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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:November 07, 2018 Last Modified:November 08, 2018
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someone mentioned the abortion bill
noting text one from 2017 not progressed i think it would need to say the why to be valid

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UK statues ate annoying, and text of a private members bill which I found in web search annoyed.

Text says reduce to 12 weeks,but not from and doesn't say why and I think the why and evidence and all known arguments either way need to be tracked.

Given I think nhs genocide division and I know are guilty of human rights abuses torture, politically allowing death not in my interests same as saying no to organ donation bill, as in my interests as a minority to stop me bring round,up or killed for body parts or to be used as a mule for some sadistic lord/dick twat/corporation looking for a cure when they test on human subjects against the subjects knowledge or consent

However some my ex's admitted abortions with previous blokes when dating them and I wouldn't want to be bought into world if it all goes wrong or with no family and if i was a woman I wouldnt have a kid if it was a none consenting sex session.

That other experience of of when having kid asked me if I would,be his,father in the physical plane as got told he was shafted last time he reincarnated as was told mid wife killed him as she went no to rebirth, also could I suppose why didn't the kid ask permission in all cases to be bought into the world, does that strengthen abortion? Or are people assuming subconscious consent if women gets pregnant?

Allowing doctors to abort generally in my opinion leads to ethnic cleansing and mass genocide as I think most if not all of,that profession fuck people over gor their own elated god good, power trip or money or arrogances at title of doctor being awarded and yet not happy with either stance.

Arguments of heath risks to mother if convinced pregnancy bring allowed also have been cited in places if memory serves.

Baby Didn't ask permission so is an invader to get rid of, review inter alia 2011 incursion of my property in sherburn, 55BC Roman Invasion of Britain By Julias Ceaser, 450AD Saxon Invasion Of Britain, 703ad viking invasions,
, 1003 Sewyn Invasion (after 1002 St Brice Day Massacre of Danes )
1066 [Norwegian] Norman Conquest of Britain inter alia 1588 Spanish armada etcAs well as concepts such as preventing viruses, microbes invasion of body inter alia, exorcism cases but if you allow them to pass through of stay then you cant do them later unless your defending yourself from attack might be my current opinion to be consistent with my self defence opinion elsewhere, wether sources true or information conversation over herd true another matter.

Ah those taking responsibility for giving birth bringing up and teaching a kid in the physical realm how sweet.[amusing but perhaps not when looking at child upbringing costs amd stress Via costs of free time, abstenance and other endeavours from avoiding sex in the first place]

How about anyone signing an assumed consent bill for organ donation is assumed to have consented to being purged from the human race or them havi g agreed for all all their belongings removed for another? Falongong

The dead going on about something weird, ma'aat and filling on dead bodies eventually saying she,needed,to get,back to her body once couldn't find it and,the,silver cord was her idea and needed another argument or something and,they saying,that,was,this,year,then mentioned teleportation I think, and not sure,what or,why as not looked or read,any Egyptian sources for,a long time,and said no argument in physical anyhow, something about a year to get back ?!? And a comment on love,but no arguments,cited as why would be conflict regarding logic at that point on position and ke,briefly querying if Horus ever deployed on both sides or side,of,defender if at all as bot looked at that either and trying to determine why would ask that at that juncture, and link re dead bodies as I was,thinking heath hazard and,probably how how hot to thinking to war, defence query regarding how Horus deployed(s) if at all, making a note of this in this article possibly random, as far as memory goes.

Issue of if to go no to going near to dead bodies, removing them. And someone wanting to know which way I go on that, who seem to know filling ma'at made once ?!? As voice speaking she flipped her vote once and needed another argument to do and them saying that would be an issue in a year?!? Image. Of ma'at at desk slightly safer closer to legal system image being changed to person in desk grey same closeness to legal system as ma'at desk image was but this time parallel same safety position opposite me as far as my understanding of relative positions in those Images I occasionally get shown.

I.e. My opinion is if a police officer lays hand on one self you defend yourself as current rules of law bull and a mockery of justice, as far as equality of law go, aa just a bunch of people with guns trying to impose another group of people in my opinion based on what seen of torture mental health. As don" recognise the authority of those claiming to have the right over others to take or hold and never will currently. And not covered retaliation off. Oh arguments if person allows person a home then they have a duty to keep person in it job rather then messing people around I.e. Mortgages if pursuing the you have a job we give you money for doing that job, as society shouldn't be freezing starving people out for Citing their own opinion. In my opinion. (others have more confidence in other people perhaps?) hence positions on the grid.

Brief image of Ma'aat walking to my distance from legal system but less safe then me for moment, then shown at desk again. Possibly shown closer in those images briefly but dont know what they talking about currently. So seems little wacky, as describing those clairvoyant images perhaps might be unhelpful inaccurate and something should just not mention,

Someone suggesting going in with Simpsons when hommer get locked out briefly with bum taking house, but cant find scene on YouTube.

So that though shalt not kill Israelite bible comment and disease? As I muse over todays fizzy drink journal entry and equality under the law principle and human life expectancies and of any other entity, creature, great and small or any size, and people living free from fear,to do what they want without hindrance, interference inter alia, genesis and other religions, remarks and if anyone has anything of relevance to add, and or,what other knowledge, concerns, views, logic anyone else has if any on the above subjects touched upon briefly here one comment on was for calling theological council. As touches on entire of human history, would anyone even show to that and when, where if called one as I think my flat a little small for that

The notion of senators removing arguments that don't go anywhere or arguments cancel out strikes me as stupid given amount of conflicts in the,world as far as hypocrisy and contradictions levelling out as think you still need to record logic workings, or is their a reason not to? Subtly of Reasons, arguments aside, arguments all ideas considered?, reasons the ones you go with swayed by? Someone made reasons remark earlier and just thought a little more

So that requiring food, fluids,,nutrients to luve concept and,animals, plants as living thing and notion of deity that kills creations, citing a fo not kill law while a son of god argues equality under the law in the new Testament book

Update on 11th was Horus bring shown behind me, Jun wanting to go last his support weakening as not writing the info getting up and something me not able to listen ir was it trust ju judges as they are all pushing an agenda, me trying to get ingo on what ma'at is trying to fo, and images of lots of hearts being weighed which now appears to ve,other people, them bring found heavy and I can't remember gor sure if heavy is underworld amd light the other way on the scales she is using and or what people are trying to fo currently as told I needed to read a post a year,back that I didn't see on a certain networking site, and this article would probably be better being reordered if I cared about the vote, and I do if it impacts on ne in another area with opposing forces as self defence is my rulling, you defend your home from attack starvation via rival factions. Preferably hoping that people with resources to stop other people going down to stop the advant of wars when the rich get richer and the poor poorer.
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