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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:June 05, 2018 Last Modified:June 05, 2018
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electricity from running water

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Looking at the lack of amps i was picking up with 150 watt solar panel inside the window of my single cost.

I was mixing over other alternatives what with rising water bills British rain and the fact i saw advertised a 600mh phone charger for 3.09 which is dynamo in plastic box with USB port amd handle to rotate it on Amazon. link

So lets consider water and was looking at this water wheel video, where some bloke makes use of an alternator to generate power, however he doesn't say what the amps where amd id want to see got and amp readings to get better idea. But reminds,you what you can do none the less.

Critisisisms or improvements to his video i would say water under utilised as opposed to wasted and if you have to pay for batteries then its not strictly free if batteries anodes, cathodes crystalise and stop conducting with prolonged use notwithstanding some people say higher pulses desulphenate and break the crystalisation down to restore battery life (others having issue complaining that approach not effective) and i seem to remember in chemistry that certain experiments explained at school had the material from anode (-) transfer to the cathode (+) as if they had explained it like that id have remembered electronics in those days. (assuming i remember correctly as never tried duplicating those experiments amd just remembering taking on faith what others had said)

Anyhow i did puck up a 300 watt invertor with leads for 19.99 on amazon and tested ok when tried it the other day.

Dynamo for camping not arrived yet to field test.

The quest to offset insane grid extortion continues.

I'm still waiting on how,electricity board justified those above inflationary increases,,let me guess the entire grid was being powered by an unmetered water connection tap, someone complained then they got cought out by a 5p+ fuel increase (see telgraph article metre of petrol because imports of of foreign oil went up by the barrel? At a percentage rate less increase being thrust upon me by the grid. See waiting for explanation.

Also clairvoyance,lept pointing out halogen bulbs in light houses on the coast. (not something looked into yet)

On writing this i kept getting belsay mentioned, though i think it was actually cragside that has and had the hydro power on looking, and just noted the 21,000 kwh annual figure for their turbine archimedies screw water turbine. As well as raising eyebrow at 4% figure of their electricity needs compared to my usage.

Meanwhile i keep thinking about the snake winding its way up the staff and the sun and spread wings and induction coils and radio waves and Nikola tesla who wanted to broadcast energy and,the banks not wanting to do that because they wouldn't be able to bill for it, and ferite cores and how that's just appears to be iron oxide mixed with another metal and how iron oxide (rust) tends to be reported as a by product of electrolosis when using steel anodes to collect the gas given off, and how electronic books circuits the radio was self powered by the transmission and how many wifi networks radio waves are there these days and if any of that knowledge of magnets rotating in a coil can be combined used used to power any of the appliances i might have.

Now after that lot, getting reminded of the Michael j fox bed scene and comment regarding bed springs which haven't tried as if that worked it would give my old secondry school teacher the win ad they only ever seemed to cover hookes law at secondary school.

Then the joke was over vibrators and woman's coils and,if an iron ferite condom would work and,that tied into the spark of life from gods,finger and,the iron rod references and the abortion legislation row campaign in northern Ireland.

Not sure where that leaves anything currently on power generation, money the supply chain and future endeavours
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