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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:January 26, 2019 Last Modified:February 09, 2019
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The true story of the bielski partisans, nechama tec

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So I ignored the dead for long enough to manage to finish a book on Friday which I bought in the second hand british heart foundation shop the day before on Thursday.

A remark from the dead on not poisoning someone with love or money aside and the photos between p174 and p175 and the photo of raja kaplinski breaking me, preventing me from reading for awhile, and ignoring a comment from the dead on flower I didn't recognize large bright orange, which looked orange and saying just say dandoline though I think that was on a black and white photo of another woman, boy sure which and ignoring seeing danial Craig jump around at various positions of safety as I read the book as well as a psychologist when detained regarding the franz kafka test who I am also told has previously read the book, I managed to finish reading it.

Last time I read a book in a day was the 231 club, that therapist who says he became a CIA hitma, I bought that book because uk mental health were arguing it was paranoid to ask questions on mental health wards and arguing paranoia as a reason to keep detained and treat on said wards , and where they explicitly lied in a uk tribunal court hearing about any deaths on hospital wards, and then later I found an inquest report for that ward dated 2016.

Is their any insight I can gather from reading the book, perhaps heading the advice of dr Berkman page 89 'Weapons, we need weapons' given the way people who are injected against their will on uk mental health wards appear to be getting increasingly written up as accidentally deaths when I view it as first degree murder or taking heed of the attrition stat cited page 194 of 95% death rate for those escaping the getto into the forests as i reflect on evictions past or present in the uk, or those such as me frozen out the in it industry 2007. while noting levia bielski otriad 5% attrition rate for the group that grew to 1200 when escaping the genocide taking place in concentration camps.

So noting references ot tree bark in place of flour and not knowing how to survive in the wilderness at all, and missing over comparisons of seeing Todd, judgement of Nuremberg and choice of blades in shaving when food donations are made what else can I remark upon?

Perhaps noting
premonitions p77, p104 which was more just gloss over word usage rather then detail of what seen or felt in premonition which the index doesn't cover and why I think I know have to start adding my own index to books such as that. Though their are are blank pages at the back for that type of thing, its perhaps a reflection on how alienating people comes back on you.

Though the person in the tv series sharp was shown when reading the attrition stats so I might have to watch that dvd as have a couple of episodes of that series (sharpes company, sharpes enemy) but no more than that, having exhausted penny dreadful series one and the 5th episode in that and how many precautions does a person need to tale currently as far as uk goes with brexit as not read what the queen has said yet, aa went out to ships briefly and saw front page headline on uniting a divided country with queen elizabeth on and I know injecting people, torture, killing people and holding people without trial or homelessness, repossession doesn't unite a country at all when analysing the attitudes pf people employed or working in the political system and how they relate, talk, treat everyone else living in a local area

Distraction for historians:
1650 map when area was Poland-Lithuania commonwealth but that was a era before this book references as far as changing borders go, as I probably ought to add Poland and Russia in again to country list if I went further back and kept track of order of change overs but ive not gone that far on this site, is Lithuania needed in the list?

No to mentioning soviet union as not in my database currently, as the dead flagging up some unknown to me historian spanish speaking lecturer in Russia who gets narked at that type of thing (so I'm told) , and when they show indecision between him either wanting in his,time,off to turn missiles into stove or the reverse, I thought id better point it put in the interests of peace, in case its true, hence why I dislike like writing articles currently due to information fall out at this end as still havent got anything completed. Désolé, le siento (given british mau mau Kenya land dispute 1952 inter alia in book started reading, one gets wary of escalation regarding chain reactions, ripple effect when the dead start mentioning that type of thing) i actually up a spanish word as saw them turn unto ghosts on the map, and i forgot to point a russian i was shown on the map once between black and caspian sea once as the dead say i influenced her on Something once but they say it was her mainly fancying me, and saying another bloke in russia going that way because he fancied her and thinks it is safe to argue that way and that im told removed a problem in that area so I'm told in someone's head as group, deciding vote was switched and person didn't get f**ked as was expecting which removed a problem, injections being bad for people re cases cited, as told she found me on a web search once for something else, as I wonder which is stronger reasons, logical argument or sex? told he met her in the black sea, she commented on something stupid once and he remembered which he used later, As i muse Do I dare to believe the dead on anything? Told she doesn't know injections they did on me, but she got the jist once from what she saw. Couple of women in different locations in Italy flagged up on the map as well inter alia
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