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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:June 05, 2018 Last Modified:June 11, 2018
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Roof and wall installation of solar panels
Looking at roof differences

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And the moment own a solar panel is the moment you take an interest in roof construction if you haven't already looked considered before.

Search of web to see who's the more helpful on video's.

Slate roof installation example:

Tile installation example:

Slate installation example:

Another example:

Which was search by looking at the french amazon site as prices between area were intriguing me as well (separate issue) as well as those preventing sales of certain items between certain areas. 'on principle'

So anyone have a ladder?

As i look at one of the side wall installation videos: (i do live in flats after all and some sky scrappers have have roof space and angle people but put at if at all is another debate thinking of conservatories British weather and other things):

As i muse over roof access via other alternatives like angled frames on outer brick wall outside flat windows or just carrying putting panels outside in sun to charge battery as well as me being as bring born year of the fire snake as trying to work put if their,is any snakes and,ladders jokes and how they play in the grand scheme of thing given i got frozen of commercial i.t. Industry over yen years ago loss of my homes when detaines tortured on nhs wards amongst other things for explaining why

Sun was out on 5th June in the window the volts was 20 and the amps 0.82 i took it outside in to the sun and the,panel registered 8.89 amps amd 21 volts.
Id open the window of my flat as their is a ledge outside but i cant physically open the window as its jared shut hence why i took the panel outside to do the test.

What happens to resistors if you supply more current (I or a amps) or power watts than it can handle, resistance measured in ohms, which thought id link here when dealing with panels which can vary in amps and voltage depending on angle pointed and if sun is out or not.

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