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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:November 06, 2017 Last Modified:November 13, 2017
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Does anyone care if the monarch puts £10 million of their own money overseas?
i noticed a front page tabloid news article as I was food shopping and wondered why
An image of pythagoras perhaps disapearing off on holiday in bermuda or somewhere else, never to bee seen again

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Wondering why any tabloid would bother with a front page news paper story complaining of the monarch having £10 million over seas with the tabloid quoting people denying anything about tax haven or any other monetary advantage to do that.

If someone like that puts money overseas, surely it's because they are head of state of a country that tortures people whether that be the abuses the UK did inter alia in kenya in the 50's, Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan,Ireland or more locally under mental health legislation , and that means they and the country are subseptable to instability and revolution much like 1642 because any country which ignores human rights principles and tortures it's citizens is no country at all, ergo they will always live under the threat of reprisals and as such from their perspective, hardly surprising they would keep money overseas to get out of dodge if necessary, so I didn't follow the tax haven arguments in the first paragraph or so at all (I didn't read beyond that point as was more interested in food shopping, and was curious why anyone bothered with a news story like that?)

And I can quote uk banks that have taken all the money out of bank accounts before (or is that a Scottish bank?) which means diversifying and keeping assets, money safe rather than all in one place is perhaps safe, what with the nature of the world today as anyone knows their is a lot of faith and trust in banks honoring amounts under a persons name, when it comes to getting access to money rightfully yours.

I suppose corbyns arguments could be added to the mix, but I think you will find keeping people in power who torture, actually costs britain more, as it destroyed all trust in the NHS to make that organisation unusable to anyone of sound mind, and the costs of standing armies militaries are also a waste of space, and if people, governments had stopped f*king people over in the first instance they would never have been needed, but no someone went on a power trip and thought that they had the right to use force and threats against the rest of humanity and where did that get you, nuclear war! as government is supposed to be a lot of people coming together to help everyone out using their collective skill sets, money, resources to make the world a better place, and you can't do that through torture, or through the erosion of human rights, or by starving people out of house and home as uk parliamentarians seem so eager to do on way too many occasions for taste.

EDIT: hang on, isn't placing money overseas generating interest from overseas, ergo income that comes into the country? while money that was sitting in the country, wouldn't be generating anything? unless your investing it in something to bring money in, which would ever be products or services that other people we're interested in? also if you are producing things that are going over seas? what happens when it runs out, or will it be renewable, like wind, solar power and if it is raw materials that was being brought into the country to be processed and sold on to another, what processing, skill set is required to generate that money? as government taxartion is on profits made, and i'd hate to think what the countries incoming, outgoings are given the brexit maths fiasco, where people were trying to argue that that torture institution would get money money if they pulled out and yet surely government coffers went down, because they lost that amount on what was taxable of GDP in the the business the banks which moved overseas left.

I mearly based that argument at the time, on looking up at what average % of GDP on average goes to government to be spent on stuff, as Britain seems more intent on starving it's own people out of house and home, while spending money on people overseas to do the job, when the person, people they were starving out already had that skills set, and I never understood the Uk's logic for that type of approach, given how expensive wars, policing, the courts, the NHs torture division, the civil service and all the others groups cost, which are their fire fighting and trying to justify the f**k ups that Britain and the people running it made and continue to make in the first instance so yes their logic didn't scan at all in retrospect.

so what are they bitching about? (I may have to start reading all the articals posted on the subject now *wince*)

Looking bermuda up and caymon islandsI notice that's territory Britain hasn't appeared to have lost yet through torture or other governmental abuses over the centuries. So why am I reading tabloid articles bitching about the monarch having money in companies based there? (I really ought to have bought a copy of the paper now, to work out what prompted their articles now)

that 16k cap on no one getting welfare or housing benefit about that amount does kind of look stupid with figures of £10 million+ circulating, when it comes to uk government tax payer investing in renovation of homes like buckingham palace, which I remember people wittering on about ages ago. Though that does bring back to mind that period where I was starving to death with refusal to be allowed on welfare in 2008 to 2010 period because I owned more than one property back then, and i haven't researched what income she made on savings, or what money she gets from any source at this current time or if that is what corbyn is, or was complaining about as far as tax income, if anyone has any ideas what the cafuffel is about, let me know in the comments below or on the site. Though I assume head of state counts as a job description, with duties and responsibility attached (though I would have argued her job was to promote the welfare of the free world, promote human rights, keep uk parliament focused on proactive en-devours for improving the quality of life of all people, and stop starvation and torture amongst other things, and if she wasn't doing that, she isn't doing her job properly and she should be removed forthwith, and replaced with someone who can as last I checked no one has ever notified me that mental health has stopped torturing or suppressing people in Britain, or that any torturers have ever been held to account as of this time)

Also I paid for my own ethernet cable for inside the flat I am living in, rather than bucking palace citing millions required for the task for their rewiring needs. was that somet like 369 million they were asking for that over a 10 year period? i have forgotten that news story now and figures quoted) and I definitely do not have any banks local or otherwise with million in, unless someone suddenly decides to give me some (unlikely) but I have seen banks remove all money in and delete bank accounts the other way! always a worry given how many people you see on the streets in Britain, and how many people have starved to death or died across the UK in recent years as well as in years long gone.
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