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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:February 28, 2019 Last Modified:February 28, 2019
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infared light curse regarding unbalanced spectrum just mentioned to me
unbalanced freqncies of not reciving all spectrum in balance cause cancer being told but or and

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Told russia has figured out how to kill people and the queen been informed also, that waves been shown correspond,to infared spectrum not visible and that foods atop the problem of bacteria viruses in different body organs , which remove the spectrum of one light type and its,the imbalnce that cause gut rot and,that someone planning to do lights,to kill to make a founder pill which balances missing infa red light only but it only works for a year then you all die anyhow with alzihmers if you dont balance the rest yourself with another curse that requires all humans to work till they due doing what they want in love.

I wouldn't be able to pull or do tech if any of the info true, if any of that true.

I was being asked to write letter to someone on another issue and printer ink ran ou

Kidney black, liver red, orange kills blue, blue kills red, yellow kills everything is russias view im being told, i got given another explanation, blue kills yellow, cheese and dead saying those things change location anyhow if memory serves.

Someone was saying lights from China would kill in a year at one point this evening, I dont have tools available to look at that spectrum or analyse food or biology compared to the tech level of those nations, to see if true,

'Green is colan in all companies if they use computer with lights to ling, the green is the led will take a century to rot all people but not really verify or die is the advice im hearing from here on in' range? 4cm from most things but not necessarily so is one thing lights which give off colour.further range so if have colour in but the folour you see is not the omission in the emission that causes the illness in the gut I.e. Colour on that wave length not the same as visible.colpur, white mean ok for awhile black mean you die and red means game over eternal pain when the lights go down if that info true.

Research fraun hoffer lines perhaps? Is all I can add to that
Been shown yellow for.various body parts now which kills if a match not done. dark.means your getting less but not necessarily so.if.they emiting light on other frequencies that the visiblenhuman can not see

Told existing lights will start causing the grey when curse kicks in '(in a year or so if your not careful) I was qsked write letter to ramplin about [him doing] religious fucks as allegedly he's still doing it and that curse is from me to you if you go their again without looking on current reserch again', I dont know if any of that info true not even reserched up as far as health goes. Told when I see shades of colour in curses im taking damage and white can give it all up instantly if it wants and body can repair a certain amount as anti bodies adopt the colour to suit .I havent completed the letter and printer ink ran out

I suggest you strengthen or disprove the research without human or animal death is my opinion,' and plant has an effect as well in the gut im told but does something weird' is what hearing now

Told that ' blue is taking the grey out, red the blue, blue the yellow, green no.ine unless they have anti back in which kills in green and blue combined and that's the fuck services forgot to mention ed on all human beings with colour coding on capsulas like me' if wrote that up correctly

Color I see is the one I need, they telling ke now un a war but only if I ask nicely or look away for all humans who knew to be cured immediately if they forgive all other humans, as my letter isn't that bad but doesn't come across food in broef statement like that as was just quoting people.for the most part, and was just avoiding getting dragged into it but would probably agree with the ih youches a computer again hr dies warning for deliberately writing notes up wring, taking piss li if around them or if i found out if true, but wouldn't know as hearsay on that one, told.more like to take the yellow one from the screen, would explain chakra and tree of life colour shades perhaps in tarot and elsewhere, second guessing

Told.mood changes color als and the woman you fancy counter acts the colors in you to restore equal harmony again at least for awhile if not.longer but not necessarily for ever or very long at all, black outline means he's cancelling everything out, gray nothing, white all, 'white kills you instantly.but only if you know why' as in white infa red? We'll done' and hope they dont kill anyone ever again if you think that works, that turn thousand research you need to redo if you think they sill hold any of that to scrutiny in an hour online as they will disavow all microscope slides in an instant if it goes the other way in a war, loon for yourself and figure it out in private before you die from their attack on you, which quipmdntw do I need to get for that research ti be done at all?

Tl'tlld don't say unless you know tor sure' quoting what hearing as I just going by what told ' I was quoted colours I was and didn't make note fast enough, transparent means no damage done to any syroubdung people including yourself, red more love blue more no unless needed grey only if you want to, red never go their again unless you want orange if you win, black bever unless know why how and want blue what the fuck you talking about grey no no no, but have you looked at this black never again without looking as the emussib was key and red kiled you all anyhow aa didn't care love did blye if green or white only grsy if blue only red jever unless yellw or white is diagram on wall and wharlt repeating to you know in private onlube, pretend public is private and win in court which is transparent aas fuck currently apart from the glib that made it white , then grey for vqckfrack blue formlust green for never white for whatever orange why, Grey never blue who are you again purple not their but will be if I member how or why or care, Grey who are you again, red never blue whatever who are you again? Was all I said last time to the fuck'

White kills the in 4 seconds but only if you know why transparent never lazy maybe, rare otherwise go no to winning on war with no unless provoked to stay alive or you win otherwise,on lust and war but not death and money which is,never in love

Sorry fast typing is making me mess write it up actually , desire. if put any of it up wrong.

'you nees blue and red for spiritual terms' i.e clairaudient but only.if you gold at the end which kills you anyhow without silver to back it up band kills if you go you win without looking ob res blue or orange without green and yellow present also, and blue red never green maybe blue what the fuck and orange unless offered.something in return black maybe but not really, white you want to.go their why? Ot doesn't matter and you
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