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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:November 22, 2017 Last Modified:November 23, 2017
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Hearing that Carbon Dioxide build up in a room impoverishes sleep
meaning studies are suggesting fresh air and ventilation in a room make it easier to go to sleep
Still is of someone playing with room ventilation from that movie based on true events that kurt gerstein witnessed and was privy too, Amen 2002

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I first noticed this in article by daily mail last night by Colin Fernandez Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail which states that with a window or door closed, the average CO2 level was 1150 parts per million, compared with 717 ppm when the window or door was open.
Humidity levels were similar in both conditions as were temperatures – with the authors reporting that subjects sleeping in cooler conditions adjusted their clothing accordingly. The findings showed an open window was better for reducing CO2 than an open door. However, an open door may be preferable if it is noisy outside.
A previous study by a different team at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology found similar results. They said: ‘The perceived freshness of bedroom air improved significantly when the CO2 level was lower, as did next-day reported sleepiness and ability to concentrate’.

looking on the web to track more research down on the subject, contrastin daily mail article with

The effects of bedroom air quality on sleep and next-day performance by
P. Strøm-Tejsen,
D. Zukowska,
P. Wargocki,
D. P. Wyon
First published: 5 November 2015 states:

"When the window was open, subjects considered the bedroom air to be more fresh (P < 0.0010) and reported falling asleep more easily."

"that link reported Average values of the CO2 concentration in each room during the period that each subject was asleep are shown ranged from 1620 to 3300 ppm without ventilation and from 795 to 935 ppm with ventilation."

I dread to think what the long term effects if any are. to over exposure and what any safe levels are. (though i might possibly loose sleep if i don't look at some point as i reflect at the millions who were killed, exterminated in years gone by in world war ii concentration camps and elsewhere.)

Immediately I decided to order a carbon dioxide detector off amazon and order some plants that produce oxygen to do my own research if carbon dioxide levels are keeping me up at night. and if i should open the window, though given extermination on T 4 wards on my knowledge of reading up on uk concentration camps after world war ii, and of course having direct experience of being tortured with injections against my will, when detained for several years on that type of ward, it makes writing this type of article up potentially dangerous depending on how information is used.

As currently I am unable to open my flat window, haven't opened the window much if ever in years and also haven't been getting to sleep at night due to information influx (though i do sleep random times) in order to see if their is anything more in this carbon dioxide sleep thing.

note to self: never complain about trouble sleeping or having too much sleep if detained in any facility (health or otherwise) anywhere on planet earth.

moving on. the erin brokovitic link talking on about something called the flint mitchigen water crisis i posted on facebook before reading the news article on carbon dioxide, open windows and sleep.

As i decided to look at this post a link pointing her out after commenting on another news story where I hadn't made a phone call to query something and was remembering the film portraying her and people whoa actually got off their ass to collect dispositions, evidence up (which would involve talking to people) immediately reminded me of the dark water drops appearing on the ceiling e journal entry I made on the 12th Nov 2017.

s the youtube snippet featured comment on heavy metal pollution from lead, and also mentioned filters and I had commented online that I had broke the filter in my kettle and the plumber had passed the water drops forming on the ceiling off as condensation.

however my current room temperature at time i started writing this article today was 17.4 c, humidity 75% and no brown water drops are on the kitchen ceiling and thus I have no explanation where or why dark water drops formed briefly on a few days, as my presumption was perhaps a leak through the ceiling from thea upstairs flat, but the plumber after speaking to the tenant said he couldn't see anything and said maybe the weather when asking him why dark water drops wouldn't be forming on the ceiling all the time, if it was condensation from using the kettle or somenthig.

anyway their was a brief moment of my brain trying to work out what the filter in a kettle does after watching that erin brovitch clip which mentions water filter, while taking in brown water drops and comments on toxicity of heavy metal. (a topical subject even before seeing things like chuck norris law suit against the medical industry over metals used in mri scans and me recently having watched 1950 fictional black and white films D.O.A which have a disclaimer at the end saying luminous toxicity is a true medical term, and yet a brief look on the web returned no research back other then conjecture from people trying to hypothesis what the film was referring to. (nothing to do with chuck norris law suit against the medical industry)

anyway all that asie my logic for quickly researching which plants people like nasa or lung institute recommend for producing oxygen and wich plants absorb what metals, compounds perhaps influenced my decision to go and order three snake plants for my flat as that window is not going to be opened anytime soon unless i choose to break it as the joiner is not booked in till 11th December. ( breaking the window, or even reporting an inability to open a window tends to get written up and used against you by some sources in the system, as mental health has a history of using sleep as a reason to detain againstyour will) that knowledge also reminds me of the previous news article i wrote, and the film amen where they kill the people on the T 4 wards witch exhaust gases, and we all know human experimentation against consent should be illegal and those who do that punished.

and also i had months back had clairvoyance that featured a potted plant getting bigger, and I Decided it was worrth forking out for ordering a carbon dixoide meter to check levels in the room and also some house plants, what with me having had clairvoyance on a train once about exhaust fumes out of the ventaliation system and told that they harm (me ignoring it) as pointing it out could be written off as paranoia by some, and then months later reading a news article on toxitiypoisioning on airplanes and I am deciding to ignore recent news articles on radiation clouds that were reported over europe and other air polution stories which made me always argue to leave windows shut.

however i had better sleep patterns when i was living with a women, which might be something to do with the way they keep opening windows during the day! nikita jokes aside their might be something in that, however when detained on a mental health ward the people working their who always insisted windows be opened said they didn't know why! (they just followed orders to open them) so perhaps their is something in that window thing!

so went ahead and order the plants. however snake plant can be linked back to garden of eden with snakes, and apples by me. so I considered enough justification to fork out for the potted plants, and to order the carbon dioxide detector though i'd probably have to check if their is any legislation on if a windo has to be able to be opened in a certain time (As indicated by some clairaudience of a certain politicans I won't named thinking), as the windowin my flat is jammed shut.

perhaps also point out carbond dioxide detectors not the same as carbon monoxide detectors, which also gets me pointing out the genocides of t 4 wards, and the abuses of the NHS and perhaps the grenfield tower fire as well. (as i bought a fire escape a month before) but not very useful if can't open a window, though in an emergancy i could probably could get through it, but breaking windows does tend to open people up to law suits of criminal damage amongst other things given the way the system operates.

(you have no idea how much aggro comes from trying to correct people mislead by some officials who deliberately lie and play the word game to deceive which is why some might argue that being detained and tortured by health services is good practice to for political leaders who take short cuts in explaining or writting things up and then never get it back as the other sides press was listend to more! which get sus back into the devils, words snakes, temptation and back on track again)

though their was a news story i noticed of load of men getting done for sexual crimes by warwick crown court as a woman (on looking noting her age is said to reported as 14 now noting other articles) testified of sexual assault after being ought climbing out of an open window by police (she stated she was detained for a week or so there), whether that was true or not if she just testified to that to avoid an other issue I wouldn't know as i haven't looked at the facts or the case (though 20 year olds mixing with 14 year olds is extremely dodgy) as i couldn't find any judgments or cases on the web for warwick courts or many other courts and I think if a case is in the public interest then the judgment and probably all material like the defense and prosecution statements material should be publicly available as well! and cases seem to disappear that news stories link to when other courts put them online)

however that is getting off the topic of air, good nights sleep and if their was a window for sex with a women (preferably similar age), would it ever be safe to take? and if women have their uses and risk assessment reward on dating, sex and who cooks makes the tea. given any research or knowledge of any women ever convicted for killing blokes, or crying wolf given knowledge of pujury cases before where people have spent time inside over false testimony before. i.e. that footballer case or gemma beadle case.

so with all that aside, and reflecting on pro active solutions, how can a bloke safeguard himself in the bedroom for a good nights sleep? opening windows if no radiation dust clouds from russia or windscale or any other polutions, disasters known or anywhere else could be your answer, but if you do use a women to open the window for you, you are perhaps advised to get dated and witnessed video statement of you all saying you wanted to be in that relationship having sex, in the first instance, which is perhaps why they invented marriage in the first instance to protect you from purjury by the system or anyone going back on it at a later date!

which is what i wrote up on my views of marriage as a potential solution to get around the sexual allegation war that certainly put me off dating, or having ant relationships with anyone ever!

and yet the priests and clerics who avoided sex, relationships and marriage arguing celibacy and no female contact are perhaps the better to mitigate risk, loss of career (or spending 45 years in a prison wrongfully convicted type of thing) of getting f**ked later by any corrupt officials, but not necessarily, so depends on what your view of risk is? and how much you want to take on? though some people might view marriage or relationship as worse! (they would be wrong perhaps)

as i reflect on checking windows, and carbon dixoide levels amongst other things and how much to write up in this article at all.

also noting how to produce oxygen is perhaps something to point out, i.e. electrolysis, separating hydrogen and oxygen out of window (but what of anything else in the water?) and what equipment does one need to do research like that! as i reflect on funding, and how some people share and point knowledge, out and yet others who detain and torture people in the health system, are the ones who seem to get the support as opposed to empowering people over being told how to do the tests, checks, and knowledge to keep them safe and improve their own lives. (side stepping problems and issues before facing the consequences after they occur)

as i reflect on on if the purchases and writing an article up will be worth it long term!

also noting that someone going on about uv light breaking carbon dioxide done into carbon monoxide and oxygen (which gets us back to people dieing in unventilated areas, fire safety, and perhaps space exploration and the third age of man post someone did on my facebook profile after me commented on the film byzantium and how that type of thing puts you off sex for life, so no third age of man, and yet the being encased in metal line does come back on you when considering brown water droplets and if any heavy metal pollution in water supplies, and also i ought to point out other week i was getting clairvoyance about bacteria in the air of the room (See journal entry (And research on that says they produce oxygen, so might not be dead yet, as perhaps not killing all the bacteria working with them, keeps you alive? if need to combat the arguments on house work, open windows and anyone foolhardy enough to date a women or perhaps not, just making a note as i go)

anyway this lot to be continued, while i ignore the start trek next generation clairvoyance been getting over last few days regarding diana tory and that characters mother in that tv series as well though trying to look certain things up afterwards meant i noticed i had just missed a series star trek discovery i didn't know about. (inter alia) which referenced an episode on back to forests and flash backs on torture from characters in it, reading plot synopsis in news stories that hade been out up a few hours previously talking about the series.

Incidentally the idea where 116 billion pounds divided by a population of 65 million is. £1784.62 per individual per year) I think the nhs budget divided by the population I think reducing the NHS budget and paying me the figure of how much the nhs costs annually to run so i can spend on research, education, equipment, supplies and tools would be more beneficial in the long run given. as that comment was made after i spent £35.96 on plants order with postage and £23.50 on a carbon dioxide detector to do my own research here as trusting anyone who breaks the Hippocratic oath or those who inject people with drugs against their consent is insane noting that article on reporting 6000% 600k in 2006 to £34 million [£4.46 in 2007 to £258.19 by July 2017]
increase in a drug price which i hope has ever used only on those who consent to it! though given my experience of NHS injecting and experimenting on people with drugs they don't want, I wouldn't be surprised either way.

Also explanation on why people who write reports need to be present by the accused when an accused is charged with a crime
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