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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:November 09, 2013 Last Modified:November 11, 2013
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A warning from the past
uk gestapo and torture on the rise

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Lessons from the past how evil expands it's grip:

uk hospitals and social workers are already ok with pharmaceutical torture and treat it as the established norm:

Some people enjoy being able to make a call to the police and get people detained without warning under the new mental health regime (they break in without warrant as well):

V for Vendetta and The BBC today:

and let us not forget The Sun Newspaper as they try and reinforce divisions and help the rise of the uk gestapo as well:

RIP Hippocrates:

the uk gestapo have already risen to power and torture uk citizens to silence free speech as I look back at Nazi Germany and go nothings changed...

How many has Cameron's government tortured? and when will the people snap?

just another torture victim silenced by the press.

I was deliberately injected with drugs repeatedly to induce misery and pain because I made a passive political stand against repossession. the uk government, the courts, social services,the police ignore it. why? and can videos like this stem the tide before the bodies mount.
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