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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:April 12, 2019 Last Modified:April 12, 2019
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Logic conundrum after speaking to court of appeals on the phone
phoned up (perhaps foolishly as far as person safety goes) after reading article on assange's arrest this morning

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read a news article on julian assange being found guilty yesterday for failure to show at court, this morning

Julian Assange: Man 'close' to Wikileaks co-founder arrested in Ecuador

I then decided to phone the court of appeal to protest, on the grounds that given britain detains and tortures people in mental health facilities without a fair an impartial trial that humouring a request to go anywhere near the court or the police would be insane.

however due to the way the person answered the phone at the court of appeal, with an attempt to get rid of the call to someone else, I got emotional and had to hang up the phone as he didn't want or get the full details, though I did remark upon the torture in health facilities.

after putting the phone down, I waited for awhile for emotions to reset, trying to work out is it better to call back, or to stay silent as after the feranz kfka incident last year I thought the entire thing to joke, and beside I am thinking that appealing my 2012 convictions which i pleaded guilty to under torture when the police shot and tasered me three times, when storming my property would possibly be good for me and the country, on the grounds I think the law needs to be applied eually to both, and if a country want's to have legal covered when defending itself from other countries or people then it needs to side with the person defending their land, and besides gorden brown had gone on the record saying no country would be invaded for failure to pay it's debts back adter a g8 summit, after I had filed the notice to the royal courts of justice in 2009 over balifs trying to get money out of such as me when I had no money coming in, while citing the many don't rule the one, we're not slaves and the ship money case of the 17th century civil war.

and uming and aring amount my own personal safety, and risk of being detained and tortured for going near the courts, as what happened last year it's do I say anything or ignore the entire thing and when I get images of judgement of nuremburg judges and the tree scene, it's like what's in my best interests and everyone elses, as is looking away even safe at all as I don't think using the court system is at all.

The problem is when I phoned back, they said I had to use form NG part 38, and on doing a web serch of the I found a really weird header above those forms, about forms for appealing against adverse to the prosecution, and looking at the dictionary at the definition of adverse, I started thinking that that sounds potentially like a NOR clause, if the prosecution, durham police and the durham area, don't reverse the prosecution in 2012, after I was detained, as if they don't go my way, then that would make the phone call with the court of appeal being a confession from the court of appeal that they are complicit in torture of the British people and unfair hearings and as such not fit to be a court at all.

now with all that in mind, how should I proceed? bolster the courage after spending years of being injected against my will to speak to the police to see if they would go my way on that, use an intermediary, or look away? and what is in the best interests of the people as I think that type of statment and legal phrasing is what got britain into it's mess with devolution, northern ireland and al quada and all it's over seas territories as I was denied a lawyer on the first day immideatly after the tasering, eviction from my home in 2011, and everything after that was a breach of a fair hearing, as I think people should talk up in the best interests of the people anyhow. so yes, an interesting problem and is it safe to write this up here, as trying to do it in a phone call extremely difficult and those conversations, I don't want at all. as was stressful enough the 13 days after trying to inform the durham crown court of legal issues in those mental health tribunals which I think put the people and the country in jeopardy, and given that the dead have commented on judges having ordered people to be killed via injections in previous decades, is it safe to say anything at all, as I look at the phrasing above the forms, and go probably no.

as in my oppinion britain doesn't qualify as a legal system, when they detain and hold people without trial or when they use torture via injections or kill people via injections which they do against people's consent, as that just makes a mockery of euality and justice, and besides wasn't everyone complaining about stigma of mental health, my complaints against the british justice system are serious, and after discovering the british legal abuses will spend the rest of my life being wary of everyone after endouring starvation and well being frozen out to starve by britain, and as such am no woundering is it in my interests and the countries interests, noting every and any other conflict on planet earth to put a complaint in, which promoted the call but I don't know how to write everything up safely unless looking away and letting the world burn would be better, but that would just lead to me being called grandious delusion if i write in, or grandious delusion if i don't, and given people who in my opinion have no foresight, or imagination or credibility as human beings tend to use anything as an excuse for them to keep their own positions, and I don't care what they do with consenting adults, so long as people want to use their services, but I think anyone who does is fool hardy, and insane and also given the hacking intrusions of last year which have stopped me getting anything done, I havebn't got all the legal reading done, and which way do the hacking communities go on that type of thing, as I was irked hackers were hitting people in the first place and as such is that an excuse to look away, and anyhow I endeavoured to pass the message on to the court of appeal, in order to remove problems from me, and everyone else, but emotion got in the way as i'd rather a quiet life to be honest on that.

I believe in defending myself if attacked, anyone who attacked was breaking the law, and I think democracy should be making sure everyone has food, and a place of their own to call home.

injecting people with injections to shut them up to breach any chance of a fair trial to cover up past atrocities people have commented on, seems stupid, and that takes me to this afternoon.

stalemate, not knowing enough and being physically exhausted, as not up to that type of stressful conversation either in person or on the phone, and still trying to work out weather the part 38 response should be interpreted as a threat to me or not.

so with all that in mind I thought i'd put this up, in case it causes problems later, as I think going near any court to be an act of insanity given past atrocities of Britain, and while I hope the country will stop screwing people over, is that hope a grandious delusion, and an insanity which also runs the risk of detention, and as such I should play it safe with pragmentism and walk, knowing that a phone message to them with the reasons why should be enough, for an objection to breaches of intera lia article 5, 6 and god knows how many other laws such as torture done to detainees on mental health wards, as they just argue a person unfit for trial to buy them more time to torture people in custody to get the outcome they want, and anyone whos been paying attention would note i've put up links to articles on deaths caused by those injections also, as I reflect on judgement of nuremburg and why anyone would voluntarily go near the British court system at all, after previous years.

is that enough reasons for a not guilty to avoiding showing at a British court, or do you want more, and does pointing these issues out again, run the risk of me being done in a revenge attack from governmental forces, or a chance for peace, without any more wars in future either local or abroad.

so any good legal advice on how to proceed with handling this type of situation at all? as i reflect on the ceaser civil war book (circ 45-59bc) I started reading the other day, and the comment on pompay having issues when disarming inter alia as I nievly thought once that talking openly and trying to campaign for such as a democratically elected president of europe would be safe in britain, and then went the other way... sheltered upbringing perhaps of the middle classes assuming it was all just academic grades to keep one in work, and or skill, which breaks down, after discovering the hard way that certain freedoms and human rights treaties took for granted were not being honoured by some elements if not all elements of government, police, health, military and as such am woundering is it better for me, to try to resolve the past inconsistencies in the legal system, or if I should jsut look away for my own personal safety as any and other people who i don't know, or who i have never met go down. as i stuck my neck out for an american once, trying to get her out of hospital on facebook and that drained me emotionally for ages, and while she got out, she didn't even stick it out on facebook as friends, so why should I even try humouring a hacker or the british legal system again, and yet made the phone call anyway, and now woundering how to take the resonance from the courts and how much time is needed to risk a conversation like that with the police, as strictly speaking I think they should have been done for the same charges, as they were the ones invaded, and given the numbers of people guilty of abusing detainees on those wards, and of course torture being done before trial, no lawyers immideatly and people not even pushing charges immideatly when detaining and torturing people with injections in those facilities, does saying anything make a difference at all? as i reflect on the homeless on the street, which i passed to walk to the library, and on other days, and people requesting for money for food, as I know britain can and has starved people out before, and it's so stressful enduring that type of thing.

speak up, shut up, is it worth seeing what the police thinking is on ruling 2011 incursion a mistake, to overturn any convictions they did, for their and my benefit to avoid any NOR contradictory dictionary clauses, and or to look away or read a few more legal books or what, as the very concept of form filling is uck least filling in anything wrong prejudice the country or even my own well being at all, so yes any ideas?

as I will have to process any clairvoyant information also, time consuming and as such assuming I am able to actually fill in a form, read a book, or write a news article at any one time would be a stupid assumption to make.

so yes, which way to go with this, as i reflect on 'witch hunt' statements in that bbc news article as well.

Noting dictionary definition:

Form reference I was told to use: Threat or did they back down? Is it safe to say or do anything after I narrowly avoided torture after going near the courts with the franz kafka test to point put issues im tribunals im an effort to stop any more lives getting irreversibly ruined by the system, as I don't think anyone fully recovers at treatment on those wards which destroys your life and soul and it breaches inter alia a right to fair trial or a feeling of safety in Britain

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