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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:January 28, 2018 Last Modified:January 28, 2018
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4 homeless people encountered this evening in Durham
that's different homeless people to those in the other articles, in week just gone

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encountered 4 people in separate door way areas.

one of them was asleep, didnt appraoch. asnother who said he was michael. said he was homeless because the house he was living in was his girlfriends and her name was on the tenancy, and she kicked him out as she had another bloke in.

and he said he had spoken to durham housing solutions on Friday. I gave him £5 for food, he said he was waiting to get on the welfare system, oh he said they had been together for 16 years. he said he used to be a plasterer when I asked him what he used to do, but illness or something got in the way (I forget what he said now over that as far as a career went)

the other one, I spoke to said he had food and that he had got kicked out the fells, as they chucked him out due to an argument over alcohol (which wasn't him) and that the police showed up and asked him to leave. he siad he had only been at fells for around a month, and before that he was sofa surfing.

he's ex has kids an a place to live and knows hes on the street apparently.

the other one, said he was released from prison 6 months ago and that, he had been in prison for drug offenses and that they just give you a weeks money, and let you go with no place to go to. He also from stanly and knew the other one, and said his friend was homeless longer. he said he had spoken to changing lives but they had no places available currently, and would get back to him when they did.

given what I read in the homeless reduction act 2017 the other day, and what I had been told, when I was detained in 2011. I was under the impression that no one was allowed out of a facility unless they had a place to go, and this people getting kicked out of girlfriends or boyfriends homes without having a name on the tenancy.

People ending up on the street with relationship breakouts is getting stupid, and someone needs to come up with a way to stop this from happening, either making sure no one moves into gather without both names being on a tenancy or a tenancy agreement in place, which requires notice and another place to go to in order to move out, or something else and not sure what the police are doing turfing people on the street if their is a duty of care to make sure people have at least a 6 month short hold tenancy to go to as I assume the housing reduction act 2017 and other acts are supposed to indicate.

So not happy, with the entire thing.

Don't move into a property together unless all your names are on the tenancy, and if you are going to move into a girlfriends property make sure you have a tenancy, or the system has to do is that a person stays their until they find another place to go in a breakup, but not sure how that would work if the police are just showing up to intimidate people to walk int the street with no place to go.

either way last time i spoke to robertas office, when i tried to touch on this subject, he said he didn't want to interfere in relations as far as courts go, but I think people ending up on the street is stupid, and people need to start paying attention to what happens and what to do in those scenarios.

I suppose i could try bitching at the police over it, or phone Roberta up again, anyone have any ideas?, on how to avoid messy breakups and one if not all ending up on the street? in marital spats. (or just living in sin) assuming any of the stories recounted are true. (recounted as best as my memory allows)

I think might have to start taking photos of them, at this rate, but not sure which way that goes.

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