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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:October 18, 2018 Last Modified:October 19, 2018
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nhs clinical waste scandal, "body part build up at incinerators"
people citing not enough incinerators to get rid of body parts

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Guardian reporting that the contract or which saying it needs more incinerators had 3.5 tonnes of human waste,sacked up.

1 tonne 1016kg, if a human body is around 80kg that's around 45 corpses

Given nhs torture that I know about fron 2011, do I want to drove into reading further?

How far they going with it, wasn't Crematoria auschwitz and the other concentration camps too much as is?

combined with the guardian looking at the mirror article dated 9th October by Lucy Clarke-Billings:

"a clinical waste disposal firm has been stripped of NHS contracts after allowing body parts to pile up at its facilities.

Healthcare Environment Services (HES) had "failed to demonstrate that they were operating within their contractual limits," according to NHS Improvement

Health Minister Stephen Barclay told MPs that 15 NHS trusts had served termination notices to HES, with the work being taken over by Mitie.

In a statement to Parliament he said: "I can confirm that NHS services continue to operate as normal.

In parallel, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Cabinet Office, NHS Improvement and the affected Trusts have negotiated a new contract with Mitie to step in and replace this service."

That contract was "fully operational" from Monday morning, he told MPs.

guardian article dated 12th October by benn Quinn:

quotes Garry Pettigrew, the managing director of Healthcare Environmental Services (HES), denied claims human body parts were among items caught up in a backlog at its sites.

saying "Pettigrew said the backlog accumulated because there was not enough capacity in the incinerator his company used. “Since October 2015 we have seen a major drop in incineration capacity and over the years that has got worse and obviously on numerous occasions we have told that to our NHS customers, we have told that to our Environment Agency partners and obviously at the same time we have invested heavily to get our own infrastructure,” he said."
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