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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:October 24, 2018 Last Modified:November 10, 2018
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those kent scam artists pissing me off
someone get rid of them please for good of human race

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Letter that just showed:

This is follow up to letter and emails in earlier article which have copy of the pre bought ticket and seat reservation which was emailed to them and i didn't get anywhere at train station who said they were a different company as my printer has run out of some ink as took print out of those letters tickets there also.

Meanwhile I need a phone that works, if you know anyone who has details or been been ripped off by those scam artists before please get on touch as would love,yo hear from you and solutions to drop people getting ripped off by rail, as stated I had for valid ticket and their company bank accounts are insane looking at corporate accounts they have on file.

Meanwhile too many people have mo home or money for food and read letter like that and just reminded of the scum that exist in the world. As just opened the letter that arrived.

Incidentally for a crime to be committed they would have to prove mens rea guilty mind and their was no intent of wrong doing as ticket had been fully paid for in advance therefore their isn't sufficient evidence in my opinion or cause to even humour it in court anf id Judy play the body in legal tv series episode with he snotty nosed prosecutor in the bag snatch case which demonstrated that principle on tv once.

So corbyn 78 doesn't stand in my opinion as ticket bought in advance, though I probably ought to look at that case in full on ballii

Alas the Boston legal scene doesn't appear to be up on youtube, then again given the atrocities legal incompetence abuses of inter alia RSVDN (viking saxon dane?norman judges before i stopped counting (55BC Roman Invasion of Britain By Julias Ceaser, 450AD Saxon Invasion Of Britain, 703ad viking invasions,
, 1003 Sewyn Invasion (after 1002 St Brice Day Massacre of Danes )
1066 [Norwegian] Norman Conquest of Britain inter alia 1588 Spanish armada etc ) previously assuming any is safe in those sham courts is another thing notwithstanding some judges might be ok but anyone previously detained and tortured on mental health wards would find that concept a joke and cant think of any currently that would be, someone just said coke, (and someone suggesting pointing actus rea concept might be stronger) either way locating cases to prosecute the people sending that type of letter out would be a good use of time and any judge who humours that type of case should in my opinion should be removed from sitting as a judge also for the good of the people, as not.guilty provided them with photo copies of ticket and seat reservation and they send a repetative shit letter out and its just a waste of my time and everyone else time also. And I dredd to think how many people they have conned money from over their lives.

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