Author: gothiclight Date Posted:February 02, 2009 Last Modified:February 02, 2009
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The Samuri Return
and this so has to happen again... the question is when?

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potential for film, political change, as i write my muse, and see why it was done, and how much it is needed again...

for freedom calls, and sooner or later everyone has to die, or live in the devils name... least tyranny reign indefinitly... and why i think it is going to happen in britian is beyond me
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Date Posted: 13/Aug/2019 Journalist: gothiclight
Northern Echo: 2nd patient at Hospital Dies
in less then two months at "West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough"
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warning to make sure you clean the house and sex toys fingers, hands orrifices before sex!
to avoid catching std's and to be honest with your partner and to double check
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'services illigally entering homes'
when people are out, that meams going through locks
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Ten staff members are arrested over alleged abuse of patients at scandal-hit NHS-funded hospital

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Huit blessés à Lyon dans une explosion, Macron parle d'"attaque"

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