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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:July 26, 2018 Last Modified:July 26, 2018
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attempting to investigate hacking on xbox account
also trying to find someone in nhs capable of understanding concept of hacks

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Looking at email I was ignoring suspicious activity emails as didn't recognise the account as was endeavouring to sort other legal issues out.

While changed password in first instance logging in I notice date,of birth is,wrong by 19 years and,trying to work out,what was done in an account not used and didn't think existed as briefly had it for game which used in 2014, assuming that account.

Anyhow NHS in their reports still quote supposed quotes from twitter without logging dates,and,who looked and when and I know twitter has sent mails,out saying compromised previously and I wouldn't know what data reports at my end would be intact as I have zero confidence in online data currently as wouldn't know what got changed or when without writing lots of code and work and money to check. And,even then id have to work out how to say how ensure that the checks hadnt been hacked.

Which means,I dont think any electronic data,can be used to detain as youd need original people to question,,fresh memories, and at best you could use electronic records, it for memory jog only. If that.

However Britain has previously detained on bull and doesn't seem capable of understanding hackers exist in many areas despite fact of previous,nrws articles Citing billions,in damage, when NHS systems were hacked and trying to get this info on record in tribunals when reports handed last second when judges attempting to get people not yo interrupt with questions till end of long speals means lot of things dont get covered off. As public not bring allowed into public hearings,was a more,pressing worry at the time and not sure,what info anyone takes seriously in that type of report anymore as i font remember show soul joke typo tweet at all re shoes.

As a rule when NHS are refusing to write up facts,,when or where a source,,was looked at and,when source supposedly written such as,entry in hacked computer system

They ignore source detail and just write,sweeping statements such as paranoia without saying or asking why a person enquired in the first place , and reason i enquire is i know nhs,personal are guilty of crimes and want to see a return to concept of equality again. As i am of opinion mental heath system destroys,detainees and other peoples lives as opposed to helping based on how,they detain torture,without interviewing,all people and ignoring,concept of,evidence as are reports ive read of cases of NHS workers who have gone down to falsified reporting before amd as such NHS arguments,on why i should believe,them over other sources in anything is,weak, especially when i know they torture,or tortured (hoping it will be historic not ongoing)

I think NHS social workers orderlies refusing to write up detail facts,a source states in order for them to show how,they disprove facts a source states is perhaps a perversion of justice as well as 126 when their sloppy reporting which appears deliberate is ruining lives by keeping people detained.

As clairaudient source when detained was stating in NHS theirs a Russian leak in NHS system for patient records, and before i attempted to see if public allowed in court i was getting info of falsified records in police systems but that pot,was going on about Chinese sources and scary futures which seemed in flux i prefer to ignore in hope,its,just someone taking the piss to scare, especially with each book of law even more bloodier than the last comments and i think its,now a priority to sort out eye witnesses and raise concept of falsified records and,jacks,to stop people getting screwed in court, as having everyone present to be questioned in all hearings is,in my opinion compulsory as 136 mental heath and other courts in Britain are delusional if they think they can get away with shoddyness without pissing people off, as i dont like concept of getting cought up in wars or blackmailed by falsified records at a later date.

As,police didn't appear to take call seriously,,have,never logged yi my knowledge,any hack or spoof mail issue,raised previously and attempting to find,someone with brain in NHS and left phone number but not holding my breath.

Meanwhile the source i was querying inside,was regarding,someone claiming someone in water board had lut a contaminent in that was no longer tested fpr and they aren't declaring that type,of,thing as doesn't matter as i was asking NHS,what they knew and,orderly said its safe and i asked how she came to that conclusion, and her answer was because she lived next to the water board and,drinks all time but did ho ob record,that if they put yoo much chlorine in it tastes funny, and,that type of info never appears at least in my experience to make hospital notes.

Source,claims,that contaminent in water system of that hospital does lung damage ive jot seen evidence to support or deny source and NHS say they do some water tests,every so often though source,did say damage,would,be enough to track bodies in morg to that area, establishment.
I think very least NHS should track write,up all that's,being said as at one point source said id have,to drink a beer another avid,to reduce,damage and time,to drink a beer timed out as they would have,had,to give me one in 3 seconds,more,or,less (going from memory) to mitigate physical damage,if,that source was true, do unconvinced NHS any good,at taking info seriously or ability to rule anything out or science, as reports and notes used to detain people misleading and no person should,be detained without full public jury trial for a proper office as back office hearings are just people getting shafted 'and lobotomised' was comment just got behind closed doors and i know they ruined lives, but will they ever learn to work with people to help improve them"

Past, present, future aside criminal justice system is a mess, nhs certainly not up to scratch or usable in my opinion. As they would have,to ho their in full for the reason gor,their,belief set with what they did,go deduce such conclusion before would even consider hearing them out.

Then would want to verify myself.

So how does one stop people getting shafted in future? And how should one sort these messes out? As backing showing up after previous clairaudient warnings tends,to impact on how serious earlier messages attempting to ignore were.

As i muse,on what counts as paranoia,these days,and why some or many people argue that as a reason reason to detain or shut people up from speaking asking questions,on things as not sure how they equate that to public interest at all as reason to detain.

Ages back clairaudience was also saying some officers in Durham police guilty of falsified reporting in some cases so its a limited hard to know how to proceed at this end as far as trust specially when people loosing reports,in persons defence,get lost. I need to start asking how,many reports a person wrote to double check something as well especially as far as dates go. Though later reports not necessarily the better ones as need to lock people down early in recorded interviews to stop colaboration at a later point is my current thinking. Perhaps say nothing unless telervused live on air might be one extreme to counter being shafted in back room hearing such as that. Remember in 2011 they injected me without consent and without access to lawyer, so generally consider myself lucky go have got out that cavity alive no matter how good facilities look as its the injections and treatment without consent is how Britain established torture in secret their, as they just go ill and cite injections needed and its the treatment doing the damage and the public appear to fall for it amd judges use that reason to look away and in my opinion i dont think judges stupid enough to disavow torture there thus makung them guilty of atrocity as well.
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