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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:August 13, 2019 Last Modified:August 13, 2019
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Northern Echo: 2nd patient at Hospital Dies
in less then two months at "West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough"

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This Morning 13/8/2019 I walked into tesco and noted the headline in the northern echo 2nd patient at hospital dies, and slowed down as i read it as mentioned a hospital bath death as immideatly thought of the comments the dead had made a few weeks back on serial killers in the nhs of social workers killing people in baths that was around 15th and 16th july 2019.

the article quotes the hospiatal bosses confirmed that bath death was Friday, August 9th [2019], assuming i'm reading the "Friday, August 9." correctly?

newspaper says Christie [Anne] Brayle 17, Newton Aycliffe died towards the end of june. northern echo article says she took her own life. noting the dead were previously going on about serial killers in the nhs killing people in baths which was stated before seeing this article, and how everyone on the plane of the dead shut up, not sure how to sum my reaction up, as more wary, and saying sceptical, cynical, looking away as wouldn't know what was happening in baths in that hospital deletes the feeling, as only know what's written in the northern echo currently, assuming i ever were to look further then that.

given the dead had previously made comments to me regarding the people who broke into my flat had even gone as far as switching a shower curtain and the dead hat a person buried in a house at the end of the street (and chemical detectors do exist to pick up signs of hidden bodies which decompose which i haven't researched yet) and i had logged the dead saying their had been a shower curtain switch comment the dead had made via clairaudience with the police a few? weeks back now over the wifi hackers and room intrusions, through locked doors and seeing clairaudiently someone in a bath on few occasions which i ignored as their were comments from rosemary Kennedy inter alia regarding baths also and have no idea what the time period is I tend to get wary when seeing comments of mental health death with baths, so bought the 85p paper as want to know if the nhs are killing anyone detained notwithstanding i have enough issues with the dead going on about service entries into properties to kill people with contaminents they place in as i'm told that rooms usually only have a few issues but those people introduce more then normal in the hope that the person living their comes down with a physical illness in order to strengthen the nhs and to shut people up!

So all that aside, looking for an electronic copy of the newspaper article, i read the comment:

"Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald described the second death as “staggering”, weeks after another teenager at West Lane Hospital in Middlesbrough died"

3rd July article of northern echo states:

"In March, 13[th 2019] suspended members of staff [West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough] were told they were facing disciplinary action over the alleged poor treatment of patients, which was understood to relate to restraint procedures. Another seven suspended staff were to be retrained before returning to work."

Northern Echo 13/August/2019: 86 North-East police workers arrested: corrupt cops, violent officers and sex offenders among those apprehended

I can't write this article anymore , gazzettelive remark on 2/July/2019:

"Her father Michael Harnett has slammed the "terrible" care he believes she received - claiming she was illegally strip searched, restrained and repeatedly sent home despite the family's concerns that she would self-harm"

as the really attractive image of her at 17, looks too similar in my opinion to women who i briefly saw in my bath (bit like how person shows in nickleback music video, and last episode of the west wing tv series but in the bath) but i am not sure who that was, is, and suddenly got very cautious of bath stories now, as opposed to searching to compile details of facts.

photo labelled as "christie Anne Boyle, 17"

while noting no name for the latest death, what was the cause of death for the august death?

bbc article dated 12/august/2019 "circumstances yet to be revealed" as far as 9th August death.
please note, i haven't been logging all deaths or issues with the NHS and people should perhaps pay particular attention to time period deaths 2nd death is over noting i linked to older article in that region, which might get confusing or insulting as far as deaths or casualties of war go depending on your political opinion inter alia on that type of subject due to time, life and infrastructure and it's easy to miss articles on the subject, assuming they get noted reported at all, as i view mental health as genocide by Britain to wipe skill sets knowledge, family, religions out
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