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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:January 08, 2018 Last Modified:January 15, 2018
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The windy wíndy road
Decided to introduce the accute into english language

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The reason for this i wrote windy as in winding for a windy path, stopped to look at it and realised that was weather and couldn't distinguish on paper the difference, so needed to look at a dictionary which seemed to just suggest winding but that a word change, so i wrote wineing but that didn't look right.

I considered changing i to a y, and then saw the Scottish wynd for narrow path, then the joke of the Scottish looking the English down with why are you doing that came into my head and the idea of a drunk person, perhaps an English man going i in a high voice for wíndy (as in winding), and well loosing anything that loosing anything that gets you high might might be a good idea and it might not be wine for the reason they are not walking in the straight line, ergo i think the accute rising tone accent wins as a solution for disambiguation if the written word, thus fixing the English language or need to use other words. Though i'm ok with the e as well.

Though after writing that up with win, i thought win could be high pitched at times, so thought the grave ì would be better and if your stumbling all over the place on a narrow path your going to get f**ked.

However while in my head low voice doesn't mess it up but high sounds better for win now as an accent to use and better for a drunk person, however the windy windy road sounds better high and win is probably taken for granted, so perhaps just use rising tone í for change of sound as if your going up hill your probably going to be in distress over a long wíndy path to travel down, or up.

Anyhow given other writers throughout history as in France have introduced things like acute, grave or circumflexes in an attempt to sort previous written ambiguity out in various centuries i think that introducing a rising tone to differentiate between pronunciation as the only logical step at resolving this problem based on information i have at hand. though i'm ok with adding the e as well, but could be misleading as far as why wíneding goes, so ok with other ideas as long as it resolves ambiguity without changing the word on the written page.

Also a web search of a historic thesaurus also showed that the Scottish word earliest recorded use was 1425 while English why was 1300's thus playing into what could be a plausible true explanation for the word usage. Not sure what to make of black adder imagery i picked up on.

Also while on that subject due to mentioning ture as in plausible, the word sick as a word seems to come a century later as earliest record word use in the historical thesaurus i was looking at online and i remember Latin sic for true, throwing up if walking all over the place because drunk would perhaps be a logical next step, though is a slight digression their, though perhaps not a stumbling block.

and if they were that pissed then its probably true. so their might be some scope for comedy and very few people explained distinguished sounds accents in foreign languages very well as a kid but windy as in wìnding and windy do sound extremely different to my ear thus feel justified introducing and proposing the concept for standard use. Amazed now one has pointed out or fixed the language before or if they have it was skipped over in my education at school.

Given wine a closer approximation for pronunciation in my head over weather windy pronunciation that's how the alcohol explanations came in when trying to come up with a practical solution for removing ambiguity written down.

However if you want to get closer to whining then you might be better with wîndy and ditch the silent h to indicate the tone, really do you prefer h or e? depends if people are going to whinge about walking anywhere. though you might want to avoid ditching the letter, least you end up in a ditch going down a wínedy road and stay focused on getting back home, perhaps an uphill struggle, or down hill down the way, really don't mind but the ambiguity does need patching really, really quick. hence the acute rising tone here, as i consider that an adequate repair of the language, as well as use of an e in an effort for consistency with English pronunciation and sounds.

Not sure comments on ditching a whiny bitch to put a house over your head and using a bottle of wîne to compensate or to improve her mood are productive or helpful, but they were just pointed out by clairaudience as was an image of Billy Connolly approaching for a second. (And a separate image of a pile of money going to another group of people)

(Meanwhile i don't think a dunkirk, and spock, captain kirk star trek joke that is currently getting pointed out by clairaudience is relevant here, unless it's a dun thing, or unless someone provides more information on relevance for the remark being made, and now getting an image of that joe comedian women looking moody as hell)

Any objections or other suggestions, or word clashes in English please add them to the comments of the article below. Thanks, as I can't believe this type of thing hasn't been fixed before.

edit: also there's another window on another joke given the spelling of an ex at the end of the windy path, apparently one window closed and another window the women surrendering in looking at someone else, that would imply my ex st is getting married, as their are few jokes about how to pronounce fenestra now lol, as her father looks to rescue me, while her mother opposes lol (I was getting the Disney land castle and windy path images before i wrote the line the windy path and started looking at the problem of how to fix the language, so it could just be another interpretation layered over the top of the previous imagery i was being shown, lol either way potentially funny as f**k as i consider who the players are.

nevermind, life moves on ditch the st, keep the house, but does the sound fenêra work, or fenêsra over fenêtre? ahh priceless lol, oh express and star mentioned in relation to billy connoly and comments about if any of my stuff is ever going to get shared. though not spoken to anyone in the industry as of yet, as i wounder about who the people who i am being shown getting a pile of money are.
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