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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:July 04, 2018 Last Modified:July 06, 2018
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asked to do this in writing, as getting through via court switch board system sucked
no one seems to know in legal system correct numbers, address to call.

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Copy of email I sent today to durham court email address while I remembered as was not having look with any switch boards or people spoke to on phone notwithstanding spending more time I could probably do a better letter, is it enough I sounded to stop any further people getting screwed: (was it necessary to write? Or could I have just ignored and looked away?)

To whom it may concern in the so called British legal system (or any legal system for that matter)


I was asked to do this in writing when I spoke to someone on the phone at Durham crown court today on 4th July 2017, as she didn’t know who or which number or court for me to contact and suggested I write to this address (Durham Crown Court, ). Before that call I had tried calling the royal courts of justice number which was a unable to help (this call was made yesterday evening and today and was made before calling Durham crown court and incidentally was one of the numbers the pleasant woman I spoke to in Durham crown court had suggested as far as which court division goes), and a few of the tribunal numbers which didn’t even pick up and answer the phone.

It relates to f**k ups I think mental health tribunals and the British legal system was and perhaps still is doing back when I was detained and tortured in the 2011 to 2016 time period, as far as the essay judges are filing in those tribunals hearings.

As I think the essay the judge should have been filling when they were refusing release in that era should have been we are detaining you for defending yourself from being physically evicted because as it helps everyone out because *as far as supposedly linking back to danger to self and others go)

However judges back then were writing essays using an assigned label by the uk einsatgruppen torture division as reason to detain someone, and I think this is wrong as it erodes equality under the law, as Britain has gone down the path of eroding equality and necessary representation under the law by programming to fear the stigma of a label to create a segregated class based society where people spend their lives scares of being rounded up and detained and tortured without trial on the say so of individuals who cite your mentally ill with a label such as schizophrenia or delusion or not taking meds as a reason to detain rather than saying how that makes a person a danger to society by the act they supposedly committed.

Yes I did defend myself from eviction and was shot tasered taken to a place of torture where I was injected against my will before having ever seen or spoken to a lawyer and people then cite forced medication as a reason for release, and I think that just erodes Britain as a country.

Given rebellion in kenya in the 50’s, the norther Ireland, fiasco, india, the America wars of independence amongst other things and various press articles citing increase what you write up as retaliatory terrorism acts in contradiction to how uk government or Obama, trump write up assassination, bombing ) I’d take that as a sign that the British legal system was being incompetent and think it is in the interests of the people and all concerned for courts, judges and prosecutors to say how an act warrants detention in the first place, and how detention helps the people out, as I think government remit what with the homeless reduction act 2017 inter alia is to make sure everyone has a home and a place to live, as when various segments of society are frozen out of employment for speaking their minds or learning new skills which Britain seems to want to surpress (namely mediumship, perhaps because they don’t like it when the dead make accusations that they were killed by the nhs by lobotomy, saying a south east surgeon did that deliberately to see if he could get away with it) and while a person like me can quote what I hear just hearing a clairaudient comment doesn’t necessitate as proof, (unless any information or facts those incorporeal entities pass on, pan out to be true)

I have no idea why Britain started detaining and torturing people who were learning developing that skill in the first place , clairaudient comments claim the person who started did so a few years before I was born, and I am 41 these days and claim others followed suit and that queen Elizabeth is aware he did as well) I am wary of writing that type of thing up, as I know Britain tends to try to cite delusion as reason to detain without saying how or why a person saying what they think or hear should be reason to detain, as far as risk to public or people go (other then perhaps those who committed an offence, if they are innocent why did Britain start detaining and injecting people for commenting on what they hear or see via that skill set, as their seems to no reason to at all) , as all it’s good for is pointing things out and people like me would require proof before acting, though I would factor information in really quickly if necessary for defence or who to be wary of if at all.

Examples of clairaudience aside on what is said, which I may or may not believe I do know for a fact Britain detains and tortures people by injections which induce sever pain and suffering in order to deduce confessions in court on people who were detained too long without trial via brain washing intimidation and fear which in turn erode the very fabric stability and enjoyment of all those living in the country, and the reason I know that is because that was done to me. (so ceases to be belief at that point, if you know what I mean?)

Oh yes, every so often read about nurembeg war crime rulings of world war II saying Britain ruled no to displacement of peoples as displacing people and populations from their homes was a war crime, and de3taining and torturing me for going no to eviction just makes Britain sound well hypocritical if you ask me.

All that aside, I think barristers, solicitors and supposedly people who are argued as qualified to defend someone to the best of their ability, are well incompetent as I don’t think they are arguing the case for the defence of their clients very well at all, and it seems more like the system presenting lists of people that a person can use and them selling the client out in sham plea bargains which people shouldn’t be pleading guilty to, as someone defending their home from eviction as I did in my opinion is not guilty of assault as I was defending myself from attach by armed police officers at the time, and I’m not sure why or how salaried police benefited from detaining me, as they are on salary anyhow and don’t think they have any justification for entering a persons home to remove them anyhow, especially after public speal of gorden brown when prime minster at the time saying everyone agreed no country would be invaded for failure inability to pay it’s debt. (last figure I saw for the British deficit currently runs at 1.7863 trillion and is getting higher year on year as well, and I know early on my career I heard of case where bank allowed a CEO to keep his home to do his company, though I wasn’t privy to the particulars at the time as what going by what an old managing director had seen, as I know when I started running my web site I didn’t get hired again, though facebook won and it is unlikely to ever grow make money but we went their anywhere in an effort to help people out)

Anyhow in my opinion In a equal and free democratic society, the people should be seeking to help everyone out in order to better improve the quality of all peoples lives, and I’m not sure how detraining and torture does that, as that from all the evidence I’ve seen just results in well more civil wars, and the break up of of society thought the number of people you loose.

All be it I appreciate some people don’t like having to write essays to justify anything. As the same rights a country cites, go for the people as well for good government to work and to stop those pesky revolutions, wars.

as if the people cite self defense to defend the land then the country does as well, and many countries, nations armies have cited self defence to stop themselves being evicted, persecuted, rounded up or killed throughout history including the present day and generally uphold that as common sense but one prefers to sort issues out quickly without the stress of hardship, conflict or war, and frankly allowing hypocrisy to creep into the legal system and an erosion of equality well frankly sucks and destroys the quality of life for the people of Britain, not just myself; and a waste of tax payers money in holding, detaining and torturing people for trying to be open and honest and Britain seems to spend a fortune eroding happiness and people trying to learn or do new things, and seems stupid to me., but c’es la vie, je devine.

Anyhow all that aside, I am just writing to ask the court to stop writing essays citing labels as a reason to detain people, and for judges when writing reasons to to say how the act a person has committed (if any) should warrant detention to help everyone out rather than citing a label assigned by as torturer (psychologist, health worker) which I don’t think is legal at all.

, as judges tailoring better essay’s covering all points arguments raised on either side, listing any and all advantages or issues with any and reminding people what act if any was committed would speed things up rather then Britain trying to reinforce promote stigma of a label as a reason to detain people who are trying to improve the system, or make money, offer services to the world.

and keeping people focused on truth which is better for society in the long and short term (At least in my opinion), as the first just I had in the first tribunal cried, hen refusing to let me go and I am not sure why. As the lay person was snappy as well, and the way people seems to back track as in people who were torturing holding me seems to employ everyone was more snappy at angry at either getting in trouble from someone else, and I am not sure what they are worried about, unless they think they get thrown in prison or something for some wrong doing hence why they are trying to detain torture and freeze people out of employment in that era, arguing mentally ill.

Whatever, I thought it prudent that I should at least try to point out how the British legal system was f**king up and how to rectify it by avoid citing labels as a reason to detain and getting people to argue the why an act committed is a reason to detain for any duration, as I think that would improve the sense and well being of all people, and refuse unnecessary time and expense else where, as that mental health torture system costs 11.6 billion a year to run from the stats I saw, and that’s before you factor in other costs, and I think, stopping homeliness and starvation has more chance at fulfilling the remits of good democracy to keep a nation together, by letting people sleep at night free of fear.

If you could pass this information on to the relevant judges to stop them f**king any more lives up, that would be nice, as I think if a country alienates too many people then it gets messy looking at reported evidence elsewhere on planet earth (such as news in areas like Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere).

Correct the judges or do not (pass the buck to the prosecution for the essay, and then throw them out, the choice the choice is yours), but in my opinion I think that type of error using labels as a reason to detain is an error, and as such would be advisable for judges to stop doing, and as such stop using labels in essay and argue how the act warrants detention if at all instead.

I think judges and people on the bench should be pointing that type of thing out, and if they are incompetent, for the defence attorney, as opposed to people like me who were being detained and tortured at the time, as it’s really scary trying to reason with mad persons, in that type of environment, really it is, and that erodes the quality of a necessary defence to help all people and nations out. (in order words let people get access to a person who is good at dictating who writes all points up, as opposed to avoiding legal argument in the best interests of the defence which sells their clients and everyone else out, by how society degrades from loss of people who feel they can no longer use the legal system at all, and Britain reinforces that point as they argue anyone segregated out detained for people, religious belief and who had a label assigned to them, as being unable to represent or help another’s defence out, and I think that just shows britain for what it is, a crock of shit notwithstanding tempting to draw analogies to willow brook high school inter alia using phrasing like that)

It would at least make for a more entertaining read, with less chance of pissing people off.

Incidentally I think pulling everyone into a room before detention would have been better, as I was never allowed to cross examine my accusers at the time of the incident, as I was just detained and tortured based on what was said in third party reports, reports which I disagreed with, and I think, being allowed to question them before detention at the time would have sped up resolution quicker as my torturers at the time were refusing to let me speak to the police, and I think everyone needed to be in the room at once for me (or a any decent sound legal mind to question) in order to resolve quickly, amicably with the least amount of money, and destruction of life.

Noting Britain’s dark history of torture, quoting books like cruel Britain – ian corbain, szasz, plutonium files, and the hospital by Barbara o’hare, I don’t think Britain or the nhs, America or any or many other countries has many generations left with its crimes.

At least in my opinion, stopping any more wrong doing against any other people to stop loss of any more people, would perhaps be easier as I know some people would wince at holding everyone who broke the law on those wards as their have been so many throughout the years, but then again, holding none conceptual torturers to account I think would be better for the people and society in the long run, as torture tends to piss more people off then people trying to ensure people and themselves get to stay in their own homes free of fear for life.

Your opinion if any? And who does this letter need to go to, and are you able to pass it on to any and all relevant parties or do you need me to do that, suggestions, ideas welcome to help improve the sense and wellbeing of Britain and troubleshooting any future problems caused by continued British legal f**k ups of which there are many going forward into the future.

Well, is that sufficient detail for you to understand and resolve issues at your end, to help stop judges and the British legal messing up going forward with anyone detained or threatened with such?, or do you need more explanation, longer essay? Either way hope it helps, and I hope you actually read this case file, as I don’t think judge perl of the royal courts of justice did write the case file I wrote in 2009 which is what led to me declaring independence and independence from Britain in 09 in protest at British legal abuses in an effort to save peoples lives, so not convinced this type of letter works, and was hoping to just do it by call, or have someone who worked in the legal system pass it on, to relevant parties, or explain it in words they could understand, as dealing with anyone working in those torture facilities psychology, or trying to speak to anyone helpful on a court switch board is was a a fate worse then death.. in my humble opinion anyhow. Don’t know about your opinion if you have any at all?

Adding tick box to forms are you detain this person to cover up a crime you or anyone you have worked with committed might be a good idea as well as are you detaining because your scared of reprisals getting fired by a superior?

Anyhow all the best,

Sincerely yours,

Gareth Bryn Bowen

And I never want to encounter any of you again, ever at all.
Too stressful by half trying to reason with people encountered in system todate.

Electronic replies, for record phone call replies 0749067702, for letter 24d Allergate, Durham, DH1 4ET

I suppose i could write more points detail up, but conscious of time. My printer not set up currently so chose to try email instead, any issue with that?

To end all wars, the film is being suggested to be linked to at bottom of this article.

emergancy edit:

prevoiusly I linked to enthusiasitc battle royal clip with the deserted island speal which i am removing because i referenced a lot of film links, and made me pause at the time but I left it and i referenced a word and that prompted me being told I was going to be killed for something because of that, and that it was this millionare who i have never met in china who i am told works in lindifarne priory museum and , just edited the file as apparently the enthusiastic women clip gets me killed by chinease hackers which i have no defence for currently because I haven't wrote my site to spec and now am dead as i am explaining something that will never get heard unless i go to the judge pub when he returns which will be never only when the new judge is installed as thats when i die in the field I am told that I now have no defence, (looking at facebook you will see a differnt speal was saying i died a different way and now clairaudience
and they started started using an ealier previous image mentioned and this is now ditracting from me, as I hope it's just a joke, but i am not sure anymore as its way over my head as the clairaudience is going in with instructions that are either too late, or too ambigious and I am getting criticized for typing and trying to write it up with the feel of fear of being detained in a system for something i haven't done and how to resolve it as all the angles and how bad it goes hasn't been explained is scary as hell. as they are citing that date hacks and typos in old database documents and i[ address spoofing lead to a set up and either the entire thing is a joke to scare me and see how i go with writting, and I should perhaps spend my time correcting the typos but if i am trying to dictate what is being said, getting caought up in the speed of keeping up with the sentences, hard to go back to change though it usually resumes with more scary detail and I don;t know how far it goes, as not sure I can do this site currently or sort the mess out as told the person is no longer in durham till the replace, as I needed to be in a pub at 4:30am every day and wasn't and now I am gone and then the speal seems to open up get outs and then the phone crashes with what i'm told is a jey stroke logger, and that breaks the flow of the dictation and i'm not sure how far that goes now with money, or if it's a joke as its been a way too scary day with them first saying i was going to die, then giving me a way to get out by writing something up, that saying i was safe, then it going the other way later with a new speak with no outs, and not sure how far that goes as the speal was pointing out all the electronic threats errors which can be used to take a person down in a carefully orchastrated attack and trying to phone people up or cc people in when still trying to gather the detail ofd the information being told, its how far are they going to go with the speal, as when dictating what they are saying forgeting to put quotes in, and working out where I am using my thought prossess over theirs is getting confusing, as not sure how far that goes or what I am supposed to look at or check before changing anything, as following incomplete instructions with no way out, is hard to do. (see my facebook account for rest of speal which might contradict but its been so fast paced hard to know for sure as not been able to read it through, and in places with the slow typing key strokes not registering the words just got more and more messed up so went in with intermitent saves to bank what I had heard to see how far and where it goes, 'and their is no one there i'm told as no one will see the posts anymore, as no one looks because I was removed off the feed and that was the end of it as was too stupid for words only not really' and yes arggggh

i ignore because i didn't want to go their as I don't know who i am fighting in durham and they say i am fighting a new guy who doesnt know who i am and that a chinease milionare is the one to blame for 2010 and not 11. (me:2010? not sure what they are talking about now)
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