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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:November 28, 2018 Last Modified:November 28, 2018
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Guardian: NHS to look into deaths of 100,000 mental health patients a year

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'The NHS is to start investigating the deaths of more than 100,0000 mental health patients a year in a drive to cut the number of fatalities linked to poor care.
England’s 54 specialist mental health trusts have been told to start looking into every death in an effort to learn from mistakes.'

States a Guardian Dennis Cambell article dated 27/11/2018

According to Guardian article by Toby Helm and Denis Campbell
Sat 21 Jul 2018

Which quotes
'significant falls in the number of mental health nurses working in the NHS – from 46,155 to 39,358 – and in the number of doctors in specialist psychiatry training, from 3,187 in 2009 to 2,588 in the first quarter of this year.'

Is my maths correct?
100,000 / ( 39,358 + 2,588 ) = (100,000 / 41,944) = 2.38413119 deaths per staff member a year

Compare to nazi germany a Britanica article on T4 euthanasia program states that 'On August 24, 1941, almost two years after the T4 Program was initiated, it appeared to cease. In fact, it had gone underground and continued covertly during the war years. While the program claimed over 70,000 victims during its two years of open operation, the killing centres murdered even more victims between the official conclusion of the program and the fall of the Nazi regime in 1945. The total number killed under the T4 Program, including this covert phase, may have reached 200,000 or more. The official conclusion of the T4 Program in 1941 also coincided with the escalation of the Holocaust, the culmination of Nazi programs to eliminate those deemed an embarrassment to the “master race.”'

While Psychiatric Genocide: Nazi Attempts to Eradicate Schizophrenia
E. Fuller Torrey1,2 and Robert H. Yolken3

'It is estimated that between 220 000 and 269 500 individuals with schizophrenia were sterilized or killed. This total represents between 73% and 100% of all individuals with schizophrenia living in Germany between 1939 and 1945'

269,500 / 6 =44,916.668 deaths a year according to that stat

Compare to 100,000 yearly death stat stated in guardian article, and I'm unable to find staff stat for that era currently and reading that last linked article made for unpleasant reading. gives a 500 personal that killed 500 soviet pow stat on one august with zyklon b, unsure of year 1941? but not finding full totals of personnel employed on those wards in the 1939-1945 era currently.

However stat by on prosecutions against doctor's after the War 'a Doctors Trial" was held at Nuremberg for 23 NAZI doctors. Six of these doctors, including Brandt, were hanged and five given life sentences. NAZI Health Director, Dr. Lonardo Conti, would have been a defendent at the trial. And he was involved in much more than just the T-4 program. Rather than face a trial and the record of his actions as Reich Health Director, he decided to hang himself (October 1945). Actually, the great proportion of the German medical establishment had been involved in one way or another in the program. Very few German doctors registered any objection to the program'

Does linking to the YouTube the coming storm Dalek scene help or detract in this type of article? As not sure i want to delve deeper currently while on mobile phone data connection.
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