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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:March 09, 2018 Last Modified:March 10, 2018
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Sunter Messed Up On stupid Things, some not resolved yet
and delaying tactics to try to smnap me out of mood to write article up, not working

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I moved back in on tuesday 15 days after moving into a temporary flat which was the maximum length of time they said it would take 12-15 days though they were saying three weeks , it was a rushed moved, into the tempery flat, and not everything was packed before hand because I was still stalling as the rewrire was being forced upon me by duress, after the previous veiled threats about forcing it.

a cambroulay was flashed up by clairvoyant information at critical junctures which had been flagged up initially in january and shown as the hamburgler as on the move out, they dropped information saying was connected to sunter, and at the very least stressed me out regaring security threats as the removal company had dropped off computer boxes for moving stuff, and on the move back having forgot about the cambroulay as was more concerned about the organ donation act, and if i should be seeking asylum in another country (and I only phones 7 mps, giving my reasons to veto) none of which got back to me 1% of the 650 seat house of commons as some information came in which stalled me, of obama saying miss that one, and Hillary Clinton saying call 12 and pausing to think about it, stopped me making more calls, as I should have gone down the entire list.

as that act kills people, as nhs already crossed the line with torture, and given nhs serial killers and other abuses by the unethical health service, I think its just the falon gong, and human experimentation all over again, so am a complete no vote.

anyhow a quick reset from that, as I didn't make a placard thought bought the paints and the canvs as snows hit as I burnt out as walked, as if I ditch country then campaigning doesn't matter, as think too many people in britain stupidly f**ked, and trying to reason with any of them a waste of time, thus walking or trying to work out what to do in a war or which country to ditch too (none of them appear safe distracted me.) and while I quickly forget about the issues, and hope they go away, something always goes down later and reminds me that that type of individual has not gone away, and I am not convinced staying silent looking away is a better approach.

and on the morning just before the moveback in i was reminded of the cambroulay stuff and told he was on the work crew, and was in the street seeking to get in (and nost of the details specifics have gone out my head now), and that stressed me briefly and meant I went on record with the company and information i picked up on, and ended up with way too managers around after that, and later on that afternoon when going into town I also noticed the hamburger story on the sun news paper, regarding trying to lower calory count in food, as well as at one point being told he was walking down the middle of the street, and then me not seeing anyone there out the window, when going out later, I saw too council people in the middle of the street, pointing at a property, and now told casmbroulay is in my room (flat) as its 21:55 and that contradicts other information told previously and also contradicts saying that another tennant had conversation with him, as all previous implications were that he was on plane of living with way they gave information and I had to at least take it seriously to evaluate threat rating, as they said one of the removal men on the move out, was going to mention stuff in the pub later on, as I had made a comment that pointed something out which went into his head, and at that point damage is done, and can not be undone as saying anything else makes it worse, so trying to reverse damage seemed pointless when that got flagged up. as I was told on tuesday that the cambroualy was going to walk if i was around.

as he keeps getting shown as coping properties in the street.

(playing todays music track appears to have let him in to my room anyhow given clairaudience, clairvoyance not going their in full I walked on the information though threats pointed out are probably still there and so called judges on the judge plane which i am told are trying to help me out, and was ira and was asked by some family member just wasted my time after an hour as if that information was true they want me to do nothing for a year, as their is a few moles walking around, trying to get information, calls being made regarding women trying to get people to do sex court thing or whatever they were going to call it, but would take a year for them to get their act together and approach me, and when they start going in with goth queen judges, supposedly someone i met once, and that if i do nothing i attune to her, as me doing stuff causes issues, and too serious, it so didn't work, but wasted all of this morning, trying to hear it out, as they said i'd have to do nothing for a year to get all the information which would help me out, in order to take everyone down in order, and given the lack of verification of other information and them admitting earlier issues didn't go as bad as they thought when I started writing what they were saying up regarding me having to do something, to stop a problem before it occurred, I walked, as if it is ex's talking behind the scenes approached by someone behind my back, forget it, so not worth the hassle at this end, and the issue of writing up or not writing up as going on the record with anything supposedly f**ks me, as I am supposed to stay silent and do it at the end, and no way too much hassle, if the information is true, then I will forgo the "promised money" if I hear it out for a year, and stick to what I normally do, which is trying to get back to writting a site which is being slowed down by psychic attack, with people trying to stop me, as if everyone just left me alone I would have been so further ahead, and yet that is probably just me just compiling evidence and sources that take Britain down, as opposed to the alternative they trying to push which is getting back to sex again, and fun, however I think the serious side after torture and british abuses still remain, so I think i will be better off just doing news on my own, with zero friends, as i'm done with trusting anyone now. that interferenhce in 08 damage irrevercible, so yeah what ever to just going to the pub, but women won't go their on their own, hence the negotiations assuming any of the information are true, for now, i will just assume, bull shit and get back to tidying the flat up and resuming cataloging where I left of, as I do need to sit down and do the development changes I need, but no ones gone near me for years on this site, and suspended log ins regarding rewire and me needing to do fixes, and move hosting comapny which is advaicce i should have listened to in was it september last year>, as realized the implications of the padding pool on the up graph and at the bottom of the down graph, but not something in a position to do currently, unless I get organised, so its just a play on fear currently (but I do see evidence of issues in the real world, that need to be resolved, so keep going back and forth on information depending what is said, shown )

however one of the manager at bernica said all staff are dri background checked and that he used to work for social services, and that was perhaps a question i should have asked initially and that information was given me on tuesday during the move back in.

anyhow when it came to the move back into the flat, they hadn't put the curtain rail back up, as they had lowered the ceiling, and that means removing the curtain rail points, which would have beeen better done before painting the paint work, but anyhow at least they agreed to do the decorating of my flat, but the security camera bracket wasn't reattached, and the pi8cture hooks also missing, and three electrci light bulbs were missings, (though they replaced one point with a strip socket) and sunter blame me for not remiving them and the two lamp shade they lost, and broke, and yet I was told ok to leave that stuff at the end and a few boxes in the room, stupid of me to trust.

anyhowe then i noticed that their were two sets of wires hanging out the ceiling, however that did get resolved as the fire safet guy from 4 housing just came round and reinstalled the fire alarm, and siren, and tidyed that area up, however that did prompt me to query why they had put 3 more fire alarms in, which I am told when I queried it are not connected to the main fire alarm and are just the room as they are in the different areas, kitchen, hall, living room and all within a meter square of each other. as well as the forth one so seems a little over kill if you ask me, so I am probably sitting on more radiation sources then the K19 if memory of how fire detectors work remains true.

Anyhow after that lot, and calming down I noticed that they had lost the pins in the cubaord unit for the shelf, so the shelf is not up, and they had done the same when they moved a book case out the room as the bloke had put a book on it, to hide the fact, on the move back when i told the 'silver nemesis' boss bloke he looked down and found the pin immediatly, and not sure how he did that, as shut me up briefly, and yet when they younger bloke moved it downstairs, he lost the pin, and I wanted them to stop so I could find it, as wasn't sure if lost on the stairs or in the room, did eventaully find it, but finding the one missing in the other cuboard unit just broke a pissed off threshold in me, and I still haven't located it.

the other day, their was a nock at around 8:L05 am and I was told by clairaudience to ignore it, and told to phone andy ray up as would speed things up but I didn't as I didn't want the conversation, and another knock at 8:45am, and the noises outside slowed me getting out of bed as I was too stressed from the previous day.

also I had been hit the previous evening via clairaudience told I needed to eat 4-5 runner beans immediately (Wednesday) and it had to be wednesday to offset damage to my body, and it had to be runner beans as they were the quickest for that issue, also told that the women in the chip shop had provided runner beans before to someone else in an emergancy, and told me to go and speak to her, but said go in an hour later, and when I did go in I was told she wasn't in, so bought them somewhere else, so none of that information was verified, but it did make me look at jack and the beanstalk and I noticed that durham university had made a comment about the origions of the story were 5000 years ago, and I saw a reference to the german fable the devil and the three golden hairs which i looked at because the police in 2011 demanded three hairs off me after the siege, when they showed up on mass very annoyed, agrressive around the hospital bed i was in "for testing" stupidly I gave them them.

and then a day or so later, I remembered the clairvoyance when was in the student union bar on north road, regarding two hairs needing to be accounted for, as wasn't sure what that was about amongst other things, like tissue box on a female police officer which implied my text messages had been read as a group came in to speak to some students, anyhow the devil and the three hairs story proved interesting because it had the the tree which no longer bores golden apples, and has no leaves and a mouse nawring at its root, which calaiuraudience named as mik hamil someone i knew from years back.

at some point i recalled i am pro european union and that leaves meant no brexit and the golden apples and the jack and the bean stalk fie fie foe thumb stuff with golden gooses and beans got interesting again, anyhow that type of thing distracts me from unpacking my room.

also at some point i noticed the plug socket in the kitchen they installed which was a crab tree socket, and that pushed me way over anger as was too busy analysing the damage, as I was trying to work out what the hell the company was thinking, installing a crab tree socket in a kitchen with strip lighting when I run a site called the sex tree, and what that does to my ex's as I took the plaster in the toilet which wouldnt flush as milicious as a lump was left in one of the cuboard units, and enough was enough, though I was told by andy they lost the contract and clairvoyancce keeps flaging a company supposedly called hunter as clean up squad. which first got flashed up to me in 2011 when I was detained, (if memory serves or perhaps 2010) as the property I owned was left in messy state, and that reduced value when sold off, when it went through repossession courts as was a tennant in, as banks let them know what was going on, before could be resolved with me, as I thought they should have gone through court with landlord to seek resolution before going near tenants due to damage does to business, though i didn't have money for food and was starving to death in that era, so a mute point.

however in 2010, 2011 whenever it was all i saw was a group of people in usher moor with clean up equipment walking from west of that house in a easterly direction on the main road further down from that house position, and any more details on that, came in only in last week. (though don't know if any truth in it)

anyhow i did leave a message with andy at bernica asking for an explanation over the plug socket yesterday and they haven;t got back to me, so that issue is still outstanding, as is the curtain rail, picture hooks and the rest of the flat.

so yes argh and way too many details have probably been left out of this brain dump, as If am going to write an article i should at least spend time tidying the writing up.

(as their wss the elizabeth i, tea pot, letter stuff to write up as well which i briefly mentioned on twitter as not sure my handwriting on bits of paper last for very long, and no that letter that told she wanted to write has not been done yet)

however the jotting down the comment from the judge with information relayed, one of the insults was pretty good, regarding cock not being big enough for my pussy which is smaller then my mothers hair lobe, and the comment to say CA at one point on facebook, the rest of the information is weird some stays in head longer other information forgot immediately and when trying to write some of it down, my mind goes blank and I kind of erase the wording and don't write it up, and yet other times it sticks and recall it, so it has to be good in order to remember the detail else its just more a feel of mood, opinion and me going yeah whatever to it.

though if i stayed at machine and just wrote it up, it would probably have more use (but I don't think its worth the hassle) so my effort man power is strewn between multiple tasks, projects none of which are being progressed or being done well enough to pay, due to them wanting me to stop to spend a year hearing information out.

however given they said at one point doing other things slows it down, the implication is I would just get the same information just at a slower rate and less money in commission.

anyhow, sitting to try to write a news article, has relaxed me, but it's probably more a blog entry currently and still have to sort the flat, shelves, and rest of unpacking out.

their are more sockets in the wall, the paintwork looks ok, bathroom was left a mess, forgot to point out lowered ceiling reduces breathable air capacity which was an explanation i only got the other day, when i was sitting in shakespear (presented as though fire brigade opinion) in the discussion about lowered ceilings v existing ceilings, and the ring mains have been separated out in the room in another fuse box and the strip lighting does give better lighting in the kitchen, not sure of electricity for it.

oh yes, electricity, their was £6 somet on my meter before I moved out, and when I moved back the electricity didn't come on, and should have tested that before moved stuff, and their was over £2 debt on the key meter and the weekly standing charge is around £1.13 so by my maths their should have still been credit on it, as at some point the workmen started using plug sockets in corridor. going off to get money on key meter meant leaving removal men, bernica and people unsupervised.

(either way I think that electricity usage still gets billed to the tennants)

and the tenant who had vacated and moved out when work was being done, which helped as far as place to sleep, didn't have energy efficient light bulbs in as sunter had said use the ones in that room, and I think they will find their is a big difference between types of light bulbs you can buy, anyhow her weekly rate was around twice as much on her meter, and slightly higher unit rate, and their was I thought a lot of money left on the meter at the time of her moving out so I think that implied if work wasn't being done, the person wouldn't have.

and I seem to have got moved back in quicker then any of the other tenants, or rather quicker turn around, though have yet to check that which is perhaps a perk of running a news site, and another reason to go news over sex.

as i think the women down stairs, has taken weeks longer, and had paint vouchers still, though i think she said their was a boiler issue she had as well, and the other bloke who was scheduled to start the same day as me, hasn't moved back in yet, and took the flat I was in, as in writting i had it till the work completed, and then 7 days to move back in, however on the day, the removal man said they wanted it thrsday and then andy at bernica said that day as the other tenant wanted it, which is why was a rushed juggling job with boxes, and if packing was done properly at the start, it might have been quicker as stupid things slowed it down, like broken box in kitchen, the wrong box in a corner, and I should have cleaned bathroom and kitchen first on first day, but chose to clear bed area and ended up washing items because of being in cardboard boxes, and was told when asked that mold did take orders from the spiritual plane when judges needed to check things, as that stuff either is dormant or spreads in a day and supposedly tasked with destroying unwanted things, as needed to aire it out. but entire unpack was clear some boxes, move space in an area, blocking other area which slowed packing down as couldn't put on shelves, thus had to move boxes back, and slowly they go down, as stuff emptied on floor or moved closer to area they should be in, and still looks like a bomb site, so that is probably a priority over writing articles, and or getting back to the programming i needed to do on the 15th of feb, which should have been written years ok, to save the hassle at this point.

and I really have to do something regarding log ins, as supplying password keeps forcing me to use facebook and twitter and that is so wrong, as slow log ins never bothered me in the old days, and that is so dodgy when it comes to making entries, as my stuff is predominately split between three sites, and bits of paper and memory rather than it being written up all in one place.

so yes argh, as writing this article is so resful, and yet looking at the room i have to tidy, and the rest of the flat, like kitchen still to tidy so not. unless i give up and go to the pub for last orders or something, which is probably a mistake at this time.

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