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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:April 24, 2019 Last Modified:April 24, 2019
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1 min 53sec call to 118 118 made on talktalk landline cost £17.94
told 1min 53sec call cost 14.95 by talktalk and 20% vat at 2.99 thats £17.94
expensive bill

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TalkTalk had also double billed me with a direct debit also for an extortionate amount and refunded one payment of the teo extortionate amounts and I had to ask for a breakdown of the other bill on the phone when my bank statement showed in the post, and the second duration of that call which they said cost 14.95 when I phoned.them today 24th april 2019

No solutions to stop being fleeced by that amount where offered by TalkTalk when I asked as I think that type of bill illegal without being explicitly told beforehand and charges to be incurred.

My current views, advice is dont ever use landline phone for phone calls ever and dont ever call 118 118 ever, if bills like that are being done. As that type of price bill is insane, and I haven't looked qt law statutes or sought legal advice on that yet.

The direct debit was in march, and I note this article dated 1st april on money savers comments on a price cap from offcom being introduced for that type of thing from today which im assuming is 1st april 2019, is that april fool or true?

Either way even if that price cap introduced in interim still an extortionate call

The call was made by me to query something with government predominantly about if they want clairvoyant information I had at the time logged with anyone. Which us a controversial subject considering Britain detains amd tortures people.who admit to that type of.information as mentally ill. My mobile phone was not working at the time I made that call and never used that type of number before and never will again
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