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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:July 26, 2018 Last Modified:July 26, 2018
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how longs ubisoft hack been going on?
longer then i thought, based on info told

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Got list of dates frim ubisoft.

He said 2 in October 2017
1 in January 2018
3 in march 2018
1 in April 2018
5 in may 2018
6 in June 2018
11 in July 2018

They boosted their software to flag things up. I asked if their database had been hacked and he said doesn't believe so, however they don't seem to have recorded failed lpgw ins thus implying the passwords were got from somewhere so not sure what to do regarding that now as changes password to the account.

He thinks it's just people looking for pc games and are just logging in and out, but given clairaudience I put up on Facebook few weeks back I was more worried then that.

Though I did get told their was a hacker on my pc looking for games once so this testimony from ubisoft supports that clairaudience in which case I might have to be more worried depending on which way info is going, as those timelines seemed in flux.

Russians supposedly getting info of patients from Bhs in k e location for instance and I didn't like the idea of being set up by Chinese over not explain rue go properly in an article for snapping over the person supposedly splitting at a later date, her getting killed in car crash and me being blackmailed j to going to.china. Him snapping over me saying something stupid and me getting killed ans him spending a year in prison because of it, as goetia was saying that would happen if didn't do something really quick a few weeks back and than someone who supposedly was at primary school who now told follows me around went in with an even more scarier story which featured terrorism and computer hacks, ans fake paper trials and I have low confidence in Britain when it cones to evidence bases on what happens in system regarding tribunals inter alia

As looking to see of public allowed on public hearing to test out the franz kafka the trial book. Is more Ro see how worried I should be for the future of Britain with brexit supposedly going on amongst other things.

As not sure how safe looking away or doing anything is currently as insufficient info at my end on whether to believe clairaudient sources or not, and if to believe physical sources as well.
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