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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:July 09, 2019 Last Modified:July 12, 2019
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'services illigally entering homes'
when people are out, that meams going through locks

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Clairaudience have been filling me in om the people.who have been entering my home when I am oit amd the people who are taking laptops amd routers down with viruses and other hacks and it's worse then I thought.

The 1967 tv series the prisoner after the fact wad also depressing with the napoleon uniforms and the 'risk of infection from the untouchables' line in the change of mind epusode as well as comments in checkmate as im not speaking or compiling any more articles till i resolve the fuck and damage that Britain have caused as that's still ongoing, as the people doing that im told include the one who planted the virus on the cctv network to take it down even though the dead named froed of o e of the torturers orderlies n darlington as getting people to try to tale the network down.

That them.planting viruses on electronic equipment to take cameras down as well as biological when entering rooms later, hence why dangerous if they do that when nip out for a bit when under survalince by them, as dead got very scary on cleaning inter alia. Taking it as attempted murder by them as well as risk of set ups and erosion to keep their precious torture nhs murder facilities intact.

They have got.through electronic.locks as well as mechanical have gone as far as sticking labels on staples and deliberatly.contaminating areas as in pathogeims viruses to try and take people down with thw intent to keep the nhs up if talen ill from the items they are trying to.infect people with, and one of them has actually taken laptop appart the speakers and stuck bit of sore coming out of the cd case in a subsequent entry as well as told.they were after serial.numbers of electronic items inter alia, dead filled le in with some back story but the fuck from them and britian is still outstanding as told they have entered multiple times in previous years also, and one of them os the cambroulagh the dead pointed out over a year ago.

Relay attacks by them aside or whatever you call the hacks the dead say they used to get in, and earlier removal of WiFi cards in an attempt o stop.them eroding my network aside and not upgrading network immodestly.due to price costs and ambiguity on how dangerous the services home office is, I am terified of leaving my home as that network the dead is pointing oit and interactions between tprrure judges, corrupt police hackers and people.breaking into contaminate well as criminal damage they did is pretty large and thefts they have done as well as stupid little annpyances as well as knife in knofe block lofted up threat with c# book slightly pulled out I havent gone near resolving any pf the original issues on this site or compiling articles to tale.tge torrure judges amd the people.eorking in the mhs and britian who re guilty of those crimes doeon.

Entire mess can probably be best summed up as no separation of powers in Britain as court system, police, nhs amd home office and monarchy all dirty in my opinion currently as is post office from what I hear and it seems you cant trust a lock smith for.lock purchases at all and certainly not trusting anyone to do a rewire as youd have to stay present for all eorkmen at all times bases on what the dead have been saying so well and truelly fucked over the last fee years and still havent fone near untangling myself or to tale those responsible down.

The area as told it's one of the torture judges using via police hiring cia contract company employing home office people and the dead mentioned prince Philip ordering paining to be contaminated, and thin red line on fabric peint im told was.from an earlier entry by those teams a previous year by one the dead call 'tge sergent' who im told mirdered someone once and the dead commenting on people.suiciging over entries by those teams also, amd that's why ive been going doollaly over the last few years with getting nothing done due to the fact no o e seems capable of doing any hardware without selling the people.customer out, prison, esherlon snowden and old references aside.

Told the root kit on phone which has been knickbamed the churchill is a different group though still links back to torture judges at the higher level though told police, have acees to.that tech now and as such is why I dont particularly want to write any articles or do.anything on this device.

Proof other then what observed , zip, looking at emf readings inter alia they were nice enough to stop when phoned it in at one point as told.its a remote control circuit also, amd pm readings amd radiation inter alia, amd what they did to.theblaptop. And placing of magic cards in a dictionary with agent of erybos or whatever it was called eser really a threat of Bo return or doing anything again. Lifting knife out of a knife block and pulling c# book out slightly I am left.trying to put the why and their network together via the spiritual plane and was I formed that the one who slagged the louis royo print off pissed thr model ofd. Who im j formed is annoyed at break ins in the ukraine also, w.

Als told.he took qrputer case apart in 4 seconds,,infinity better then me. That was in the entry before the laptop speaker unplug which involved him unscrewing the case and the dead said he got.into the bios as was after hardtive or something at one point,

Dates mentioned are august 2017 and many in 2018 and 2017, and this year also, last year I sunconciously added locks on an inner door but didn't far enough with theboiter amd given the dead have testified to some of.those people.being guilty of murder, ordering deaths via injections on mental health wards in past decades home by, amd the fact this phone is hacked not sure how to proceed to get rod of them as told they just didn't like me going back to web stuff when I added.the food stuff in 2017 to my web site. Food for thought which is when the spiritual.stuff without saying why as they didn't want to scare mw was one explanation.

Unfortunately I dont know how to defend my flat and tale those purertraprs down currently. As sead have poi ted some of them oit but I dont have the names and it how to catch them in the act aa my cctv was knocked oit by the eifi hackers a well a external router as they didn't stns up to the local wifi hacks, router lohs showed the attack the wifi hack the dead said they were doing, and so have to treat all as true.

Meaning shafted shafted and stuck in a dirty area and think it's national now ao dont think any area I pull back to would bw safe either as needes people on side, to do the work in private that being said I think those adticpes on nhs abuses needed shared at the rime to stop problem later aa that what stopped me getting injected in the first moment.

All I have is testimony of the dead and what ive observed seen in evidence and told.they now trying replacea on me now with even less secure one was the last gag they were running as if they are pulling locks purchases then the key gows down quick amd ive not hp on all their backs tech atball and avoided looking on hacked devices which showed remote asmin atypw functionality as well as.deletions from.calander and other things in previous yeats and someone typed se into a contact.form after the hack blackmail email were done.

And polibe and legal system.and monarchy will.juat be assumed dirty amd trying to.kill their homes in an attempt to bolster the theater with andis credited see he should have used them campaign wven though their the ones who kill people and I experimces torrure on those wards first gand so do t really care and would never go near those groups ever again and the dead even used the game with poison rags been pit in washing machines and for me to check the count down timmers, as rags have unexplainably shown in earlier washes amd a soxk showed up in wash immidestly after dead went in with that story so leaves me in a war i didnt want.

Laptop.took dage still not repaired battery connection amd they destroyed tv alaoq, I live on welfare so.those items are expensive ams ita just spite to.shut people.upnat the governmental level is how im interpreting that amd that the judge im told divorced swcades back amd was just jeloise of me being good in bed. Amd the poison wall stuff the dead went in with again wasn't helped with the pointing oit of the napolia. Uniforms in the prisilmee tv series, or morter university graduation.

Watched the chevkmate episode of.the prisoner the other day and the hospital.refermces in that didn't amuse either, and I have no respect for Britain anymore, yes nrotian os highly.skilled at fucking people.amd destroying lives and seems the system is more interested in keeping people in for.their gravy train.

Oh yeat beam weapons that penetrate buisimfs to do.physical damage that show metal, leather, wood cermivs up sound awfully.lile the embassy attack I read in press ages back, and vomme t on satlillote one soj g similar types of damage by some asshole photographing cloud.cover to work oit snowfall in iran or something. Told that 4 mile radius amd that the ground beam weapons was the cctv virus planter who took buttons in jacket out years back as didn't want mw.looking good as was poi ting it every time I went past amd dead were comment on organ damage and hair loss also as Russian journalist was commenting on various frequencies reading on pm's but that info was before noti g the later incursion on the room as I was srupidly ignoring missing items such as electricity coltage meters, hammer amd a gew other things and oit of place.items as they were playing nhs letters in the open and i belive paperwo Was tampered with I just dont how bad as not sat down to look as not checked.the other damage with transponders one of the team who entered is said to have done, told the hiv ones housemate gets more dangerous substances out of nhs hospital.and other peoples homes who have gone down to see if they rake root amd told.their druggies as well.

The nption they are capable pf.doi g hardtove switched is scary as is the fact thattheywbere after vodes on all electronic appliances and voltages also, and dead jeep bitching about resetting the room while.they go in with scary information which includes health stuff also but I wouldn't have the kit to teat if any of the contaminationt rue as cleaning areas dead were pointing out in the room as told while they go in with damage cleaning products do or to kicking off if not.done in full as when instructions change from the dead on scary stuff I tend to find that breaks me for awhile and im.avouding commenting on some of.the other stuff currently.

Either way its teams paid to fuck people.over to.keep trpturer samd themselves in money and power, and plausible deniability to ignore the dead is not something im.cqpqble.of anymore on any of.that so either.its dtop them doing it or take them dow to stop them from.doj g any more harm to another human being or anyone else fpr that matter ever again.

Last thin I heard the reason tried to starve me.put in 08. Was their business nhs was loosing money pr talking about the psychic stuff.though the dead also commented on at least one of.the torture judges being insecure with sex in bed and another of them was his mother amd forgetting law cases were piblicllly.available.on other sites such as Balli also, and just seems so stupid atbtheir end, told some of the torture judges were are paying unto survaliemce kitty each year also, so just aloas of people.trying to stop people compiling information to stop.tortured in public so essentially bunch of crooks eroding democracy to.keep theor gravy train amd their torrure mates in power as well as to cover up the deaths and murders by then in previous decades, I know the breaking are occurring just don't know how to thwart them and how to take those involved down currently.

Either way those involved in those illegal entries and hacking are all scum of the highest order ans those black op teams are still functioning currently, which is preventing anything getting done currently stuff I was greeted with was the deqd saying I needed to take various area of the room out because of hiv that had been placed their as well as other scary stuff while going in with a lot of other info also.

Commented more more on facebook also

I might write a better article rather then this rushed of ever repair the damage and untangle myself by putting kore adequate defenses, expensive bill though and its not like anyone can complain in Britain as the entire legal system nhs are the ones guilty of those crimes and my network none existent or weak after being detained and tortured on those wards with the hrain washing the system was doing in that era of the populace, seems different world these days at least from my perspective currently.
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