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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:February 25, 2018 Last Modified:April 03, 2019
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that organ donationation act needs to be stopped
read in press ots gone through more than one reading already

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Britain trying to pass an act to force people to say they opt out of organ donation rather than in, that just makes ot easier for NHS and government to kill people Britain already breaks the law with detention and torture of political and religious prisoners when it chemically lobotmoses people by injecting people against their consent on mental health wards. That act just reinforces torture and is ethicaly wrong.

Look at falongong, and political prisoners having tissue matches to see if they are compatible doners and look at number of deaths written up as accidents in uk, in prisons and elsewhere, and repair that Britain already crossed tge line and tortures people in breach of tge hippocratic oath which is why this act needs to be stopped.

Look at surgeons like ian Patterson convicted of recommending necessary operations to make money, skin hunter swho were taking commission off funeral homes, nhs doctor is and gps like Harold shipman or the Devon of death who just killed people anyway and realise that act should be stopped and the fact it hasn't been booted immediately shows how dangerous Britain is.

Suicides have already been used as organ donners, loon at the paperwork the NHS looses and realise that opt out lists are just a list for rounding people up, it's morally wrong, as lawyers are incorrectly telling mental health prisoners not to write documents saying they dont consent which are ignored because they are deemed mentally ill, and NHS have a long history of lieing to the people, and forms saying no consent would just be lost more readily then the other, and that is why that act needs to be stopped as it just makes it easier for NHS and Britain to kill and remove more political prisoners. Look at Kenya in 50's, and first nation genocide, canada , cambel, Ireland, Britain can not be trusted at all. As murder will just be covered up as austerity as i know Britain tortures people as experienced in 2011.

Id write more but i am on a data connection on a mobile phone and that act needs to be stopped in its entirety, however given amount of tabloid front page articles yesterday and stupidity regarding brexit vote, the fact that act was even humoured and is going through parliament currently should scare the hell out of anyone with sound mind.
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