoring people like rosemary kenedy and others left brain dead of course.

Obviously I only started noting this type of attrocity, because I was detained and forcibly held down, and injedcted against my will in 3 different hospitals meaning I know and can testify to the uk wilfully torturing people in breach of uk law.

most people seem to have been brain washed in ignoring torture, genocide and other atrocities commited in 'hospitals' as proper concepts of law, order, evidence are ignored and people just detained and killed for political religious blief or just to keep others in money and power. Try researching the german T 4 wards, or watch a 2002 film like amen which shows an ss officer discovering the killings and what happens later, when the jews and otherpeople got rounded up and killed in german concentration camps in w0rld war ii.

or british attrcities in kenya in the 50's in british concentration camps, when torture cases went through royal courts of justice in 2013 for abuses doine in the 1950s. (And then britian pulled me in and tortured me again, kind of making a mockery of nhs restructuring, as those criminals are still working in the nhs system today and have never been done, and probably never will be done for crimes against humanity at all) hardly surprising their are so many reported acts of terrorist acts against countries, like in London, or Barcelona, or Manchester when governments fail to treat people with dignity, respect rather than as cattle and slaves as way too many employed in the system appear to do.

as it seems too many people always wilfully follow orders to kill, torture, or abuse other people in breach of any civilised concept of law.

guardian article say nurse niels h suspected of having killed 178 patients who were in his care at Delmenhorst hospital, near Bremen, in northern Germany, between 2003 and 2005.

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