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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:April 03, 2015 Last Modified:April 03, 2015
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alabama man released after 30 years on death row
Anthony Ray Hinton to go free after not enough evidence linking him to 1985 murders

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npr quotes the Associated Press as saying "Jefferson County Circuit Judge Laura Petro on Thursday dismissed the case against Anthony Ray Hinton. The district attorney's office told the judge Wednesday that their forensic experts couldn't determine if six crime scene bullets — which were the crux of the evidence against Hinton at an expected retrial — came from a gun investigators took from his home."

Hinton, now 57, was arrested in 1985 in the killings of two men in separate hold-ups of fast-food restaurants in the Birmingham area after his mother's .38-caliber revolver was linked to the crime.

he is to be released Friday morning at 9:30am
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