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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:October 04, 2018 Last Modified:January 30, 2019
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world first? durham police return call with an update
someone claiming to be durham council knocking on doors for signitures on voting registration forms

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Some woman knocked on the door wearing a dn id tag saying durham council asking for signature on forms Allegedly for polling register. I looked at one of the forms, she was carrying a pile of them which was lusting my name at a property and i asked her what statute she was Citing for that as wasn't written on the form as she was saying a legal requirement. She refused or was unable to answer and so i went into my flat to get a camera as wanted to photo her id to check her story out, she backed off saying she would write it up as a regusal to sign and,went upstairs,to knock on upstairs door,,in that time she,had turned her if card around so it,wouldn't show when walking past as well ad hiding her face thus seeking to indicate she was acting illegally.

I phoned police to report it and query it they said call durham council amd Surry it,, ten minutes of bring bounced around ob switch board,numbers to get electrical register office number the person who answered said ate you making a complaint or checking it as you will need to speak to her manager who was put to lunch, i said both and she took my name amd,i got a call back from a Mr Collingwood (amusing as i attended grey college last century) , anyhow he cited
representation of the people regulation 2001 as statute they were using.

Opinion i picked up on after,making note,on facebook was 2001 was when should have,left country due to regulation in place of act, however another comment was then act implies pretence and they just represent the people.

I then got a call back saying they didn't pick anyone up on CCTV. An unusual update from durham police. Though will have to verify telephone number and read the regulation act as well as the other acts its referencing.

Meanwhile i think prudent to point out serial killers who posed as authority to murder people in their homes such as Russian serial killer Irina Viktorovna Gaidamachuk (spelling seems to vary in English articles) (Russian: Ирина Викторовна Гайда) who posed as a social worker to gain entry into a home to murder and rob her victims.

These statues a joke with cross references Electoral administration act 2006

While scanning associated statutes for useful clauses became bemused at section 114 of the 1983 representation of people act given abuses on mental heath wards as might be useful in the stop people being detained and tortured war.
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