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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:March 27, 2019 Last Modified:March 27, 2019
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Front Page >> Health and the Enviroment >> India, Vaccination Deaths: Case Filed Against Staff Of Hyderabad Health Centre
"case filed under 304A of the Indian penal code"
hyderabad, telangana district

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Vaccination Deaths: Case Filed Against Staff Of Hyderabad Health Centre
A senior medical official said that the tablet given after administering vaccines could have caused complications."

"HYDERABAD: A day after a toddler died and 26 children were hospitalised following health problems after being vaccinated at a Primary Health Centre in Hyderabad, the police today registered a case against doctors and staff involved.
Inspector T Amrutha Reddy said the case was registered under Section 304 (A) of the Indian Penal Code (causing death by negligence) against the doctors and staff allegedly involved in administering and overseeing the vaccination to the children.

Several children were vaccinated at the PHC in Nampalli on Wednesday and some were brought to the state-run Niloufer hospital with complaints of fever, an official release had earlier said.

A senior medical official had said that the tablet given after administering vaccines could have caused complications.

A Medical Officer working in Niloufer said 32 infants are currently undergoing treatment and all of them are out of danger.

" says tremadol tablets:

"Primary Health Centre tragedy where 32 infants were administered Tramadol tablets after Vaccination. The preliminary report of the central government committee that visited Hyderabad to investigate the incident revealed that the medical officer at Nampally UPHC was newly appointed and he did not have any training or orientation for routine immunization. This was reported by the Times of India. The committee also found many other grave lapses.

According to TOI, the report stated that the sock registers for drugs in the facility drug store were also poorly maintained and not updated since June 2018. There was no monitoring by the medical officers of the stock registers maintained by the pharmacist. And the process for identifying and issuing of drugs was also not followed properly.

Storage of drugs was also found to be below standard as the drugs are stored in a steel almirah accessible to everyone due to broke lock.
" dated 14/3/2019:

"The Healthcare Reform Doctors Association (HRDA) from Telangana has written to the state Principal Secretary of Health, Shanti Kumari, seeking action against the deaths of two infants at Nampally Urban Health Centre. The children died because they were given tramadol instead of paracetamol after they were given a routine vaccine.

In the letter, the members of the HRDA have stated that as per the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM 2015) issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, tramadol is not recommended to be kept at primary health care centres. The list also says that secondary and tertiary level care centres were recommended to keep only 50 milligram capsules or injections of tramadol.

“Then, who authorized and supplied Tramadol (Schedule H Medicine) to Primary Healthcare Level that too 300mg dosage tablets which also comes under Narcotic drugs? We demand to take necessary action on those who authorized and supplied Tramadol 300mg tablets, that too narcotic drugs to Primary Healthcare level centres,” reads the letter.

On March 8, 34 infants were admitted to Hyderabad’s Niloufer hospital after they had wrongly been administered tramadol tablets instead of paracetamol tablets after being given a routine vaccine at Nampally’s Urban Health Centre.

The HRDA noted that a similar incident occurred in Sircilla. In August 2018, a two-month-old baby died, and three others fell critically ill after being administered a vaccine at the Yellareddypet Primary Health Centre. It was speculated that improper storage and administration of vaccines led to the incident. Noting that no preventive measures were taken, the HRDA has now sought for stricter action to be taken." 23rd March 2019
"HYDERABAD: After the death of two babies and 34 babies getting admitted due to wrong medication being given by staff at Nampally Urban Primary Health Centre post-immunisation, Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare issued directions to District Medical and Health Officers and District Immunisation Officers to avoid such incidents in the future.One of the rules said that no infant below one year of age should be given tablets after immunisation and if infant catches fever, only paracetamol drops must be administered."
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