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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:January 30, 2018 Last Modified:August 05, 2018
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Best Film Award Possibly Potentially goes to 1922 Haxan
And I shall tell you why

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Always curious why if Christianity or certain other religions got information in a certain way,,everyone goes whatever,,and yet if people in another religion, gender or group get information on a certain way, everyone looses their minds. Why is that? I wounder.... And is their any difference when looking, in how different words or terms are used for what sounds to me to be a similar thing depending on who the person is, and is that really fair? As one looks through history at cause and effect.

Not an auspicious start in chapter 1 as far as special effects go, but I did start taking screen shots at one point, just before a name similar to certain person I knew once cme up, and then the more screen shots you take then the film grabbed my attention all the way through to the end, with the lines that followed, and it held my attention more then any other film especially with the book another bought me once.

So yes a very useful study in symbolism, that cought me by surprise, and makes me rank it as perhaps one of the best films of all time, and of serious attention, but only because it was funny, but not not necessarily so, depending on what still's i'd use at which points during the film. If I were to play that game.

Compulsory viewing, as far as film lists go.

(though I have never ever watched this film before) less convinced regarding the endings, as I know that's bull,compared to what I know about that system in the present day perhaps.

So yes a very interesting watch indeed, for one such as myself and a lot learned from it indeed.

ranks even higher than the craft, or the wicca man, hocus pocus or practical magic, but perhaps only if you know the jokes and interpretation there on in as anything i say won't do it justice now.

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