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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:July 19, 2018 Last Modified:August 19, 2019
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Britain flunked, Garth Bryn Bowen franz kafka parables of the law test
It resulted in gareth bowen being detained for 13 days on mental health ward
what happens when a member of the public asks to see if me member of public allowed to view public hearings

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Gareth Bryn Bowen's Franz Kakfka Parables of the law Test: Are members of the public in Britain allowed to view public hearings and trials?
the answer appears to be no, just released from section 13 days after checking to see if public can attend a public hearing in a public court of law building and was detained despite having permission to enter, for demure, which is why the old bloke who doesn't get in in the parables of the law scene in the film the trial might have got lucky being prevented from entry that far. "A man from the country"

On 6th July 2018 I decided to see if members of the public were allowed to enter court to view public hearings and trials as I was led to believe that was the law, and had never tried to confirm if that was true. So I tried on the 6th, and got section 136, which turned into a section 2, and ended in me getting released before it turned into a section 3, after a mental health tribunal with judge duff and dr adams on monday went now to release.

This means as per the film the trial staring anotony hopkins that one can assume that the british legal system has fallen and in disrepute, as mental health hearings are certainly not up to scratch from a legal persective, or lawyers for that matter representing people detained when it comes to following instructions for summoning people involved for cross examination as it's death by report, as I requested all witnesses from court, the police officer who did the section, the court inn, and the person unknown who made the call, be summoned to look at the paperwork doctors and social workers had filed on the computer system, to review section 126 and 129 obstruction offenses when it came to trying to get information out of police disclosure unit for paperwork filed, but those requests were denied and the courts in Leicester never returned any of my phone messages left on an answer phone either, and the fact that a section 3 meeting can be called before a judge comes back with reasons when a request to appeal has been left with the courts and solicitors is a little worrying don't you think?, given what staff have done on those wards in previous years.

one of the only things that probably saved me, given I had no phone on me, was being able to use the internet on the computer they now have to find a friends number of the university staff lists to see me in their, as my sites, twitter and facebook were blocked so unable to pull number notwithstadning i did manage to get a message out.

however taking paranoid accussations down i think should be just asking if they have ever injected anyone against their will, and asking if the nhs have ever killed anyone, or themselves, as I have listed numerous news stories previous to that fact at for example.

So 13 days detained for entering court building after being granted permission to enter by the people working on the door, police officer shows up asking me to leave when I was sitting quietly, as he threatened to use force against me if i didn't leave before the hearings started at 2pm, and then I got section 136 outside attempting to return home, after being stopped from trying to buy a drink in the court in after speaking to them outside on cctv in the police car park area.

still faired better then 2013, 2014 though as in that era they physically injected against my will until forcing me to enter a deal on release only if i accepted injections and that screwed my life over for many years, so yes unsure how manage to get out alive on this occasion, so I assume I am getting better or the system is, when it comes to listening to reason on how that type of detention destroys Britain.

asking better questions earlier is advisable, and if a police officer cites demeanor in order to leave court, asking him what type of demeanor was cited when he is asking questions, and pointing out that the people on the door had already signed of on demeanout to let me in would be sensible ideas as far as the riddle of the film the trial staring antony hopkins goes.

and I did actually phone the sun switch board at one point, and they said they are not interested in section 136's at all, and are under the impression that the public can view hearings, so was a little suriele conversation however their was shift change after that conversation so, i deemed it too risky to try to call any more news papers at the time, as threat to self varied day to day while detained depending on shift amongst other things, while trying to sort the issue out.

goetia pointing out, further information that a meeting was going to go down, and if I didn't clarifyt something on my site that was blocked by firewall, then someone was going to get killed in year in china via a carcrash in a relationship bust up regarding love and sex, and that is the reason why i was being told that I was going to end up getting killed when being asked to go to china to resolve something (an event I have no intention) as supposedl he'd want me to speak to his mother or something, i say something stupid and then he snaps I end up with a knife in the forehead and die.

though if anyone looks at section 17 of the mental health act, their are clauses to be allowed out on leave if it's for your safety or anothers, so an interesting idea regardless of if true or not.

I look forward to reading the judge duffs essay trying to argue how detaining someone who enters a court building after permission to view public hearings is good for the individual or the public in general as I don't think any essay he can write will be any good as those closed door tribunals are so not up to scratch as I requested to move it to the town square (Durham city center in public) and that request was denied, as was being able to call witnesses for cross examination and the origional person who made the call who the police officer refused to name, and i do admit not asking if the orderly had injected anyone during cross examination was a mistake, but my solicitor should have asked that anymore.

thought disorder i think was rulled out by the fact dr appleton said that my argument was clearly understood as dr adamas was trying to argue that for detention and no one has yet said how a person trying to work out how much detail to go into and in what order to people who have demonstrated to be morons is a a reason for detained, as I have never seen staff ever cite examples on their end, and I always reference real world examples when pomting out anything, as well as being able to distinguish between what various sources said, and what individuals and myself think, and various if not all staff seem exteamly sloppy at ebing able to distinguish between questions checking up on what a source claims, and or justifying why they should be belived more over another source.
and given that i've seen news articles which detail nhs workers who have been convicted previously for fraudently recording results, why should i trust them more when theirs a conflict of oppinon such as is the water safe?

as one source i heard said the water board is not disclosing contaminants as they don't think it matters, the source claims it does matter, and that they no longer test for the containment, and that containment does damage to the lungs, and a source claims that the morg can track corpses back to lanchester road based on lung damage done drinking water with that containment in.

the nhs worker who i asked about hte source, said she said the water is safe because she lives next to the waterboard, and drinks it all the time.

I took the fact she lives next to the waterboard as a hit, though someone else was talking about how some things show up years later, as was another source as far as physical damage, as I was asked to mention something and he confirmed someone he knew had died of a brain hemridge, another hit in seeing if information was accurate, as supposedly according to the source, in mult part poisons certain fruit combination skill you in a decade, and if you eat another fruit (The fruits named) then it neutralists the problem before tumours develop, I have not looked or tried searching for the poisoners handbook online, so don't know if the information is accurate, as various combinations were cited as well as various commentary from other sources on how they got out in 13th century with dodgy judge, as they got pannel of 9, which is good for 7 of 9 joke and was managed to be summoned in a day, as opposed to a week form mental health tribunals and how they all had to write essays justifying their individual ruling and that's how the french ended up with that system, as frankly one person writing a section 136 report without allowing eye witnesses to be cross examined as different people drift in and out of a meeting room, and other doctors using that report to section 2 without allowing all original eye witnesses to be cross examined, turns into a ludicrious legal system, as i'd have thought people would learn to think ahead on what they were trying to do with mental health.

to quote one source, each iteration of the book of the law gets more bloodier then the next, so any and all people would be advised to brush up and clean up their act, and detaining people without saying what law they have supposedly broke, or allowing cross examination or signed witness statements and cross examination of any and all eye witnesses and report writing is frankly shoddy in the extreme.

I was asked to ask for a marker pen at one point and put a red dot on a window, i didn't on the first day, or the second window on the inside where I was shown an injection happening, and while i did ask for a marker pen and stated why after the fact, a few days later their was was a lot of people descending on that room, and one of the people who injected me in 2011, is no working their and it's a little unclear which way that ward is was going during my staff, so I think the battle Royal clip 41 to go, which i removed off the previous article, when 42 dies, and me ending up in room go, 5 and a Japanese person who i will not name also being detained on that ward, I think their were more hits then i like in that news article, and putting up the cover of the to end all wars as asked would have been a good idea.

eitherway i think Britain is screwed stopping people going in court like that, and not sure which way the "lune a tick" goes as far as my triple goddess key fob which self destructed immediately on entry as I declared myself as medium not witch goes, as that key fob would have been seen by security at the time of emptying my pockets in court, as the pagan ring i ordered that never showed up in the post (years ago) a message said that someone had intercepted it, and if so would like it back.

my solicitor i was using hasn't got back to me on other requests, instructions made, so difficult to write more at this time.

as for the love argument.

it's about learning to ask why do you say that, what makes you say that, or where did you get that information from when a women in a relationship says you only want me for sex, i have been unable to confirm if that is out of a book i have never read, as more then one ex has cited that in my past, and I never took the question down at the time, as allegdly according to one source, it's when your getting shafted by their parents and they say something untrue, and you need to be intelligent enought o ask question to break the question at the time, though if they are ditching anyway, i think it's academic anyhow, hbut for some reason someone was allegedly annoyed in durham once for me not explaining that, as i think a few blokes went down to women as well.

so it's the learning to enquire why a person is making a comment and yet again reports were not given to me before the tribunal on monday, despite me asking for them immediately and that is not time to digest or remember any other references that i'd forgot from months back, as their was wa reference to when i called the police in april over reports of a burgler in the area, but none of that information was stated in the reports on the nhs side, just that their was a police incident in april and it takes awhile when seeing that type of report to remember what went down, as generally entire history's are regurgitated in attempts at character assassination based on what peopel write up or forget to write up in reports and that is why you need reports early to be able to figure out what they are talking about and of course working out what questions to ask to take their bullshit down, asking when they last injected someone against their will which i only asked after the tribunal got the response several months back from one who was families with nhs serial killers as well.

and what really annoys is how they close meetings down such as the one done 9th, with an orderly trying to usur me out and close initial meetings when attempting to resolve get release with dr appleton after the weekend (As getting through to courts, or solicitors at the weekend seems impossible) and yet in reports they keep trying to say failure to engage, so best advice might be, to write a report of your own to get the hits in first, assuming you get access to a computer with printer, as I did have to plug the printer, and leads in to get it working and that was later in the week, and on various shifts phone calls were denied and types paperwork which i did after they complained about not being able to read hand written statement of facts were not passed on to hospital manages or tribunal either.

i did ask my friend who came in to hand deliver photo copy of hand written letter to roberta blackham woods (durham labour mp)with statement of facts which was done before seeing any of their lame ass reports and he said he handed it to someone in her office, though i have not heard back.

left message on eu commission representative durham , left answer phone message, though was unable to get through to any international numbers for echr or council of europe or commission at all. managed to send brief message to amnesty as well, their was no email client installed on the hospital machine, and people like roberta at time i looked at her web side didn't have contact form on her web site to cut and paste typed message in, and I didn't manage to get a copy of any documents written on those machines other then print out, as any web email I wouldn't be able to log into as would need my phone to verify so couldn't bounce copies or get other previous things such as look up contacts at all while detained. (notwithstanding I did manage to track a friend down off durham university lists)

i did get told my sites had been unblocked after someone made a request to the i.t. department in middlesburgh, but on testing that after the message they were still blocked, and one of my sites was down I discovered on getting out (this one) so had to ask for an application pool reset to get it back up.

another issue with being detained, as that type of detention not only destroys lives and brings the country in disrepute but also costs money as well, as the nhs disclaimers are not to use their system for commercial dealings if using them while detained.

anyhow out now, will write more detail up at a later date.

meanwhile i need to sit down and bolster my lists to take down some of the ore nieve ones, as haven't listed terrorist incidents, anywhere as such in that self defence list i was doing as a precaution to help me get out if ever detained again.

my advice is not to detain, without a conviction for a criminal offense and public trial with all the bells and wwhistles such as being able to cross examination anyone who ever made initial accusations as well as all eye witnesses to overt problems, loss of life, or ruined life further down stream and polity pointed out that when a person speaks, or does anything they are remembered so they really ought to think before writing notes up, or speaking at tribunals, if their plans is to promote togetherness, and of course people wanting to meet up on the outside, or even funding the nhs for that matter or any of the other institutions as well.

i got boosted and at one point started getting lots when doin automatic writing as needed the information ideas to help get out, and comment that may grandmothers mother had joined my ranks to help me out, and another relative beeze who was gathering intel as well, can't speak for the quality of anything they say, as in that position difficult to research facts, however any ideas or suggestions on how to speak to people detaining you to get round their blind sightedness helps. (in my opinion anyhow)

however emphatic feel and how some shifts scary at times, and then suddenly how they go the other way, and they you look and relise a staff shift had been done, and the information you getting was something that was pointed out in 2011 and that person had walked on the ward, and I didn't know staff routers in advance are ot something i'd want to go into to much detail but perhaps will at a later date, as i think constantly flashing lights every how in a persons face, with people making darkness comments as in the band, is an instruction to strip naked, and given i didn't have a change of clothes or allowed to wash them in that time period, i did make the comment if this was going to turn in the titicut follies, as some information i was getting at one point was a staff members who had fantasy of sex in the shower, told she had since, and that more likely to be bath these days, i can't verify if any of that were true, but when i looked that person had walked onto the ward.

so freedom, sex slave, lobotomy and kandhar and do they go sex brothel, love or war as that in my opinion was 13 days unlawfully detained without having commited a criminal offense with threats to self to be treated against my will reminding me off torture done in previous years, which i think is aggravated damaged notwithstanding need to repair damage done to the British legal system by them, and do i need to write up law suit for defamation on some of the comments that were written or do i wait on my solicitor to do that as far as stopping other appalling abuses by 126, and 129 in future again.

using it as an excuse to improve standards i think would be a good idea, though seems slightly unfair detaining someone and having to point all errors out to get released, though i am living on welfare currently, so still.

their was also a student called Amelia, who i asked if she was dyer, and unfortunately found out she had said she had already injected someone against their will and i think that is like corrupting the young based on people who should know better.

also, when the police officer was section 136 ing me in the street outside the court inn on friday 6th, he said he was doing it to take me to a place of safety lancheter roiad, he refused to anwer why he felt the need to take me to a place of safety and I also pointed out I had reported lanchester road hosl;ital in 2013,2014 for torture done via injections against will in 2011, 2013 and 2014 so wasn't sure how he's logic worked on that, i raised with the courts that i thought section 136 was incompatable with article 4 and article 6 and on looking at the mental health act later their appears to be a clause of one or more places of safety so, surely a police officerwould have to offer a choice if as place has been reported previously and surley he's logic would need to be reocrded in writting before any such meeting to stop his story being changed later as he appeared a little wishy washyin direction he was going when talking in the 136 suit depending on how far he was pushed in my questioning of him when waiting for the psychologists to show, as was their a couple of hours and someone with a durtham constabulary nhs badge on said monday on friday when filling in 24 hour paperwork so that was dodgy as well, as she said she had been on holiday, and when i called the police up attempting to get information on pc numbers who attended for cross examination before the trinbunal i was told they were all on hoiliday till the Monday (the day the mental health trinbunal was scheduled for) and the fact a solicitor didn't get back to me at all with progress constantly unavailable for comment, and several days turn around before anyone shows up on those wards is in my opinion dodgy indeed given i was injected in 48 hours on writing a letter to hospital managers in 2011 when detained in middlesburgh, however i managed to get out with being injected or treated this time round, thankfully. 08 getting out in 48 hours by writing a letter on the hour every hour as litigation is quickest turn around on getting off wards so far, as dr Burton in 08 (which was the first time ever encountered mental health) stated they were not like the soviets, and that is when i started doing research and found out about the t 4 wards of nazi germany amongst other things, 08 was someone supposedly worried i was going to suicide having no money work coming in that era, as wasn't on welfare in those days as used to own multiple properties , and these days live in a single room flat.

08 cost me money as well, bamk charges not being able to transfer remainder of savings accounts to pay bills.

did attempt to ask to call forensics in this time, as they did that to me in 2011, and person i spoke to on the ard seemed stressed by the request, as my logic was they might be better at pulling witness statements for corss examination given i was detained for a year on a forensics ward back in 2011-2012, as in 2011 which seems a reversal of the direction oft he threat in 2011 when they were trying to get me moved elsewhere.

please note the request was made by me to allow recording of all interviews, and have a notebook for full minuites of all who attend as well as access to full transcripts aferwards, as I wanted the transcript of the supposed origional call the police said they were responding to, and on seeing dr adams I thought it would end badly immediatly on instinct, but denying interviews or not trying to reason with that type of person ends badly as well, as in 2013 i kept tryin gto make same demands have an attorny or someone who knew me with me, and if you refuse to go in and speak then they just go in with hospital notes and not your own, and that in 20913 ended up with me being screwed back in that era, and a second is more then martin did in 2011 when he injected before anyone could discover me, so sitting in those meetings with people you know are dodgy, till they break is probably only solution but you would still need to catch the quote sound bite to take them down in front of everyone else, as waiting for person to say whole speal without interupting with questions, i find dubious as i'd rather clear things up as one goes along as remembering all the things you need to take down in a hearing, and the end of speal is hard work. depending on what people remember, and who goes first with questions in taking people down. way hearings have been done always strike me as inconsistent.

cleaning up some of the facts in reports first to a set of events everyone agrees before arguments either way might be quicker, depending on if anyone detaining cares. (i don't see why they would to be honest and yet those incarcerated always seem to be getting screwed as far as how things framed or recorded and that again is unfair for the concept of a fair hearing so what kind of country do you want to live in? are you aiming for togetherness or segregation and eitherway trying to force or get people to do agree they don't want to do using intimidation scare tactics is wrong, at least in my opinion but your consciousness are your own affair)

another thing, for use of the word some you would need more than one, (As in paper) and if a person had made a call and got a message back previously then the word in the report would be done rather then try. or the wording the person such and such stated they had.

in the 136 meeting on friday 6th, their was a fly hovering around me, no photo alas, which i remembered the trial film scene with the fly at the time, years later and with the bumble bee picture in the news, after the royal wedding i perhaps ought to have asked for a photo of it, though i did point it out to the durham constabulary person mentioning shamanism, as in the film the trial, the old man outside the door diminishes with stature in age with refusal of door keeper to let in, gathers flies, and the door to the law closes, and it's supposed to be open to all or something like that. (or that is at least the belief of some)

ReWatching 1993 trailer and 1962 trailer of franz kafka the trial at least i was allowed into the building, through the first door keepers [i asked different questions] but not enough to stop the demure demeanour block when confronted by large bulky muscular tatooed police officer while sitting in the foyer area before scheduled hearings began at 2pm after lunch

[edit: note i read ten days in madhouse sometime later, as i pause to wounder if highlighting similarities or differences of judge duffy in the book nelie bly ten days in a mad house, 1887 sentencing undercover reporter to mad house BEFORE detainment against the tribunal that showed up ten days AFTER my detainment, 2018 and noting tribunal refused release is necessary at all? though does require me to remark on those joke closed section 136 hearings, which have nhs, council, police and no local or legal advocate, and of course detaining people without charge, evidence or anything]
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Making a title change in a war (and not improving article prose) due to time constraints is getting bitched about at least according to clairaudience, the reason I changed the title was because of a warning that it wouldn't get noted by someone i knew, and the news title change in a war was deemed in my interests at the time, and dead naming another person on another board entity whom i've not had dealings with having an issue with that, putting this note up to say yes I changed the news header, and while improving prose on articles blogs is not something i've got around to, though someone said they noted improvement in my facebook profile text from an earlier look in that clairaudience, I can't remember what someone i knew said on that when she was doing her postgrad and as i'm not connected to any of those entities at this juncture, my todo list is not getting done at all, and am avoiding reading article written fast just after the events occurred at least at this juncture. (I wouldn't know for sure if any of those gripes that are being highlighted are important to address or if I can focus on removing radiaion, om2.5 from neighbours in the short term before resuming tidy up, replacement of computer hardware if ever I find temps to identify anything that hasn't got nsa, mi5, cia or any other groups backdoors in, and then resume with origional plan of cataloging news articles improving prose, readability gramma which admittedly is better done at the time of origional writting, though some people think that has to be done in a new essay at a later date. (at least in that entity group that the dead were flagging up last night, this morning) inter alia other information on other subjects and not getting any of any of the tasks things I need to get done done, so this type of tidy up low priority currently at least at this juncture
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I'd quickly like to add that p46 of the HETT crossing hitler book on the barbash reference about 12 days facing a death sentence before being released, and page 9 of the 900 hundred book which states that in september 1941 the Slovak government implemented a Jewish Codex then stated another law passed "Jews may not enter any public parks" given that public is used as far as the courts go, and certain pubs, i thought I'd just point that use of the word public out in case that makes anyone else concerned

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