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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:April 19, 2018 Last Modified:April 19, 2018
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Deaths by coffee poisioning
Has anyone ever died by coffee poising, answer appears to be yes

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lievestrong.comfood poisoning from coffee "coffee can become contaminated with ochratoxin and mold"

" Coffee is a potential host for aflatoxin-producing molds because it is grown in tropical climates, where there is higher humidity and more rainfall. Coffee can also be a source of ochratoxin, another toxin produced by fungi, that can cause severe illness or even death. Our Food states that this dangerous toxin cannot be destroyed by cooking, and mortality is high if a person consumes the toxin."

leaf tv

"Orhratoxin A
Orhratoxin A is a mycotoxin produced by several fungal species. This can contaminate coffee from all over the world despite efforts to reduce the amount of mycotoxin in foods.

Ohraxotoxin is also a mycotoxin found in coffee that causes food poisoning. It is produced by penicillum and aspergillus, which are water soluble.

Ohratoxin spreads through high temperature and moisture, two key components in making coffee. However, although orhratoxin is present in coffee it usually only causes problems when coffee is stored in areas that are too hot.

Mytoxins are poisonous and cause a person to be nauseous, have diarrhea and vomit. These poisonous metabolites derive from molds and can cause pathological changes in humans.

Direct contamination of mycotoxins takes place when molds go directly onto food. This can directly affect coffee."

ncbi article

"1. The death of a 19-year-old Connecticut resident, James Stone, has been blamed on “caffeine toxicity”. The culprit was a dose of two dozen No-Doz tablets."

2. 26-year-old, Gemma Ann Jones from the UK, was found dead after she consumed 50-100 caffeine-laden pills called EPH25. It appears that this caffeine death was a suicide.

3. Another woman from the UK, Katie Goard, also recently overdosed by taking diet pills. In this case, the pill was called Fat Metaboliser and we are unsure how much caffeine is in each pill, but the coroner established that Katie consumed an equivalent to more than 50 cups of coffee."

4. 24-year-old Cara Reynolds from the UK recently overdosed on raspberry ketone pills that also contained 160 mg of caffeine each. This was an intentional overdose due to her mental state after breaking up with her boyfriend.

An Ohio teenager, Logan Stiner, was found dead after ingesting a large dose of pure caffeine powder.

The coroner said that the young man’s blood had a caffeine concentration of 70 micrograms per milliliter of blood. (A normal dose of caffeine puts this at 1-15 micrograms per milliliter.) src.

The BBC News article dated 25 January 2017 reported that Northumbria University told Newcastle Crown Court it was "deeply, genuinely sorry" as it was fined £400,000. they were mistakengly given 100 times too much coffee in an experiment when they were given 30g of caffeine instead of 0.3.

Sports science students Alex Rossetta and Luke Parkin were each given the equivalent of 300 cups of coffee. Prosecutor Adam Farrer told the court the overdose "could easily have been fatal" with the bbc reporting him saying Death had previously been reported after consumption of just 18g, he told the court..

cafineinformer: 1,182 people were treated at a medical facility as the result of the exposure to caffeine but no deaths in the year 2013 to 2014.

why would I even bother to look up sources highlighting poisoning by coffe. watch titicut follies documentary 1967 and you will get your answer, as if sources for evidence exists and it does then the nhs and mental health goes down, and thus shows up the system for what it is, bullshit for torturing people for stating facts, without showing sources while they themselves show no evidence, no sources for cross examination and built their entire rhetoric system on a lie, for coercion the people.(could cite thomas szatz, coercion as cure:L a critical history of psychology inter alia and my experience of studying history, looking at civil wars ongoing and historic and what I studied read up in law and from what I know from having being detained and tortured on those wards with chemical weapons, and how anyone on their generally just piss people off for life, and loss of all countries britain had in the empire, devolution and break up of united kingdom and all incidents reports as terrorism, death of my grandad generally stand as evidence that some people were annoyed, and anyone having dealt with psycholgy or most council help desks, or police forces or politicians will work out why, especially if they endured or witnessed attroicites like people going homeless, or starvation or even if they were tortured or starved out themselves, as the rest of society just reverts to telling people what they want to hear, lies and well refusal to answer questions, stating how they formulated belief as they get conditioned by a tabloids to look away as other die, starve to death as who cares as long as they have money, and a roof if no one else does?

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