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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:January 11, 2019 Last Modified:January 23, 2019
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guardian reporting "top cancer scientist dies after yellow fever vaccination"
photograph guardian say Photograph: The Royal Marsden/PA

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reading in the guardian article by sarah bosely, 19th Jan 2019 "Prof Martin Gore, 67, one of the UK’s leading cancer scientists, has died, the Royal Marsden NHS foundation trust has said. His death was following a yellow fever vaccination."

the guardian writes "Yellow fever vaccination certificates are required by some countries as a condition of entry. Deaths from the vaccination were very rare, but there was a higher risk among older people, said Openshaw.

He said: “Yellow fever is a serious viral disease that is found in the tropics and spread by mosquito bite. The vaccine for yellow fever has been available for many years and multiple studies have been conducted into its safety and effectiveness.

“While overall risk of serious side-effects remains very low (at about one in 100,000 of vaccine recipients), it seems that people aged over 60 have a three to fourfold increased risk of experiencing these serious effects compared with younger people. However, this estimate is based on very few reported adverse events.

“This risk has to be balanced against the risk of contracting yellow fever if you are travelling to an infected area – a nasty disease with a high mortality rate.”
quote Duke of Cambridge described martin gore as an “inspiration” and say He was made a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honours in 2016 for services to oncology..

Reading that the clara maass experiment in 1901 came to mind:

"where Clara Louise Maass, a 25-year-old American nurse, died of yellow fever on August 24, 1901, following experimental inoculation by infected mosquitoes in Havana, Cuba. The human yellow fever experiments were initially conducted by MAJ Walter Reed, who first used written informed consent and proved the validity of Finlay's mosquito-vector hypothesis. Despite informed consent form and an incentive of $100 in U.S. gold, human subjects were exposed to a deadly virus. The deaths of Clara Maass and two Spanish immigrants resulted in a public outcry and the immediate cessation of yellow fever human experiments in Cuba."

"On August 14, 1901, Maass allowed herself to be bitten by an infected Stegomyia fasciata mosquito (later renamed Aedes aegypti). Contrary to expectations, however, Maass came down with a severe fever and died 10 days later. In 1952 the Newark German Hospital, which had meanwhile changed its name to Lutheran Memorial, was renamed the Clara Maass Memorial Hospital." writes on the subject:

"On August 4, [1901] she was bitten by an infected Stegomyia mosquito and soon developed a case of yellow fever, but doctors decided the case was too mild; it would not make her immune. On August 14, they recommended she be bitten once more. From the second exposure, Maass suffered excruciating pain and died ten days later. "

So guess they are still killing people then over a hundred years later, with the same notion of doctors recommending vaccinations are ok for people to take.

I originally learnt of the 1901 clara maass experiment from the book by johnathan d moreno, undo risk secret state experiments on humans, when I was buying books because of torture on nhs wards in Britain where they inject people with drugs against their will.

article on December 5th 2016 quoting bbc report say "Yellow fever vaccine fears

Concern has been raised over the safety of the vaccine for the deadly disease yellow fever following several deaths.

Scientists say research must be carried out to try to understand why some people are highly sensitive to the vaccine.

But they warn that the vaccination programme should be continued unless it becomes clear that considerable numbers are at risk.

Yellow fever, caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, kills up to 50% of its victims. Symptoms include high fever, jaundice, kidney failure, and low blood pressure.
The virus is common in tropical and subtropical Africa and South America. It kills a thousand times more people than the feared Ebola virus."

saying "The vaccine is made from a weakened form of the 17D strain of the virus. It has been regarded as one of the safest virus vaccines, with few side-effects or adverse events.

However, The Lancet medical journal contains reports of people from around the world who died after taking the vaccine.

Two deaths were recorded by a team from a specialist World Health OrganiZation centre in Brazil.

In the first case, a five-year-old girl suffered fever, headache and vomiting three days after being given the vaccine. She died after a five day illness.

The second patient – a 22-year-old woman – developed a sore throat and fever, accompanied by headache, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting four days after vaccination.

She then developed symptoms including jaundice and renal failure, and died after six days of illness.

The cases were similar to a third fatality reported by the South Western Area Pathology Service in Sydney, Australia.

In all three cases the victims demonstrated symptoms of infection by the form of yellow fever virus found in the wild.

Further cases

Three further deaths of elderly patients were recorded by US scientists from the Centres for Disease Control, Atlanta.

In each case the victims suffered from fever, muscle pain, headache and confusion followed by a general deterioration.

However, unlike the cases in South America and Australia, the symptoms pointed to a new post-vaccination syndrome
that article says "A spokesman for the Public Health Laboratory Service said: “The yellow fever vaccine is in fact one of the safest live vaccines.

“It is important to remember that many millions of doses of yellow fever vaccine have been given worldwide over more than 60 years, and the vaccine has an excellent safety record.

“In Brazil 54m doses of the vaccine were given between 1998 and April 2001, and just three of these possible serious adverse events were observed.

“Clearly, if this adverse reaction is indeed prompted by the vaccine, it is extremely rare.

“In contrast to this, the serious consequences of yellow fever disease are well-established.

“It is vital that those who need the vaccine continue to be vaccinated so that they are protected against the disease.”

The WHO has called for further research to look at this possible reaction to vaccine, to establish its frequency, and whether particular groups of people are more vulnerable."

"Writing in The Lancet, Philippe Marianneau and colleagues from Institut Pasteur, Lyons, France, suggest that the virus strain used in the vaccine may occasionally mutate, either before or after it is administered.

Alternatively, the problem may be that the vaccine triggers an inappropriate immune system response in some people.

They conclude: “The use of 17D vaccination remains highly advisable for people living in or travelling to endemic and epidemic zones."

ncbi "According to reports from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) (, the frequency of YEL-AVD in US vaccinees was 0.4 per 100,000 doses of vaccine administered (4)." so that's 400?

Characteristics of fatal yellow fever vaccine–associated viscerotropic disease in women of childbearing age who had no known immunologic defects*:

Age, y Country Year Vaccine Days after vaccination (onset,death) Possible predisposing factors Virus detection Neutralizing antibody test results Reference Onset Death

19 Brazil 2001 17DD† 2 10 None known + RT-PCR liver and spleen (12)
22 United States 2002 17D-204 YF-Vax‡ 2 10 None known YF viral antigen in multiple organs, i.e., liver, lungs, brain, heart, spleen, kidney, lymph nodes (7)
22 United States 2005 17D-204 YF-Vax‡ 2 11 See text for postmortem description of thymus Plasma virus 1.1 × 105 PFU/mL 2,560, day 10 (9)
22 Brazil 2000 17DD† 4 11 Hepatitis A and nephritis as a child + Culture IgM + (2)
23 Peru 2007 17DD† 1 9 Acne rosacea Viral RNA lung 7.6 × 106 and serum 3.9 × 106 PFU equivalents/mL 160 (by PRNT), day 9 (10)
Young adult § Brazil 1975 17DD† 5 9 None known + Culture Table 36-30 in (11), (13)
24 Peru 2007 17DD† <1 14 Egg allergy Viral RNA liver 1.1 × 104 and brain 4.2 × 103 PFU equivalents/mL 10,240 (by PRNT), day 11 (10)
26 Spain 2004 17D-204¶ 4 10 None known + Culture liver, kidney, plasma; real-time PCR liver 6.2 × 109 genome equivalents/g 512 (by microneutralization assay), day 8 (Cool
34 Brazil 2009 17DD† 1 11 None known RT-PCR + d 10

guardian, sarah bosely writing on friday 13th july in 2001 six die after yellow fever jabs:

Scientists have called for an urgent review of the safety of yellow fever vaccine which is routinely given to travellers heading for Africa and South America, following the deaths of six people within days of immunisation.
Millions of people have been vaccinated against the disease with no ill effects. The jab used to be considered one of the safest of the vaccines which are made from a weakened form of the virus itself.

But reports published in this week's Lancet have revealed the deaths of a five-year-old girl and a 22-year-old woman in Brazil, three elderly people in the US and a 56-year-old man in Australia as a result of immunisation. One other man in the US nearly died."

writing in 2001 "
Michael Martin and his colleagues from the national center for infectious diseases in Atlanta, Georgia, said it was possible that age was a factor in the deaths - the American cases were aged from 63 to 79. But the people who died in Brazil were younger, suggesting age was not the only factor."

Clara Maass, according to wikipedia

Meanwhile: article, andrew hirst 21st january 2019 writes "An award winning journalist from Suffolk is calling for an investigation into a vaccine which he claims caused his “meltdown” into insanity." "Malcolm Brabant, who grew up in Ipswich and worked for newspaper"

"Now recovered, he is seeking a review into yellow fever vaccine Stamaril, which he took in 2011. He has written to prime minster Theresa May calling for a meeting."
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