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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:July 02, 2017 Last Modified:July 02, 2017
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Big Hell No to NHS unit 731 type proposals for opt out organ donation system
bad enough NHS threw the hippocratic oath away and torture people as is
flyer that was posted through door

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I read with horror the independent news story on proposed changes to opt out system as its bad enough how human rights and the legal system is bypassed as us and even worse listening to the propaganda and rhetoric of people trying to support that genocidal machine.

Genocide as in how NHS psychology tries to justify detainment and extermination of psychics by force when they hold them down inject and experiment with drugs against their will as opposed to what the abortion pro life lobby argue.

And i think their opt out proposal just pushes people into killing each other for their body parts as i reflect on gani al lector and real life NHS serial killers.

The Chinese flyers going on prisoners being used for body parts that was pushed through my letter box also comes to mind.

Hence why i thought id point out unit 731, s21, Wolfenstein and the horrors of british and nazi concentration camps again as trying to insist people out rather than in a mistake and just makes it easier for the british government and the monsters working in the NHS to commit more attrocities at the peoples expense.

So yes a scary article indeed given NHS already torture people have no respect for human rights and given I was detained and tortured their is no doubt where the path of changing to an opt out organ donation system go, the destruction of a people, a country and all semblance of any humanity that is left in the free world.

The NHS and that proposal need to be shut down in its entirety before any more lives are ruined needlessly by the scum who work and run those facilities.
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