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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:June 02, 2018 Last Modified:June 03, 2018
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Looking at energy tariffs Energy Price Increase For Last Year is over 20.4% (Tariff ending they move to less optimal one than that)
25million homes x 67.50 a year increase for me = 1.6875 billion estimated pounds that money is going where please?

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that's like 4.623288 million pounds a day increase in energy prices assuming everyone else being hit the same as myself, 365 days a year and rounding as have no idea what the exact number of properties in uk figure is currently, and one assumes that the stat is higher when taking into account industry. so where's that money going please?

While other articles on a web search seems to be saying increases are 6.7% wtf?

Meanwhile the best deal uswitch comes back with is 28% more expensive then current rates.

looking at current supplier best tariff can move to is a 20.4% increase I have not seen any justification for price increases like that ear on year on in. (that's not the one they default move to)

Looking at key meter, my average usage is 3.64kwh a day

current tariff is 1.03 a week
rate 1 is 13.28
rate 2: 8.93

best deal on that site, is them arguing 14.7 a day (which * 7 is 102.9 a week)
with a unit rate of 15.1p a day for the day.

if i take mu daily usage, and divide by 24 and * 14 for ratio of rate 1, and
and divide the unit rate by 24 and multiply by 10 for the ratio of night rate (10pm to 8:30pm, but in reality the key meter clock is 1 hour 30mins behind and I have no idea how to change it so cheap rate kicks in at 11:30pm to 10am, and I don't function on mornings, so is screwing me and I haven't figured out how to get that one corrected yet as the call center is currently closed and I need to switch rates anyhow based on what they are upping the standing charge to which is over 32p a day)

So it's much worse then 20.3% price increase for the year on electricity, if I don't find anyone good.

their is no explanation been offered for any of these price increases, and yet other news articles are arguing price rises by 6.7% (looking at the headline and not opening the article as it's on my phone, and this is the desktop) is that increase by the day, month week or year? as I think inflation is out of control and I want to know why everyone is getting screwed on energy? as not one person has given me an explanation yet to justify price hikes that that at all.

which is why I tried searching on inflation figures and that is making me wary as not sure if Britain is doing it by the year, or month on month in now with some of the figures cited in the web search, as I recall effects of compound price increases? and want to know why?

is this just people trying to claw as much money in before a war starts or what?

Meabwhile does anyone know any decent rates, as youswitch maths is bullshit based on their recomendations they are trying to say switching saves money, and yet the unit rates and standing rates are also insane price increases while they try to advertise it as a saving, and it's like your having a laugh, as speaking to a bloke in the street, the rates he cited were differnt to ones advertised online, and another switching provider highlighted a slightly cheaper rate then youswitch but was still similar percentage more than than current rates which expire end of this month, and not happy at all with these price raises at all, as food also has been going up as well.

store was using for cheese was £1 for 10 slices 180g for ten, and alternative best deal was 3 for 2x10 slices 250g for ten and for some reason I was eating all the slices in one day as couldn't stop, and was getting though even more cheese, and unit rate for cooking something else so not on, as an alternative.

However given research posted on facebook, looking up cause for skin blemishes, and me finding works that some people were citing hyper pigmentation, and then the live spots, I was searching for causes and dairy was listed, and doing research on what reverses it, a food dietary supplement was cited and searching on that fish was cited as a source of it as NHS is unusable due to torture and as such would need to source any fixes legally without prescription which means food is better source if doable, and yet with price increases and inflation like that, not convinced even buying food will be doable long term, so should I have been blowing my savings on fire arms and guns instead of solar panels as not sure what to make of electricity price increases other then a sign that the area is turning into a war zone, as their seems no logical sense or explanation in price increases like that!

meanwhile my freezer door is unable to shut because of all the ice that's built up, which means that food probably needs throwing out, and defrosting, just so the door can be closed, and that's just stress and aggravation I don't need, as I didn't phone the number when I bought the fridge freezer to register the five year warranty, which means going to be shafted on that one as well, if defrosting removing the ice, and restocking doesn't resolve the issue at all.

Meanwhile afunky device has show up that I can plug into usb port to read the amps and volt draw.

so my cctv camera appears to be 0.58 amps and 5.16 volts with lights on (though amps and volts fluctuate over the period and are not constant just seen it spike at 0.61 and 0.56 and with lights off infa red it increases and saw 0.67, though seems to be 0.61 currently) funny thing is when the reader showed up, I went to find the usb lead for the lamp and couldn't find it, and then the camera wen't down and it plays up every so often because it's on a battery and not sure why. as the amps is 2.1amp on the usb plug using, (the other is 1amp) and now I can't even find the original plug adapter and was asked to go to the pub by clairvoyance as told it would show up, so that was another annoyance of the day added to the rest)

columns is amps per second,
kwh is 1000watts (1000 kw's continuously for an hour is 1 billing unit kwh)

watts amps * watts * 24 for kwh used in day * 365 for kwh used in a year if camera on 24/7 and multiply that by what ever the kwh unit rate is when you divide it by a 1000 for the electricity bill of running a security camera like that.

anyhow I still have to resolve the interface to the compiler need to write, as a few bugs to get all the projects working that still need to do, as well as having to finish the proxy as well as all that other stuff I need to do, none of it getting done anytime soon it would appear given the amount of time I want to spend doing nothing, or thinking (which means most if not all things I am just remembering as ought to find time to write it all up at some point, I may as well just give up and walk)

the best deal you switch returning is 14.175p a unit kwh rate, and 30.41p standing charge.

price increase for that is 57.29p a year in standing charge and 9.96 increase in unit rate at that usage, that would be
a 67.25 increase on the previous year which equates to a 28% prie increase, meanwhile youswitch are arguing that the pricce increase on that tariff when i select current tariff on is 11.94 saving bullshit, its a 28% £67.25 increase to what current rates are, and that;s worse then some of the other deals this rendering useless for maths. though i did use them to find the economy energy deal which had 0 standing charge 2 years back, unfortunately they did the ramp up prices as did everyone else which forced the move to spark which was the cheapest I could find at the time, and the way companies ramp prices up after all the admin work has been done sending out key's and meters to force people to move doesn't seem logical business wise, unless they are trying to milk the most disadvantaged people of society, so no not happy at all.

corerction, they are saying if i move to that tariff I save 11.94 on one page, and on the other page, that it's a 11.94 increase either way the maths is wrong as it.s a 67.25 increase on previous year to rates currently paying notwithstanding I am being forced to move as they are ending that tariff and rates and forcing me to move onto another and that was a prices fixed to end of june 2018 tariff, and they more than doubled standing charge and increasing unit rate with not justification at all for any of those price increases at all.

rates moving me to if i do nothing are. 14.7p a day to 32.02p a day.
with an increase from 13.79p to 14.49kwh and 8.92pkwh for rate 2 to stay the same.

meanwhile i topped up today by £20 as it was on 0. and then moment put the key in it drops to 19.99 as if you run out
of money on the meter they seem do you for 1p and the meter keeps going negative as well if power cut over weekend and I think that type of thing is illegal as forces people into debt which is another grievance on top of the extortionate above iflation price increases from the previous year.

and no one has justified the increases at all, or explained why. Is it fuel for the generators they are using? ceo's sqwarking for pay rises to fund an exorbitant life style or what?

answers please and can someone good take over energy in order to keep prices and energy generation under control.

Meanwhile looking at web I am told their are around 25 million properties in the uk (shouldn't exact number nbe known?)

anyway if you multiply 25 million by 67.25 (assuming every household hit with the same rise in a year) then you get 1,687,500,000 that's 1.6875 billion pounds increase being siphoned off somewhere and I want to know where and why?

i'm assuming that's ignoring uk torture facilities(hospitals) and prisons and company offices,shops factories, farms which would push the money grab up lots more, or are those included in that stat 25 million homes stat as well?

Also I'm not using a smart meter as i dont particularly trust the electricity board or Britain dont want that wifi controlled device in and can get the numbers of usage anyhow based on doing a reading between two different sets of days as it tracks kwh used at the different rates as anything on wifi is open to hackers remotely, anyone hacking key which never tried would have to be on the premises to do.

That being said getting electricity supplier to send key put with rates that you asked for is another challenge as had to get keys reissued couple years back more than once which is why you have to check the rates for unit actually set on meter with what the electricity said,they would supply ay which is,either errors on their,part or an attempt to take advantage of people who don't check.

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