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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:April 04, 2018 Last Modified:April 05, 2018
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police deliberatly failing to disclose evidence
police being tought to deliberately circumvent justice and break the law
if police lie over texts exonerating people from those not police, what does that say about police when regarding police actions?

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Daily mail "Police are 'trained to deliberately hide evidence they don't want defence to see' finds report exposing full extent of disclosure failures after collapse of a series of rape trials

says "Police officers are trained to hide evidence that would undermine their investigations in court, a damning dossier reveals"

The revealing dossier was obtained under a freedom of information act request by charity the Centre for Criminal Appeals." said the front of the times news paper on 3rd april 2017 but given the news paper cost £1.60 I thought it was a bit expensive to pay for, as is being detained and tortured in Britain on mental health wards without evidence or trial.

"Documents show how police and prosecutors employ certain tactics to stop defence teams from seeing materials that could help their client during their trial.
Other accusations include officers being reluctant to record witness statements that hurt their case or presenting vital evidence to lawyers at the last second."

"One ploy used by police is to put evidence 'on the MG6D', which refers to a list of sensitive unused material which a defendant's legal team does not have access to.
Examples of legitimate materials which may be put on the MG6D include those relating to the interest of national security or information about an undercover officer."

"More than 900 suspects had charges dropped last year because police and prosecutors failed to hand evidence to defense lawyers.

In the lead up to criminal trials, police and prosecutors have a duty to disclose evidence that might either assist the defense case or undermine the prosecution.

But the recent collapse of several rape cases has heightened concerns that evidence is not being disclosed early enough, and that the rules are not being followed.

The trial of student Liam Allan, 22, who was charged with six counts of rape, was halted [ says dropped] by a judge after it emerged his accuser had sent hundreds of messages to friends that would have cleared him.

The case against an Oxford student accused of rape was dropped days before he was due to stand trial after evidence including his accuser's diary was uncovered.

Yesterday it was announced by Scotland Yard that officers would be abandoning the policy of automatically believing victims of rape.

Commissioner Cressida Dick said officers must investigate rather than blindly believe allegations, and should keep an open mind when a victim has come forward.

"In December, Isaac Itiary was released from prison after it emerged his alleged victim posed as a 19-year-old woman and lied about her age.
Police officers had texts which showed the girl was lying about her age but only released them after he had spent four months in custody awaiting his trial."

"In February, the case against Samson Makele, 28, was halted after his defence team unearthed vital photographs from his mobile phone which had not been made available.
Mr Makele was accused of raping a woman after they met at Notting Hill Carnival in 2016 but he always claimed the sex was consensual.

"His case, which was due to begin in March, was thrown out after more than a dozen photographs were found which showed the pair naked and cuddling in bed.

justice gap headline on samson was "Rape case collapses two weeks before trial as new digital evidence discovered"

daily mail also points out "Oxford student Oxford StudentOliver Mears, 19, spent two years on bail accused of raping and indecently assaulting a woman in July 2015.
But the CPS decided to offer no evidence against him in February on the basis of fresh evidence, including a diary that supported his case, which was passed to the CPS just a week earlier.

telegraph "Police failing to disclose evidence which could be crucial to defendants is causing a "steady stream of miscarriages of justice", the Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate said.

The problem is so widespread that addressing each failure could bring courts " to a halt."

A number of recent cases have fallen through after evidence which should have been disclosed earlier was revealed at the eleventh hour. Defendants accused of crimes such as rape, sexual assault or people trafficking, have spent months on remand with charges hanging over them."

talkraidio "Evidence 'hidden and deliberately withheld by police and prosecutors"

"At least one police force appears to have trained their officers to hide items on the MG6D."

the sun, newspaper "POLICE frequently fail to hand over vital evidence that could undermine the strength of their cases, it has been claimed."

"It is claimed the findings were revealed in a dossier seen by The Times which draws on reports from 14 focus groups with the police."

"Another, from the police focus group, said: “If you don’t want the defence to see it, then [evidence] goes on the MG6D”.

MG6D is a list of sensitive material that defence teams are not allowed to see."

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