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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:June 04, 2018 Last Modified:October 15, 2018
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How good is a 150 watt solar pannel inside a flat window at 9:30am today
taking photo slightly later to remember

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So 38volts x 0.22 amps is 8.36 watts of power indoors according to my volt meter which showed up the other day, as i lugged the mc4 cables into a dc cable and read the power output at the end though i think it would do better if was attached on the outside wall or roof.

Meanwhile i tested a 300 watt invertor on 120ah battery and tried charging phone on USB port and plugged a lamp into the invertor to test it.

The amount of charge the phone need to charge going from memory was 5.05volts x 0.98 or 1.08 amps as its fluctuating.

As yet i do not have the connectors to connect a solar control lead to the battery as wanted the battery first to double check something , and not sure where to put the solar panel as that would require me either speaking to others for a hand or if permission required, and have yet to price anything to attach it to anything as would have to double check if sticking on roof how long the cables would need to be as being in flats if other people wanted roof space then it would probably have to be shared out, that being said i bored on the french amazon site some people had placed solar panels angled on the side of the wall with a window jutting out, so in theory I could have roon either side of the windows if no one complained as the ground floor flat already juts out, unless i look for somewhere else to live.

However no income does put me at a disadvantage here. That being said trickle charges for 12 volt batteries tends to be advertised as 3 or 4 volts so might not be that bad if only resort to phone charger, but would like be able to run a Web server from it 24/7.

10:30am tried again was showing 18.9volts and 0.3 amps on the volt meter which has me having to switch leads from one socket on meter to the other to read between volt and amps with the prongs, talk about dodgy readings.

Phone app says sunrise is 4:33am and sunset 9:36pm

Anyone interested in stats:

The site for london says that london is an average of 1460 hours of sunlight per year (of a possible 4383) with an average of 3:59 of sunlight per day.

Sun was out on 5th June in the window the volts was 20 and the amps 0.82 i took it outside in to the sun and the,panel registered 8.89 amps amd 21 volts.
Id open the window of my flat as their is a ledge outside but i cant physically open the window as its jared shut hence why i took the panel outside to do the test.

Given the rubeus symbol on the seven of disks tarot card and a look up indicating powerful son, (sounds like sun) and being reminded of the raiders of the lost arc scene, i might have to double review Zener diodes, transformers and resisters amongst other things.

Also seems to be a review of flat v sloping roofs debate as to why Britain chose one over the other and motorised mechanisms and mirrors given voltage meter indicates big difference between direction and angle.


When choosing solar chargers, the solar panel has a voltage and the,battery has a voltage,,the,panel voltage has to be higher then the battery to charge the battery but if the solar charger switches between 12volt and 24 volt auto, will probably find it tries to charge a 24bolt battery array not the 12volt battery if the solar pannel is around 19 volts, and the upper, lower thresholds won't kick in thus making a pen charger useless, as solar panels and batteries can either be in series or parallel. Mmpt solar chargers might bail you out.

The usb on solar charger won't work if the rechargeable battery is showing as flat in the solar charger or rechargeable battery not connected in one I tried first, thus meaning be wary of sales write ups as when a battery drains the voltage drops of it which is,how you set thresholds to stop over charging or going flat, so mppt is one of those key words to research before buying a charger to use which isn't made clear at times in solar sales.

So ask which charger configures to 12 volt or 24 volt when a particular solar cell is plugged into it to see if it works at all. As automatic will probably configure wrong thus causing unnecessary expense. USB probably 5vole 2.1 amps or 1.2 amps depending on how wired so don't assume USB ports are all the same.

Also different type of rechargeable battery have different advertised life spans, warranty before oxide builds up with charges amd loss of battery efficiency over time over charging lead acide batteries produce hydrogen gas and other chargers might be configured for other type of rechargeable battery. So their is a lot or research around pule charging or controversy on how far to charge and how much to, drain and how to break oxides crystalisation down to prolong battery life and some horror stories as well on the net. Which is why people buy the charger to automate that and stop panel draining when sun goes down which is just a diode built in, and sides only allow electricity to flow in one direction only. So verify which batteries and types of battery a charger is configured for before buying all the bits.

References on web if memory serves talked of how pencils and spots heated on razor blades were used as make shift diodes once in the trenches for radios, if I ever look to track references down again. When reviewing expensive sounding sales blurb and prices and double check assumption from those who tested a configuration or know as 12v/24v misleading especially as they are minimum upper bounds for voltage values in which rarely of ever is shown in the sales blurb and why if it goes 24volt if you have a 12volt battery you get nowhere with it unless the same people are explicit on what the controller software does with ach input voltage as they would have to clarify between pv cell input and battery also and load if you have terminals to wire an invertor or something else in to use the stored battery supply. Now how do I get voltic as in voltic cell reference in to rub salt into the wounds of sales people or is that best avoided here? Stacked to one side?

Web definition: Polarity the direction of conventional current flow. positive to negative

However this source say electron flow is negative to positive and all the text book changed definitions. Around 1990 and have yet to track experiments down which say why.

This source appears no better but says none polerized circuits don't care which way you wire it up and polerized circuits do care, yet appears to skimp on which notation you use.

unless you to start quoting the third doctor and then it's probably dead batteries all round if no diode What NHS staff working as profession serial killers.

But I digress from the topic at hand, and anyhow that was Nutron (uud) which last i looked wernt catagotized as having an electrical charge, though told W- boson results in beta minus decay turns one into a proton, electron and anti neutrino and w+ boson results in beta plus decay turns a neutron into a proton, electron and positron whatever they are, and isn't proton (udd) just a hydrogen atom? and a certain amount of volts is said to turn turn a proton into a neutron? But anyhow is that off topic? As not read up on particle physics gor a very long time and just want electronics to work.

Hadron combination of any 6 types of quark joined together

baryon is an odd number of quark combination i.e 3 quarks, meson an even number quark combination i.e. 2 quarks

and how to make a detector or emitter for any combination would be another interesting study. If anyone ever figures it out let me know with minimal reading to learn the lot, Wikipedia getting bloated and knowledge definitions scattered. However you still nerf to know the experiments to distinguish and how to build the tools, equipment needed to make use, distinguish between or detect them.
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