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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:October 22, 2013 Last Modified:August 13, 2019
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Michael Gales who died at Middlesbrough psychiatric hospital had drug levels 10 times above normal in blood
inquest heard

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Man who died at Middlesbrough psychiatric hospital had drug levels 10 times above normal in blood - inquest
Michael Gales, 42, died following an incident in which he had to be restrained by staff at Roseberry Park Hospital where he was a patient

ByJames CainLocal Democracy Reporter
news article dated: 08:00, 13 AUG 2014UPDATED08:03, 13 AUG 2014

A vulnerable man who died at a psychiatric hospital had drug levels 10 times above normal in his blood, an inquest heard.

A post mortem examination into the death of Michael Gales, 42, said levels of an anti-psychotic drug found in his blood of were “10 times” normal levels.

Mr Gales died at 3.10pm on October 22, 2013, following an incident in which he had to be restrained by staff at Roseberry Park Hospital, Middlesbrough, where Mr Gales was a patient.

Sectioned under the Mental Health Act, Mr Gales was prescribed medication for long-term psychological problems.

Part of a post-mortem report read out by acting Teesside assistant coroner Malcolm Donnelly said levels of the anti-psychotic drug in Mr Gales’s blood were 10 times normal.

But Roseberry Park consultant psychologist, Dr Phillip Brown, stated the dosage of the drug prescribed to Mr Gale only amounted to one quarter of the maximum recommended dose, and should not have been enough to cause toxicity.

He said: “I was very surprised to find that. I can’t equate a level 10 times normal with a dose that is one quarter of the maximum dose.”

Evidence was also heard about the method of restraint used by hospital staff just before Mr Gales lost consciousness.

Following the incident in which Mr Gales had to be restrained, staff took him into an “exclusion room”.

It was there that Mr Gales reported breathing difficulties before losing consciousness.

Hospital staff told how they tried in vain to resuscitate Mr Gales.

Michael Frame, a police self-defence expert, had viewed CCTV footage of the incident.

Speaking about the amount of force used by staff he said: “I would say it was proportionate in the circumstances.”
--- sorry noted that steve ramplin had contributed to a book on ethics and haven't read what they have written yet, but I was detained under him at roseberry park in 2011, noting that book dated 2012 and I do not know who was responisble for the above death date 2013 as haven't had time to read that book yet! and I still havent found out it the death which was done on a women patient that the dead mentioned is true or not. (as i view that one if I find the evidence as murder by the legal system, as the dead cited a women spoke up for me once, and was injected to see if she would do the same as me as a control hence why looking at regulation 28 death reports inter alia which seem to have vanished off the net. in my opinion anyone who held someone down, injected a person against the persons being injected consent, anyone who ordered any injections or any treatment tablet included is guilty of murder in the first and in my opinion all those psychiatrists and mental health workers should be done un 134.6 of the 1988 criminal justice act as well as murder statute, though when i'm in a bad mood i'd almost be tempted to say shot in the head ala mood, if i thought it would do any good, every last one of those staff murders are unethical, murderous sons of bitches, who deserve to be removed from doing any harm ever again, but britiain was always guilty of a crime, and appears to always finance mass murderersof epic proportions, and i don't think any words will be good enough to do justice to summing up hrh the torture queen elizabeth ii''s einsatzgruppen mutaween genocide gestapos which the public finance and applaud so well and perhaps one day all the people will get food and be not authentically cleansed from their homes or their livelyhoods as well (though not up on Michael Gales case... )
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