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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:December 12, 2018 Last Modified:December 22, 2018
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rubella measals vacination deaths reported in utter pradesh
'now uttar Pradesh has lost two children After Gujarat ( 2 deaths blamed) and Punjab (1 death), Pilibhit ( 1 age 12 ) and Shahjahanpur (1 age 8 )
death by needle

Average Rating: 0 out of 10 article by Jyoti Pandey last updated 11th December 2018 at time of reading by me stayes five-week-long drive aims at vaccinating 41 crore children, who fall in the 9-15 years age group. The first leg of the drive took place in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Lakshadweep and Pondicherry and covered 3.3 crore children. The second leg included Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana and Uttarakhand, where 3.4 crore children were vaccinated. The thrid leg is on and it aims at covering 8 crore children in UP's 75 districts.

Times of India clarifies as 9 months to 15 years while quoting people as saying safe. says Rubella vaccination and several other schoolchildren have fallen sick in Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur districts. state that Rajesh Agarwal, president of IMA Bareilly and a paediatrician, says the vaccination drive was kicked off only after the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the health department conducted experiments on it.
He adds that the fear of injections is also makiing kids fall sick and they should not be vaccinated if they are already suffering from fever.

The article also states that District immunisation officer Deepa Singh says that every child is kept school for a half hour after being given the vaccine, which is absolutely safe.

My opinion is how can it be safe of people are reporting deaths?

'After both Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur lost one kid each, the health department went into a tizzy. Zainab, 12, a resident of Chandoi village in Pilibhit, fell sick the day after she got vaccinated. She was admitted to a hospital right after she started puking, but she died.
Similarly, Shahjahanpur's Chandpur village saw eight-year-old Prince fall ill two and a half hours after he got the vaccine. He also started puking and the same night he was declared dead, says his father Sudhir Dikshit'

'Earlier, Punjab had also witnessed a girl die and several other fall sick. After the death in Bhatinda, the vaccination drive was halted. Even in Gujarat, the kin of the two schoolchildren who died blamed the vaccine for the deaths. The protests forced the state government to launch an investigation.'

Zee news article dated 7th? Dec 2018 comment on At least 30 school going children fell ill after they were administered vaccination for measles and rubella in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. [6?/12/2018]

I think 1 crore is ten million looking at web searches, India today article nov 27th 2018 says 650 kids out of 13.2 crore reported side effects and says vaccination less then $1 per child.

Looking at web search odds of winning national lottery jackpot in Britain are stated to be 1 in 45,057,474, I count at least 7 deaths for less people in that article (ignoring side effects), meaning you have more chance of dying by that vaccine then winning at the national lottery by those stats or are people arguing that your kid dying by injection is winning the lottery jackpot? Or is it? How many were vaccinated to that point? And total death count? 45 crore would be 450 million so that would be 10 deaths to be more likely to die then winning british national lottery jack pot based on stated odds. And yet deaths with 3.3 crore mean that it is more likely vaccine kills you then you winning national lottery jackpot.

On that note I starte making some notes of articles on psychics who told people they were going to ein the lottery before,they did. Links on my site

1. Builder Nutbrown, drempt of lottery win night before and psychic also told daughter he was going to win. Scooped £3 million. [June 2008]

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5. London Judge [refrences: Judge Mark Gosnell] orders 1.7 million lottery win split, after turkish waiter Fatih Ozcan had dream night before of win which prompted ticket purchase after boss Kucukkoylu tired to claim for self based on money from till. [July 2014]

6. Psychic Sandra Murrell,Redditch, Worcestershire Wins Lottery After being told by 'Fellow Medium' that she'd come into money.

Which I only mention as I said no to be injected in custody and it was agonising torture for years and they should have been left alone as no means no, and as such anyone doimg that to a person against their consent or without telling them the risks is guilty of a crime in my opinion. As I trust my own instinct knowledge over the integrity incompetence of of the NHS, government and the medical industry in general notwithstanding those deaths are India though plenty of articles on NHS deaths on net as well.

India,today article states
A 2016 report mentioned that 49,000 children died from measles infection annually in the country, of which 8, 000-10, 000 deaths took place in Maharashtra. So bas guys,will probably try to justify that as a reason to erode consent to surpress the people.

Reminding me of the john travolta and hugh jackman swordfish morality rant, which way does that play?

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