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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:July 17, 2019 Last Modified:July 17, 2019
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warning to make sure you clean the house and sex toys fingers, hands orrifices before sex!
to avoid catching std's and to be honest with your partner and to double check

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In the midst of the attacks on my home, and me getting shown warnings of all the threats which has stopped me from getting anything done, I inadvertently questioned too much on a past life without checking if it was safe to open up and they went into a story on how I never opened a letter once and that letter was read and convicted a person, and I could have testified that the person accusaing them of murder in that life wasn't present and as such they wouldn;t have gone down, assuming i believe that story which meant no to writting any of the information down, it means that something that wasn't in play becomes in play potentially even though I never mentioned names in any vote (assuming i remember that information accuratly at all)

anyhow I can't give the person a warning on making sure sed toys are clean, and for all people to be honest with their partners on everything, and to check if anyone has anything as some i'm told are relying on god and love, and it might be more complicated then that.

as the enviroment started flashing dangers up, and while I know some people are breaking into homes and that is a threat and the dead covered off a kill once in a previious century about someone doing scratch marks to do infections, and i note that at least one scratch mark was done on metal work from the people who entered my home and I still haven't sorted security out as my phone is also now dead and had to abadndon the location to write an article in the library.

I am just going to mention cleaning items, as if i understaneed the gist it would appear some people get protection from things from earlier lives at times and some occurances in life timings ar ejokes from earlier lives, and their was a curser in an earlier century done for people to be honest, and if people are honest with one another and truthful then no one gets hurt, and while i also believe its the responsibility of the person to look at information and that I shouldn;t have to point anything out.

I am going to post a few links on sourc es on house work and cleaning in case it's true, but the dead ahve been pointing out from a threat of another incursion for contaminants, and I'm told that if certain things, are present and your having someone who has "vd" or particular type then the chances of you catching it are higher which is why housework and cleanign just got scary, as the dead are saying that the people who are smoking to deliberatly try and move people out are also a health hasard and a threat and differnt slucies aside that's still a problem, and it seems some or way too many people are more intent on screwing people over then seeing anyone happy or having help.

as i would rather people hjust had happty fun lives, and I am unable to do the job of compiling information or doing ersech into this, while having attacks and threats from people at a high level continuly pointed out and one hopes they will sometime learn that leaving people alone would be better.

nhs: are sex toys safe?

egyptions were saying some slucies were to make smoke go to the sluce, some to the person and some the other way, and i'm not happy with being told that some flats are trying to do a cleaning war, as that's another complication on staying in a location and threat to self. and i'm not particularly happy in past life stuff on being told I ordered a person to go a location once without permission from me, and that's why i'm getting hit in that type of attack because they got screwed in that location because of it in an earlier life.

i'm also not happy about the information that I could have takena senior person down in an earlier life before they got established with a question of why do you care, and the fact massacres of my side were pointed out in an earlier century, as the dead went in with a story that a royal in that life was an arbiterou hs nephew was fucking over the women as didn't want to be with her, I made a comment on not beliving in love so that monarch massarced my tribe instead in that life, and while i'm told they were got back in the following century and that people said they didnt;' blieve in love because of the massacre they did in that century.

as a rule I still remember the concept of love, and was always hopeful for love, but fall back to security and housing and place to stay before looking around, as when I was going under I fell back to trying to stop myself getting staraved out or killed and while friends might be useful at times, i'm also told that some comments behind closed doors was also that got me into that mess, as someone didn't check once and friends like that aren't friends at all but enemeies.

as the dead were commenting that someone i knew said I didn't have experience when I did, that they didn't check with the old company i worked for and because they didn't like that person they wanted me gone, and while I got another contract at the time, that is just gossip I heard from over a decade ago in a recession as I walked from speaking to companies and people due to the way mental health is used to pull people in without trial, and used as a weapon to control people.

as my origional oppinion and plan was just to improve the site and when it got good used that as an excuse to speak to people, unfortunatly I started getting the early warnings from the dead pointing stuff out that I wouldn't have noted otherwise, as I forgot to buy a decent router on the first day and assumed that it would be ok to be proactive and build a site project up on the side, only to find that their are those who'd rather spend their lives destroying anyone who tried to do anything on their own, hence how the war starts.

and mistakes in this life it would appear are slight, as i messed up at primary school i'm told, and i don't remember any of this, as supposedly I should have spoken to one of the girls who was ignorning me in the coridor on the first day, when friend spoke, and that cuased a problem later as i didn't notice a wince, as their was some pregnancies i'm told later, and they would rather the site was pointing out contraceptions, and warning on sex.

if they want to do do that, then please help and write the information up, I did have some information at the start, but didn't really push that angle that mutch and that information has been burried as I was trying to cover some other angles instead in that day, and didn't care what the site was used for as I was just caterong for anything anyone else wanted, and no one said a word!

so warnings, not cleanign sex toys and having sex with a person can cause you severe problems, such as getting pregant with kids, disease or the loss of your entire career when a load of people get pissy on the male women agenda and try and pull you in to torture you for not being married in the first instance, in order to stop you ever making money or getting established in an area at all, and that stops anything useful getting compiled or done, and it just a bunch of arseholes trying to keep control of information and posiutions of power at that point as they won't trust people to improve the projects they were interested in so, they commitfunds to destroy lives people instead.

and unpicking karma aside, and noting that some comments were made (which i wouldn't know if it was true) that some people get lucky or have people turn a blind eye due to saves, fucks in earlier centuries and noting remarks that anyone who isn;t honest is penalised and how some judges will try to reward people who lie in the short term in the physcial in the knowledge they know a person and a family gets fucked long term, which means stay honest, and noting that some people get pissy about accuracy and about incomplete information and how not sharing known knowledge can get you fucked also (if any of what i'm told is true) and how some knowledge is forgot, and how some knowledge has been used at times by people to make a problem worse, i'm trying to work out how to unpick myself from those incursions to get back to the fun sex, and love concepts again, without the threat of fear as i tend to be too pragmatic in my oppinion and i'm getting hit for not pointing enough inforation out, or spelling it out in big letters at times also.

told the people hitting me karma is in the red currently but not as much as i hoped, and while mine might be ok currently, I probably haven't bailed neough people out helped thought the centuries, and i'm not sure what counts as help to anyone these days, as I think saves tend to be small or unontocied at times as far as appriciation go, as I think most people just try to get good at doing one thing, but i'm drifting off topic.

eitherway following cleaning instrustions, double checking to see if reserch has changed and only going their if you want to and staying honest seems to be as far as I want to comment on now.

and if anyone ever has any doubts you might be better of double checking, asking god if their is an y problem with doing a thing before you do it, and if their are any problems with asking a particular qustion or certain information might cover you also, but not necessarily so.

as protection early warning spells might have been a mistake as nothing ever gets done, and chemistry in the atmosphere depending what anyone else in your local area is doing changes considerably!

as the imp[ression i got is if anyone is choosing to influence events, i.e. deity level it would be subtle!

a thermometer the other week showed a signifecant increase in temperature over the other one, i was told that was because someone was trying to get thermoeters to change and i was told that an exothermic organism had move their and caused the temperature increase, i didn't take a photo of the thermometer, but they did correct themselves to the usual similarity a day or so later, and as such am wary of knowing whats true or not, however any information god goes in with tends to be scary as hell in my oppinion which is why avoiding it might be prudent also, as raised an eye brow at some of the early life stuff as their was a comment on a person needing to be honesdt for ten years before getting certain things, and a year was needed to stop some people i knew from going down, but the information in my oppinion was iffy if that was people on the physical plane, or karma courts,celestial courts, spirit or anyone else.

eitherway anything that helps a person might win people over, but i'm not sure how bengful some people are these days, as I'd rather stay out of it and just get back to improving security working on a site to help people out, and ten years ago I was just after the money, and to avoid having to rewrite cvs, as just needed to pay the mortgages houses off, and then disscovered the torture stuff in britian and that put me off sex and people.

on that note, std tests are available for sale from other people, even if the nhs do std checks and this is now a problem for me, as i am avoiding the nhs due to the torture they did on mental health wards and the intrusions into homes, as the mixing of health into criminal justice and surpression of the people meant I walked on trusting any of their people at all, and yet i have never walked from science and would rather people just say how they formulated their conclusions.

spots on nipples, penises, rashes and catching anyone in a lie would be good reasons to walk, as the dead mentioned telling the truth helped out , and dead have mentioned sentience and something things being ablet o leave the body if the room is clean, something else not present, they have mentioned nutrition and also mentioned a limit to how many problems your human body can solve, and the dead have also commented that too many chemicles from cleaning can be a problem also, and open windows might help you out on that, and I haven;t eough detail to write anything up any more, as I will just end up posting links to other peoples reserch and advice, and does anyone know for sure?

as some people adopt rules of thumbs or causil links, and that people who do a certain task are less likly to have a problem, but what's the subtlty? and are people just lucky because of boons from earlier lives, this life? and are some people just being paid back? and as such am wary of anything now! as have inasuffient information, which is why I can only fall back on science or mentioning what i'm told?

but do i trust any of the information? and do I remember any of the detail when being hit by all sides with scary information, as I stopped doing anything because of the wifi hacks, and would need tha tlot to back down to write anything up properly, as have way too many things i need to do it, not doing any of the things I was warned about in the time limits said, not cleaning to a high enough standard based on sppiritual information stated, and while my abnility to do the job or gets better fluctuates from moment to moment depending on how much i'm left alone (or degree of how scary people are being behind closed doors) not sure any of it helps me out, as think the money is in the detail.

anyhow the dead, said a person who won;t see this, wont have clened their house enough and will go to not having cleaned sex toys, hence the reason for this article to try and get a warning out, as dead commente don cleaning fingers, and bits before and after sex also as a necessity.

and i haven;t even looked at what mainstream science is arguing on house work currently.

white dots on items, or any dots are a problem, as if memory serves that one thing taking another thing out, so keeping cleaning and exiting the room after a clean fro air levels to level out (open windows) might be helpful, i don't know, id use the web to check current reserch.

my intent is at some point to link to inforamtion and write it up to get a ochesive file, but think some people wanted to warn kids off having sex in case they got pregnent! and the people who can warn people off that in my oppinion are the onses who have gone through that!

though i can perhaps point people out who messed out in life, as told I got cover from someone who I haven't heard mentioned for many many decades who i didn't know in life briefly and that interts me, as all i remember where all the mistakes I made in life, and the dead commenting on past lives doesn't help much either!

but the fact people have gone as far to enter rooms when out, and went as far as taking a computer apart in my room when out to disconcet a speaker, and a few other scary markers means i'm in over my head, as not happy with the humpty dunpty warnings they are flashing up and no wary that saying anything causes problem back, as i don't htink anyone should be entering anyones home without the person living their permission and as such put security first, and besides government keep pushing to do anythign who dont stop computer hacking and as such think i need to sort that stuff out befoer getting back to improving the site, butI neer expected to end up in a war in the area I was living in for writting a web site!

as i can;t function without having my own project, as that was needed to keep me sane! as if that fails thats my fauly, as will always improve my skill set, and then got pushed into a sub cast system where justice doesn't apply, and that just reminds me of shindlers list inter alia, and my teaching was to go the priest route, of no sex, and avoiding peopel due to the stories i heard from other people about being done by friends, neighbours and family as some people it is unfortunate to say look to control other people, some to help and others don't give a fuck as long as they themselves get paid or left alone, and as such the reason nothing has got done and is not getting done on this site is that hearing information out takes forever, and don;t have the income that i used to have which means purchases are slow, and in anycase I wont be able to sit down and do any tasks or resrch or make anything look good while information warning threats are being pointed out, notwithstanding most of the past life stuff tends to be forgotton immideatly afterwards by me.

so the advice of others if reading it correctly and can't think of any reasons or contradictory evidence currently to ignore it! is clean your houst, sheets before sex! be very careful where you put sex toys when leaving them alone for a moment! aways ask your partner about their sexual past, and if they have any diseases, stds they wish to declare, if they wince or lie then ditch immidatly, if their looks to be any issues on their body genitalia, nipples then they are all early warning signs to perhaps avoid.

I generally view adults as having the ability to make their own decisions, however i do remember as a child people going do not do this, that for ever, some people ignore the advice regret it, and as such am wary of adopting any approach, other then pointing sources out, or what others have said, as aren't sure which people go one way, and which go the other when told not to do something, some people are vengful, some people lie, otehrs are honest, and id rather have one person for ever, then multiple relations that end in hell and falling out, however I raely devote time in other people, and the length of time it takes to hear information out means i'm getting reclusive and i'm not sure how far that war is going these days.

so house work! and honesty is what i'm pushing here, CONTRACEPTION!!!!! abstience and those talks on sexual health, and I know some people avoid sex or try to lie about it if they have a problem with their bits, and i think if i looked id find stories on suicides on people who never found love or who went to peaces on discovering a problem, and the dead have testofied of murders by services, and people who died because they were hounded to death either nby social workers or police to me on occassion as well, and while some people can argue things all ways, and all people are differnt, i appear in the first instance of trying to stop people from going down, before the people going down end up coming back on me at a later date!

so with that in mind, hoping people find person they stay with forever, to avoid any of those issues would be better all round, but that type of thing, means only go their if you like a person and means asking all the hard diffucult questions at the start, and the what are you plans and what do you intend doing for the rest of your life, as sexual attraction is one thing, living and working together another, as it depends what you all want to do in your lives, and if differnt people want to live in differnt areas or do differnt things, then dating having sex in the first instance is probably a mistake, and if you can find anyone after all the discussions who sticks it out, (is that possible?) then good for you.

as i note some people are better at adpating tolerating others, and some never were, and yet ant reserch or looking at why some peopel types stay together and others end up divorce or run into problems later is a whole other discussion, and as such willa void the entire topic for now, and just go clean the house and sex toys before having sex! use contraception, ask the do you have any stds? and walk on any lie, and play safe!!!!

so yes, who wants to warn people and actually go in with what is known fact! and explain the basis on how they formulated that conclusion in the fist instance on a site such as this?

as i arn't getting anything productive done currently at all!

from what i know of science, most tests are something changing colour if certain quantity of something is present, and as such have fallen into just putting links advice up, as i'm not sure how good the human body is on anything, and or what the point of a thing being an infection is! though i know trying to humour instructions from the dead, doesn't work as far as my discipline goes, and think they just throw in more fucks also even if you compensate get done, so would rather just walk away and result to trust, and then remeber what other humans are like! so yes, honesty, housework, conctraception,c leaning avoiding a bad relationship before you get into it! side stepping all fucks before they occur!!! and reducing risk to self, while noting that some people might be getting lucky, cover in life over previous lives! and i'm not sure how far that collateral goes! or what is true and what is not! which is why i am ok with the concept of avoiding all sex, and people in the fist instance, and yet am wary of being wipped out in a war for not having any friends onside, and anyhow why are the dead point threats on people gtting jelouse in a relatiobnship out? or vengance attacks? as i don't know what level anyone is at any age? are people still having fun? how many of the population are happy in love at any one time? and how much cleaning is enough?

sluice stuff, the dead regarding the floor other day: i'm told you keep cleaning till the rag is clean, when put in the water, but the smokers downstairs are causing those chemicles to enter the room and as such you die anyway, especially if i can't open the window, and if they are doing it deliberatly to take people out, then that is another war! and heres me trying to put warnings up give advice to people who probably have a better set up!

ahh the days when i had a job with better ability to deploy money, a detatched house, rather then private flats! so yes, make sure your partner and you clean before and after sex! i'll add links to what anyone else says also.

as the dead have commented on curses on planet earth and requests and that might be where the love stuff as a shield came in, but if all past lives are taken into account and fickleness of deities, you would have to be a saint and not piss or anyone anyone on planet earth ever to be covered, and even if dead have mentioned house work boons on some not having to clean, in a war, while you might be safer if your in love, but if someone has gripe from a past life, and if you don't clean you might have increased chance of varying degree of going down depending on other people, depending what's in you at the time, your current health, current room chemistry, and cleaning seems to be a reduce your chance of going down quicker, is gist from the dead (and those comments I make might be inaccurate as i think not doing anything or doing anything these days just leads to death, death death at times, and would rather it was happy ending for everyone including myself)

cleanliness, honesty, helping people out! and is it possible to do anything without getting another factions back up! as some people i'm told are pissy because they want control of knowledge write ups rather then allowing another person to do it, and i generally take a dim view of none concentual torture in its entirety!

dead went in with a story once, on evaporation, and condensation being the god molecule and I haven't pulled research on that, as I need to double check if science has done any experiements or any write ups on if certain chemicles in the atmosphere, and temperature and anythign else are consistent at all, as far as any intelligence goes. (clouds in atmosphere, are you more worried by the ones you see, or the ones you don't?) and noting warning, instint you get when entering a room, or from an item, level of the fuck, and how that changes with any clean? However i think just doing article saying clean sex toys, and one on each thing without drawing any other information and honesty at all times, and asking all the difficult questions early might be safer! as woosing out of an argument discussion or asking a stupid question can have serious repercussions to your life and any other lives as well!

play safe!

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