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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:October 22, 2018 Last Modified:October 23, 2018
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letter to railway litigation

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Its 23:34 and been hearing how different groups,have supposedly been reacting to info input up online, with how to is being argued and sone of the memory of the train discussion in august has returned.

As information I was getting on the train at the,time by inspectors contradicted what I was picking up from the spiritual plane. As the date on the ticket which was purchased on the 4th was valid from the 10th august and that can be seen on the printed ticket.

However the ticket inspectors at time were trying to argue,that they wouldn't be able to know if used beforehand as purchased in advance of the journey. Which I regreted at the time more so on air planes as i never used a £500+ish ticket to new,mexico once as i was detained and been injected against my will so couldn't use it amd person i was going to visit was in mood with me as the reservations to allow me to stay had been withdrawn so essentially mother had gone no to letting me stay after ticket purchase in advance. That was 2013 ticket purchase for a 2014 trip to the states i never went on, and will bever do that again. As trump raining presidency made,me view travel too dangerous even if i had the money savings to do it.

Which is why i gave up travel, and i think i did that with leipzig in 2007 era as didn't get a contract in and wanted to avoid spending more money on accommodation and,the trip to focus on site trying to get work which never materialised but i went through starvation in 2010 so not sure if going there would have helped or not as a siege of going under, stopping socialising ended in me loosing property and,being detained and tortured, as being open about finances hot me killed as people in my opinion seemed more focused on seeing people fail and go under, and trying to keep brave face with no income and people hitting for bills erodes really quick and i never did a Venice trip also as relationship breakup and another one didn't have passport for wirl wind romance, though that was the era i belived in love, seduction and income streams being ok. Though knowing things,like honey traps such as,the israli nuclear worker who was lured to Italy to be kidnapped to spend,time in prision for taking photos,of nuclear facility inter alia puts person off that type of woo. As welk as ethic s of them declaring having boyfriend after having had sex with oneself as got suckered into competitive war for her to make a decision one way or the other.

These days i walk early, on slightest hesitancy as pushing in my opinion a waste of time and just leave to emotional damage to one self.

But anyhow that's planed and this is the train litigation regarding me trying not to he tripple, double or more charged for same train journey when already spending more then income in one year, as savings getting eaten up. Though ut did restore my skills briefly before getting crushed again. As pretty useless currently.

Anyhow told the person on train lied, and,they knew that a bout tickets already. Most people ate how cought up in names,printed on tickets, and customer centric is,it the,paper or,tge trip. Do you or,they care,about,the,people experience, what of picket pockets, and company getting able to access their computer systems at point of sale to check that person who paid for expensive ticket is,the,one who uses it.

Also told a judge lied on stand once for someone, but don't know what case.

Anyhow noting that bit on start date on ticket was discovered after the fact as train arguing bank statement wouldn't be sufficient at time £0 return ticket issued, bloke said,if found ticket that would be enough for refund to avoid double bill, as his payment machine didn't work on his,machine but the desks in the station where purchased it did.

Anyhow i wrote an email in today to tge address on the,letter with offer, then phoned up amd had a 19 amd a bit minute,phone call to verify if they recived my email amd asked questions, the person verified receipt, said she wasn't going to open it as had to go to another person for a decision.

I also said phone call was being recorded late into the call and the beeps they did when put on hold for a few mins were disconcerting towards start of conversation, as far as psychology go.

Her answers made me cautious as she wanda seemed nice briefly so why i wanted double check a few things as she said 28 days for a reply and i wanted to know about the 21 days they said to reply on the,letter as want to know how awkward they are going to be as signatures hard to currently and I've been shafted before and,the signature on their letter someone else.

Anyhow copy of my opening approach here:

With respect to your letter dated the 15th which i received on the 19th asking me about a journey on the 10th august.

As per the discussion on the train if I find the ticket I paid for in advance of the journey then the matter would be drawn to a close though i was expecting a nicer letter within 21 days as mentioned on discussion on that day, as find your threatening letter very heavy handed, given it showed n a Friday after news reports of body parts building up at nhs incinerators inter alia and that's before getting into topic of franz kafka inter alia as committed to firewall purchases after the hacker stuff.

Please find image of pre paid ticket and reservation for seat on 10th august. I could look to getting a copy of bank statement to back that up also on public news article as put the ticket up online already.

My suggestion to you is that you take the photo copy of ticket and reservation attached in this email, that you drop the entire matter, and you apologise for the heavy based tactics of your original letter and that in future you go in with letters in a timely manor in previously stated time limit with more customer focused letter writing approach matching discussions done with train staff done at the time as i think that would get you better results, satisfaction.

In return for that i will refrain from doing further research into putting a law suit against your train company for damages to to myself regarding clairvoyance to me pointing out fumes being released into door compartment areas on trains i saw on the previous august journey in year 2017, clairvoyance I already briefly mentioned in news article i wrote on receipt of your letter which is also available for view public to view at though i am willing and will point out any other news articles on the subject that show up as research by other people if you like?

And will give you an opportunity for me to put a statement up from your good selves on my news need site of you want to come across as being compassionate and reasonable in bygones having already paid for journey as ticket prices are way too expensive for the people as is, in my opinion compared to airplanes and other transport inter alia

Which will help you mitigate Your origional threatening scary letter available to view online, which is an article that contains a photo copy of the ticket i purchased and that is available for you and the good public to view online at .

And i would point out that the love hire signature for mark abbot comes across as an attempt to proposition a woman and in my opinion think that’s perhaps more then a little insulting to women given your Flat d phrasing of my address and further makes your signature request appear un customer centric.

So do you accept the attached jpg of tickets as a means of drawing matter to a close, and, or do you have any better offers for making journeys more affordable and enjoyable to encourage the British people or any people to travel and use the train as far as anyone wishing or wanting to use train services go?

Sincerely yours,
Gareth Bowen

[sig deleted]
---letter end

As far as strategy, i think two passes would have been better as far as counter litigation arguments but wanted to speed discussion up rather,then let it linger as want to know which way they go on the fume thing, amd idea of counter law suit was attractive,based on their fees, compensation threat in their original letter, and then didn't want to close pointing,that that research out, but wanted it on the record as other year and even now wary of commenting on clairvoyance based on how some people write it up. And danger to well incarceration, torture, lobotomy to self.

Anyhow that's where am with it. And,this still not resolved. As asked to see if he had direct dial number fould speak with him direct. As told he was in court. And he's prosecution, she said was administration and their not even the train company.

Clairvoyant info later as Johnny depp in Sweeny tod image was being flagged up a lot was that followed by golden ticket then someone hit the crevat of fatalities when it comes to talking tickets off people to travel. And I havent pointed out the Birmingham request which I refused to do ehen i was asked to walk up to black guy to say 'can you go their without looking' on the day which i discovered later in front page newspapers when someone left drive to london. As was told at time i needed to be remembered at Birmingham new street for a year when making return journey at end of the event.

And i probably ought to start adding references to articles such as the police shooting people articles as i remeber two incidents which I read about in 2017 but I haven't been looking at all newspapers these days and not progressing getting network back up and running either which stopped me improving other things. As i'm probably psychologically exhausted

Image of Segal on top of train moving to front of train in under siege 2, some woman going their Allegedly. I've been Asked to point it out as been repeatedly shown

Oh im told he's buck rodgers side kick the robot for the beeps which told is deliberately done to make people go to pieces on the phone.

Some arguing for certain amount of free train journeys a year for all people, or if good reason. If hear clairaudient info out.

Linked article, original letter and scanned copy of ticket, reservation.

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