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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:November 20, 2017 Last Modified:October 19, 2018
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NHS most probably will cover any murder genocide up as 'austerity' to disguise increased death statistics
and I know the British public are that stupid to accept austerity as a defense to ignore murder or genocide in the first degree
Photo shows an Actor playing the role of a doctor in the film Amen to a crowd of eager health care goers before they get brutely extinguished

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I'm sure hitler would have used same excuse when herding jews into concentration camps to cover the deliberate and systematic extermination death toll on T 4 amongst other things

I read with horror the headline austerity has led to an extra 200,000 deaths over ten years.

for before even reading up on NHS convicted serial killers like Dr Harold Frederick Shipman (Serial Killer, Estimated 250 murders)
2002 Collin Norris,Murders Leeds Hospital, Found Guilty Newcastle Crown Court 3rd March 2008
Nurse Serial Killer Victorino Chua, 49 ,Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport
May 1993 Serial Killer Nurse Beverley Gail Allitt, Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire
2004 Dr Mohammed Kassim Al-Byati, Saddam Hussain Torture Dcotor working for the NHS for 7 years
"NHS Boss" Mr Mueen-Uddin, for Murders, and torture in Bangladesh
Dec 14 2016,Lea Ledesma,London Heart Hospital, 18 months unlawful Killing with blood transfusion, Southwark Crown court.
28 April 2017 Breast surgeon Ian Paterson jailed for 15 years for carrying out needless operations, Nottingham Crown Court

and other medical attoricites such as the the plutomnium files, MIT human experimentation, krugman infecting and experimenting on kids to find a vacine for hepatitus, I already knew I wcould aready testify to injected against my will on multiple NNHS mental health wards, which means I know they have already thrown concepts like the hippocratic oath away, as Britain is been brain washed to throw ethics away as the NHS is grromed to abuse human rights when papers try to make them look bad and wrong, and I know britain is stupid enough to accept austerity as a cover for murder given the brexit vote to pull out of Europe

and given I already know that they threw the hippocratic oath away centuries ago and can testify to them deliberately decideding to hold me down and torture me, with injections on multiple so called 'mental health wards' and can testify to the fact that they do human experimentation against a persons consent, before even reading other peoples research I have no idea what to do regarding headlines like austerity and threats that if you don't give them more money, then will kill more money is obscene as you know the British public will just accept it as given.

Meanwhil anyone who says otherwise, will be dismissed as 'paranoid schizophrenic' even though they know they were experimented on, as i consider other documented medical atrocities throughout the ages, such as the plutonium files, mit human experimentation of kids with radioactive breakfast serial, oxford university injecting babies with supposed vaccines after ignoring the fact that previous monkies die swiftly.

and given the rise of armed police, me recently seeing 2 police officers on the street at Lumiere with heavy weaponry at a light festival, holding bulky assault riffles in hands as 2017 saw at least two reported incidents police openly assassinate people in cars driving to another location on their motorway in seperate incidents and what with MET use of spit hoods,as opposed to them say wearing burkers for protection, and knowledge of other torture atrocities Britain has committed from Kitchener in the boar war, hola in the 1960's, north Ireland, castlereigh, camp 020, london cage, bad nendorf, Guantanamo, Iraq, Kandahar, seeing the fact the British public are going to be groomed to accept austerity as a reason for loss of life scares the living shit out of me.

I know I need to write this up better, as I know Britain will always cling to the NHS and protect torturers and murders as they cover up the UK's dark history, as they protect war criminals like Teresa may, Blair, straw in office as the people are groomed to accepted austerity as the watch word for cold blooded murder at the hands of the NHS.

Understand this, negligence goes out the window when they willfully old people down against their will and inject them after being cautioned beforehand that a person doesn't consent and having had torture pointed out to them before hand as a crime. injecting people and human experimentation on the NHs is not an isolated incident they did it with me on 3 wards across the same trust and a second at another trust signed off on it on torture on another occasion in December 2013 for forced illegal injections which took place on 27th December and 2014 as well. As being forced to have others against my will in order to he allowed out which took place to February 2016

it's genocide before you even look at murder, as Britain and the NHS detain and torture people for political, religious or scientific belief (the aim of psychology to destroy a way of life through brainwashing and scaring the people to conform in fear), and sharing knowledge, which is the destruction of a belief set anyway. and yet now i am reading news stories from nursing arguing the 200,000 extra deaths are caused by lack of money, and given that their seems to be articles saying some trusts are spending over £16 for the same rubber gloves as others spending 35p no amount of money will change anything, as they will always argue more, and claim that if you don't give it to them more people will die.

make no mistakes the nhs are breaking the law, they are capable of murder, and that makes all their so called services unusable by anyone who knows or who was tortured against their will.

the article by sarah j in the nursing journal on 16th nov 2017 reads as follows:

The landmark study by the British Medical Journal examines the effects reduced health and social care spending are having on mortality rates.

The study, titled ‘Effects of health and social care spending constraints on mortality in England: a time trend analysis‘ reveals that austerity measures between 2010 and 2014 were associated with an estimated 45,000 additional deaths with this figure increasing to 120,000 in the subsequent years.

Funding for health and social care fell under the Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition Government in 2010 and researchers conclude this “may have produced” the substantial increase in deaths.

The research demonstrated that mortality rates in the UK declined steadily from 2001 to 2010, however, this reversed sharply after austerity measures were introduced.

Experts speculate that if we continue with current cuts we could see a rise to nearly 200,000 excess deaths by the end of 2020.

NHS Providers warned, only last week, that nurses were already ‘working on the edge of safety’ and ongoing cuts would compromise patient care further.

The news comes on weeks after The Royal College of Nursing called for an urgent patient safety review after staff raised concerns over the care within the national health service.

Janet Davies, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, responding to research published in the BMJ on nurse numbers and excess deaths in NHS and social care, said:

“This is yet more evidence that links the current shortage of nurses with increased patient mortality. Despite years of warnings, all parts of the NHS and social care system do not have enough nurses and people, particularly vulnerable and older individuals, are paying the highest price. They stand a better chance of recovery and longer, healthier lives when cared for by degree-trained nurses.

“For too long, the Government has allowed nursing on the cheap. Hospital wards and care homes alike increasingly rely on unregistered healthcare assistants, especially at night. Ministers cannot ignore further evidence on the risks of these shortages.

“The Government must redouble efforts to recruit more nurses. In next week’s Budget, the Chancellor has an opportunity to change course by investing in health and care services and the professionals who work in them.”

The study concludes that if we are to return to pre-2010 mortality rates spending on health and social care would need to increase by £25.3bn.

The researchers admitted that while the study cannot prove cause and effect, it did find a chronological correlation, with changes in spending followed by changes in mortality.


Meanwhile I just wounder how many people will be killed tortured, experimented upon as I was, as I know Britain is stupid enough to write up murder and genocide as death by austerity or lack of money, and I hate to think how many murders they could willfully do with grooming of the British public like that, as it would just get covered up in the name of austerity, they would probably kill a million or so before the press or the public even woke up to it, as I reflect on leopold II and the congo, and other genocides throughout history and I remember was it this or last year
as i reflect on being in a spiritual church once and another medium wittering on about someone alleging that everything said in an inquest on how they died was wrong but i knew the NHS and the system bullshit anyway without that type of experience, as I've heard or read what they have written in reports, said in tribunals over me while I Was being detained and tortured at THE NHS hands.

also articles such as this show you that the NHS have been convicted for deceit on results and paperwork before,
such as inter alia Professor Dick van Velzen. Alderhey and realise that nothing I saw would change anything, and not writing up all the articles in the first instance on my site at the time was a mistake.

Meanwhile while i put more accurate dates on, given the amount of time detained, I thought i'd see if their were any clips from the prisoner once upon a time episode which references degree absolute where the time span referenced was a week (either you the detainee or the psychologist dies) though i ought to be writing more news stories up or reading my copy of the plutonium files which has shown or that other book undue risk which details state secret experiments on humans which in turn jeopardize the safety and security of the planet and leads to unnecessary expensive wars, countless loss of life and bloodshed all at the hands of the abuses of psychology and the medical profession (given it seems to be cited in sources that psychologists are the ones who recommended torture which is usually the root cause of all wars, that and starving the people out of house and home)

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