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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:November 05, 2018 Last Modified:November 08, 2018
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warning on spread of disease by touch which told about via clairaudience
and a reference to a tort law document on cases of those who failed to disclose risks to partners when having sex when having veneral disease

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The dead after going on about certain women up for sex with me then they hit me with a story saying a chemist had mixed a batch of veneral disease capable to be spred by touch and that they had infected 4 people in a country because he didn't want to see a woman together with a man. And the dead continued to tell me he thought he could make something contagious and did and they didn't notice for a year, so hasn't been traced back to him yet but told countries or was it a country are trying to trace back to source. United states was mentioned, Houston texas and another state

Dead saying people have come down with this,but not seen any references to it online as they saying its new.

I don't think i've written an article on stds but thought id put a link to a document on tort cases up for those failing to disclose risks,or illnesses in sex and raises issues such as no to shaking hands and law of trespass on person when a person touches a person without consent.

Told in 3 or 4 countries, dont know if the dead are telling the truth but would point out for people to do own research risk assessment meanwhile I think anyone trying to shake hands,touch skin without permission is considered a physical attack and any physical contact could perhaps be considered extremely dangerous

Read Article on tort cases

Quick scan of general disease news articles on google, showed one commenting on rise of syphilis cases in Bristol area.

Ought to perhaps point the hairdresser legal case article out also if find reference out.

Meanwhile that might put everyone off sex? Be careful of touchy feely people if true as,this needs a better article looking at risks of infections on this dite as dead wete saying women thinks she got it off infected water glass.

And I was do enjoying those pleasure sensations of what told were various women considering me, and told one masturbating but then they introduced a divorced family member and an image of her while talking about a younger one threw,me while trying to enjoy the pleasure as std subsequent explanations,back stories regarding why blokes walk and women doing oral on new blokes they like amd those married open relationship agreements.

So the dead were going in with different women on me, then hit me with one having an STD that would kill me if I licked her out someone in another country, and then they went in with the chemist story of a chemist and then sensation of what told to be fear judge or someone felt for not saying anything and saying I needed to wrote an article while feeling those sensations in 4 seconds for a person to notice to raise an issue with someone who shakes hands and I missed the deadline as was still hearing the info out.

That was the last few hours of clairaudient info here.

Actually on writing that article, I might have to look at blotches on upper thighs and chest as far as shared washing machines go, and temperature of washes as I walked on NHS regarding human experimentation torture and,what if surgons such as Patterson have zero confidence in the system and I haven't had sex in 4 years and dont go their anymore after considering tort cases just pointed out, as not sure where that came from.

Just did some v research on washing machines. This one saying nail infections,could be infectious at low temps, 30 degrees,,lowest communal washing does is 40 degrees I tend,to use 90 degrees, where's that leave with right to privacy, eek

Actually I did declare blotches to a female nhs 'Doctor' when detained but she never got back to me, just left answer phone message with housing association landlord and just put notice on washing machine pointing out tenants to call me and pointing news site out if they know anything with tort risk assessment and low temp washes.

Aa I went yeah whatever at the time as dead person speaking said wasn't an urgent issue and said would eventually clear up on its own, but hasn't yet as faint blotches, and now reassessing considering tort law as if contagous most probably place would have been from another tennant at using washing machine unless its something else, but dont know if any of that true at all.

Article on risk of anything spread by skin contact

Ignoring that touch disease dead pointed out, I think I will have to say as,I have no definitive known beyond all reasonable diagnosis of tes blotches other then what dead have said previously, and looking at that tort case file,and other political winds, id have to say sex with me or using or shared washing machine could possibly kill you in worst case scenario but dont know,what the odds are gor that, and waiting back on housing association gor,their opinion on shared washing machines and as for liability and possible law suits against countries,,nhs, housing associations or anyone else including sf no comment as just trying to work out how far people pushing in either direction current amd anyone knew id have to say perhaps no sex, touching ever though given war of the world's comment on glu bugs id have to duck out of the firefight for now and ask people go do their own research to work out,what risks they do, but not declaring things appears to end in law suits or prison based on that source material cited in article so far, also plutonium files, willowbrook, tuskagee, 731, allerhey, Jane barton I wouldn't trust uk not to infect anyone either given previous cited cases of convicted NHS serial killers and obviously torture endured, so where that leaves you, me, you the human race and human contact is unknown in my opinion unless I trust information, sourced, which might be stupid dangerous in all cases spending on risk, probability and often cynasim on legal systems government, people organisations in general, so yeah eek

Day continued as follows as try to reverse engineer what the dead upto on this one, though this entry might be private or members only for awhile currently as involves conversations turn around with others
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