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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:March 10, 2019 Last Modified:March 11, 2019
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tvoc voc pm10/pm2.5/pm1 readers
Chinese air detector meter
oreey fluctuating numbers, is any of that safe?

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The air meter showed yesterday, purchased from amazon for 17.19 instructions only written in Chinese so was attempting to use sales blurb on what each read out row means, sone wording in English, some in Chinese. The amazon advert had the cheese writing blacked out.

I think the middle button is calibration, the fn toggles which numbers are displayed, not sure about the speaker button, someone suggested using google translate to translate the manual, i tried emailing email address on the box to dre if they have an English manual other ideas is to try chatting up any attractive Chinese English speakers (it is durham after all) to see if they can offer a translation for it, but I havent done that yet.

As I muse over the information from the dead, whom I am still pissed with based on their interference to date, and after reading the end of 'a witness for peace' , written by my uncle and the dead person saying that's me when reading obe of the names in that book, ive decided that all my mothers side of the family are assholes and are just trying to do a science experiment regarding the person who killed my granddad in 1986 given what I saw written up on that bloke who incidentally was declared as having no history of violence in that book, so think their continued talking over the last two years which has stopped me doing and which damaged me financially in my opinion is now open to scrutiny.

Though ibe commented on screwing me over saying he had an affair with my mother before she married my dad, while they were dating but i forgot what ge was saying and his reasons stated for his issues already as that's as a week or so ago. Though claims I have the memories in my head from childhood that I've not accessed yet and claims that's why i was insecure around women un dating thinking women were all going to leave or be unfaithful in relationships, as its memory pre birth. Though i could present other arguments on why going near women a waste of time!

Meanwhile the bloke speaking last night was claiming that the bloke.guilty of 1986 murder of my granddad got released quicker then me , and given he was guilty of murder i'm wondering if I can pull those files, from psych wards in marrakesh given the interesting choice od wording ive seen quotes in those files, which make me go bull to everything given what ive seen of British wording on that type pf ward, though think their wording more humorous as far as verb usage goes. as I reflect on family stances and certain song lines quoted in that book auch as on p137 I certainly can say bull to the entire family on that one. Noting starvation and torture in durham and Britain and the rest of the world inter alia

So while i ignore tvoc readings. Any one know any good excorcists? House, protection spells? I have been lax in not reading up on those rituals or practicing them at all!, and while some of the info explanations they provide, is interesting, they take too long in giving information with insufficient detail and evade severity of material stated inter alia and the empathy sode annoying as hell as far as distractions fo, notwithstanding one adjusts and leans to ignore it as not sure why i even get suckered into hearing their ibfo oit like ever, especially when they flag certain names up from primary school who incidentally the people then in my opinion were assholes also though they did comment on something that allowed the dead to find a person inter alia and one of those interesting readings as typing this vocs have gone up to 11 , 12, 14 the other readings, is that the annoyance of me or the dead pulling back? Interfering?

-emergency photo grab

13:51pm it actually wont over 40 briefly pm2.5 and didn't get photo in time as was writting an article and not seen it gone that before, how gone back down to 3. 14:00pm levels back to what they were, i did t leave it on all the time as i had to charge the battery via usb yesterday evening but their was some battery charge in it when it arrived for initial use when ot showed.

Family wars aside, i think they all bunch a fuck ups not letting me progress work at the time, work not even started yet and hardly seems worth it at my age these days.

Not sure how easy it would be to pull files from psychiatric wards in another country though not in a rush to see if any of that info true.

Sp tvoc, voc safety readings then? How intriguing. Especially timing on that spike,,with reference to the dead inter alia bon sûr. Taking photo would have lost the article writing on the phone

14:05 10/3/2019 008 0010 readings, 14:06 14 , 15,16 currently 017 oo scary stuff

Had seemed to have settled around 001 or 002 during the day yesterday at its best, corridor outside my room was 003 and outdoors 002 but that was funny say with gentle breeze.14:08 002 again
Leaving article aline 14:50pm ish 10/3/2019 see they can show as lo, if 1 for pm2.5 os low and it was the pm2.5 reading that spiked at 40 at one point with it climbing to 20's then coming back down j to teens briefly when warming j to a rant, which required me needing to pull quotes from a boom that i didn't do, because of noting the meter readings displayed while writting this article, Gandalf aside

So where does that leave me regarding paint work, air polution outside, if exists and interference from the dead and cleaning, so what are the safety levels articles on the subject again? And how does one resolve or stop high emissions?

At 16:10pm today 10/3/2019 i noticed that the battery was dead, and have plugged it in to charge from isb power source, cable type was one similar for some mobile phone charging, is it a micro USB cable fittingHuh Cable, this makes a mockery pf obe advert i saw pf 2 fay usage for the device but would have to confirm ot was the same device that's every was talking about, after the charge I did of the device yesterday evening.

0:22 on 11th/march/2019 and about ten to twenty mins ago I was asked to turn the meter by the dead and it was over ten, then 5/6 and is now back around 3, the person speaking thinks coming from the wall via the next room, but has no basis for that, meanwhile.tge srero was playing the other end of the room, and I turned on the lamp and noticed the dust particles, hairs in the air around the bright light on a trajectory towards my pillow, they vanished after awhile, now im trying to work out where the source of the flight path was, and why in the air for a bit, as the light area been clear seems to corospond with the lower meter reading, what im not sure is why they were on that flight path and how air works in this room as they looked to be targeted, meanwhile some of the dead claim to be able to do creaking spund from electronic items, in Order to take the electronic item out, as a very fient one was just fone while writing this which made me make a note of that, so what is the origin source of dust? And what's the best cleaning tools as soap smiles on wall test didn't seem to do anything, unless duster I used to wipe access water caused those, but the flight paths.looked wrong.

Pm2.5 levels now qt the lower points and its around 30 mins past midnight currently, as I reflect on status updates noting electricity usage of items I was doing, and what's optimal in a room, and outside, draft excluders?

00:55 ish the device shut down usb charge cable was in it the whole time, and,lasted u think less time then when turned on before and had been charging since it shut down last time, red dot flashing on top of device as though charging I turned it off and leaving it alone for now

1:45am turned device on when in the dark, and kt flashed at 54 though came back down and I turned the light on and off and it didn't raise, so is that just I itial.confusion with when turning it on? Aa how showing 3 again, also pqymon was saying the dark shapes are shadow planes they tuen the white dots black when you see them as dust and uses aa look out poatw if they moved then duwt mute doesn't fo their as saying clean the furniture out the cirebr and gloves in thag qreq to see if makes a difference and pointing out awesome with closed locked wardone door area also.

So does lights have any effect on permission levels if on or off? And how quick do clean glasses filled with water go grubby and what does that show? As that was poi ted oht and would have to make careful note lf the glass I had on the side which I am pretty sure was clean as other week, they left a circular mark embedded in the glass when I aaking about dilution levels of a blaclcurrent drink, I do have a photo pf that glass I will have to find out.

Dead also cited the university as being a polution source for so.ething the dead said they took out, starts sounding like q wqt and when they say dust mites can cover 1 meter a second, when asked how quick they can move over an area, it's starting to sound like a joke as far as hunt and seek removal go, o ly not sure those emission levels are funny at all, and have yet to confirm origins and how to reduce, stop for the room and all distractions to go away

I will tidy article up and go in more detail at a later date, as not sure what's true anymore with the info i'm being told
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