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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:September 08, 2017 Last Modified:September 09, 2017
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briefly experimenting with spectroscope that arrived today
in an attempt to get photos
oh look at the pretty colours

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Wasn't sure what i was expecting when i got ine in for £11. As looks deceptively simple however i did try to get a photo on two separate light sources which would be improved if i perhaps uses gafa tape to attach it to the camera lens. As i seem to remember many years back i wrote barcoding systems. So in theory if i can take a photo all i need is to be able to read the picked of the scale and then i could build a database of readings if i so desired.

However given the threat to ESA and no employment or likely employment amd risk of starvation again. I might do better weighing up.the prospects of buying lots of breakfast cereal in, mixing it with milk or honey into two balls and attempt to study what if anything happens if impacted together really quick as i seem to be having trouble writting that letter over that back to work form no sane person would ever sign.

So unlikely to take the spectrometer tech far at this current time as staying alive is perhaps more important, but an interesting experiment none the less comparing differences between an exposed light bulb and one covered by a paper wire mesh light shade as i try to work how to safeguard myself from being starved out of house n home, detained and tortured by genocidal mad men [aka as dwp, durham police, the NHS and all those fascists xenophobic corporations who froze computer programmers out for leaning to develop their empathic psychic side] or left to die in the street as way too many other people to have been. Going from the increases number of homeless seen in doorways in durham.

Not a good sign of the times or the people country surrounded by.

Aa i reflect on what has a person had to do, write or build, or who they have to sleep with to be taken seriously or left alone to recover from torture and be led to live in peace without the threat of future starvation or torture by that insane majority funding genocide, war, human experimentation amd torture in Britain as i dont see why those unethical monsters get funding, or why people try to increase their pay checks for causing problems while all others such as myself get threatened with being squeezed or cuts, seems illogical to me as i reflect on how does a person keep a roof over their head, free of intimidation and fear when surrounded by that type of ever present danger to the people of the free world as i know what i live on, and i know their salaries and income are insanely more than me at this current time.

As i remember the past and what happened last time when under siege.

Just reminding people i have some tech knowledge and skills, just because i don't like being threatened with pay cuts, and or starvation amongst other things as i look for options, possibilities and muse as gothiclight, is removing light a good thing (or not) as far as the human body goes.... And which bands [groups] frequencies are good? To write, to build, to ignore, to avoid hunger (and what does one eat if all the food is contaminated, or out of reach?) , to avoid becoming like the monsters in them (inter alia bon sur)


Notwithstanding i thought the person cutting the blue out on lahannya in the last youtube vid was perhaps a little much, as i remember i was supposedly looking at spectrometers again,, oh the light it burns, or is that lack of? (and this article so not helping me out, perhaps ) colour of money which looks to be rapidly vanishing as I think, write, speak? *sob*
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