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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:May 25, 2017 Last Modified:May 27, 2017
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willow brook state school, tuskgee, dr shipman, angel of death, torture I endured on NHS mental health is my response to
italy reportedly passing a compulsary vacination law
Saul Krugman

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this law is an insane move, notwithstanding vaccine compensation pay outs in countries else where which id say show vaccines are problematic and other medical disasters reported elsewhere. I am too annoyed to write this news article, as I know that a person should have the right to choose what risk they endure as compulsory vaccinations is just an excuse for the state to damage, kill torture or experiment on the poor and the vulnerable and leads in death.

Given over population of the planet why should a country care if people who dont consent to vaccination die off if that id their choice of their own free will notwithstanding those times in history where viruses and other things have been used as a weapon to wipe a population out.

Why do some people try to impose their will on another set of people as that type of thinking is wrong and is a path that leads to the extermination of the Jews,,communists, witches socialists, porn stars, journalists, burlesque bdsm psychics gays intellectuals academics and any other political social or religious groups.

Hell people freewill and consent and personal choice

No government or group has the right to force vaccinations on another as I know for a fact NHS and psychology propaganda is built around a lie saying people who don't need to be injected should be, when the only reason they do that is so they can detain and torture them without trial, charge or evidence and what with the austral anti burka ban, Britain rolling soldiers out on the streets and my recent discovery of notice of possession forms matching cambotch S21 which are returned in web search results I don't think their is any point writing anything anymore.

I had first hand of experience of that when they injected me torture me in order to enduce extreme pain and suffering to stop me trying to highlight the abuses of their faction.

given the silence and incompetence of the masses, it would appear stupidity and evil has won through the incompetence of the education system, and loss of ethics and that a new dark ages is upon us. Kind of problematic for anyone living on this world

so yeah, any concept of trying to improve my web site to make money in future or for world peace seems increasingly pointless of late, as I don't think anything I can say will change the outcome tide, so I might as well go to the pub and just wait for everyone to get massacred, and work out what to do when Britain starts rounding people up to kill and torture as hitler, Russia, Rwanda, china and a whole other host of other countries did, do.

so not amused with any current news events of late and the direction politics is going in, with rhetoric and actions done and ignored.

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