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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:May 20, 2018 Last Modified:May 22, 2018
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Electricity Daily Rate Now The Same Price or more expensive then Solar Pannels
And that is before the grid charges you for kwh used

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This is unacceptable and is an attempt by greedy has been to extort and stop people doing anything or functioning.

two years ago my daily rate on a key meeter was 0, then I was forced to accept one that was over 14p and now it's over 32p a day.

So I went fuck it with price rises like that, I ordered a 150watt solar panel for 135.99 including delivery, as I already have back up battery that can accept solar panel input.

To show how serious I am, I also ordered a battery operated shower pump which can be charged by usb rememencesent of my camping and caravan club days as if I pull off grid it will enable me to at least shower from a bucket of water, or give me option of dropping the water board as well as or instead of with the price of bottled water being cheaper then pumped in the home, and ordered water filter in case that one goes under as well.

Also I am in a flat, so the launderette washing machine usage get billed between residents separately.

I will not tolerate that type of extortion and as such have taken action to safe guard myself as should be able to keep mobile phone charged using that facility if not more as no one can afford daily rate increases like that, let alone their increases in kwh (in my opinion)

the grid is scum,it is no longer viable in my opinion and one hopes people come to their senses to stop the extortion of the people and the poor at their hands.

I will update with more if Britain and the electricity board comes to it's senses or if another provide starts offering better deals, if your getting better your prices are coming down, inflation is merely a measure of how much people are shafting one another and 100%+ daily rate increases are not tolerable at all.

And dont get me started on earlier rant of sorting firewalls out that actually do as the hardware advertised. Their are some levels of survival we ate prepared to accept, you have the ammo take the electricity suppliers down.

100 watt panels were cheaper than the 32.somet x 365 for days of year on amazon at time i looked and i attempted to maximise my own return and saw someone later offer same 150 watt panel fpr slight cheaper then i paid. In sponsored link on that side. Do your own maths, and use your own brains.

Looking at petrol invertors one thing annoying me is people not listing size of container in it and how long ig runs for on a tank at specific output levels.

Looking at aa web site
Unleaded prices have gone up 1.7p from 119.7 p/litre to 121.4 p/litre.
Diesel prices have increased by 1.6p from 122.6 p/litre to 124.2 p/litre.

Fictional example for kids looking to improve their maths:
Ni no longer use a car but if a generator can run for 10hours with a 6 Litre fuel tank producing more then 1kwh and grid is charging 14.1p per kwh. Which is cheaper and by how much? As suppliers of grid energy, comparison sites lime you switch and supplier listing are wasting my time not clearly listing numbers for technical specs. At what capacity and amount of fuel does it become economical to switch? Suppliers of petrol generators appear to be a little vague on how long a certain amount of fuel will last in power generation and appear to suggest varies on load without giving details, and then their is tge issue of generators which use other type of fuel and where they are at, as one assumes some power stations are buying fuel in to use generators to sell to customers while no doubt laying inflated salaries, so why is tge price being doubled as no reasons in correspondence sent to me was given for increasing daily rate by more than 100% and hoping the kwh rate by 1p for each unit used

If anyone knows of any good generator deals and or grid suppliers with good tariffs that have preferably 0 daily rate then please let me know

Duke 2016 report

And if i were to piss on a turbine when emptying ones bladder how many watts from a turbine would i get?

One other thing anyone going in with occasional usage, might find something that can be turned on and off every so often cheaper when noting daily rate if you font need that amount of energy as standing charge ir rather daily rate is what they deduct each day before usage and kwh is what they bill after that for quantity used. 1000 watts ever min for an hour is a kwh unit. (supposedly) reminded laundrettes amd 40 days 40 nights film as those high wattage appliances become unusable if you dont have capacity but batteries, invertors, capacitors might help you out in resolving issues like that as try to remember tech knowledge, mangles?

300watt item on for 5 mins of day would consume 25 watt hours. 60 mins /5 = 12.
300 /12 = 25 which is 0.025 kwh as kwh is assuming1000 watts a minute being used. Where Kwh is kilowatt hours. 1kwh assumes 1000 watts continually being used by appliances for an hour duration. So a 11 watt light bulb amd a 4 watt light bulb on for an hour would be 0.015 kwh

So you could say 300 watts us 0.3 kw x (60mins /5) which is 0.3 x 12 0.025 kwh

Watts = volts x amps an appliance needs enough watts bring fed in according to its eating to work, irrespective of energy stores such as battries, appliances tend to have adapters whichvreduce the input voltage amd amps from the main grid, so you van get USB to dc leads amongst other things. Check input outputs

2kw heater on for 4 hours is 8 kwh or 8 billing units amd if 2kw heater is on for 30mins its is 1kwh or 1 billing unit.

If a billing unit is 14.1p then 8 x 14.1 for first example or 14.1 x 1 for second is,what supposed to come of meter, they will undoubtedly screw you on rounding and remember daily charge being periodically tacked on bill. Also if you have teo price rayes in the,meter for billing units differently at different times, the time the,meter clock is set and if it keeps accurate time will also impact on if the electricity grid is ripping you off, depending on what hours you work fo anything in.
If anyone disagrees with my maths calculations get on touch with corrections with explanations or other examples
And given their are 60 seconds in a minuet assuming 300 watt item is on for minute supplying constant rate is also intriguing when searching web for how people write it up and what if any examples workings they give. Check wattage power requirements of individual components in appliances as well, less watts required for an appliance to work is better for consumers who are paying the bills.

Also i know outlets can have different voltages and some items say what the voltage of a specific output is on a device, others less so. Did the manual store advertisement sales blurb ever say?
Remember in 2010 i had no money or welfare, jo savings or money for food and over payments to utilities had run out thus depriving me of communication or hosting at all. That is why i am anti day rate and prefer pay as you go on phone, though given i dont really know anyone anymore probably a mute point but having ability getting a message out before being detaines tortured seems prudent given what i know from 2011 amongst other dates [things] speech pattern bitching how annoying
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