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Date Posted: 12/Jan/2019 Journalist: gothiclight
two clozopine deaths reported to coroner
looking at article dated 27th December 2018, deaths dated 2016 (and thousands of others it would appear)
12/12/2018 rubella measals vacination deaths reported in utter pradesh
Date Posted: 12/Dec/2018 Journalist: gothiclight
rubella measals vacination deaths reported in utter pradesh
'now uttar Pradesh has lost two children After Gujarat ( 2 deaths blamed) and Punjab (1 death), Pilibhit ( 1 age 12 ) and Shahjahanpur (1 age 8 )
28/01/2018 Former Nurse: Deacon Of Death on Trial for Murder
Date Posted: 30/Nov/2018 Journalist: gothiclight
cabesten creams (cloteimazole) effectiveness on blotches in groin area
before and after use photo
Date Posted: 28/Nov/2018 Journalist: gothiclight
Guardian: NHS to look into deaths of 100,000 mental health patients a year

18/10/2018 nhs clinical waste scandal, "body part build up at incinerators"
Date Posted: 13/Nov/2018 Journalist: gothiclight
combined harvest v ghost ship
which is better?

Political Commentary
weird story
by gothiclight
judgement at nuremburg
by gothiclight
by gothiclight
Parlimiantry briefing papers
by gothiclight
bbc grooming kids with dr first mr men books
by gothiclight
So did someone get jilted?
by gothiclight
Deaths by coffee poisioning
Has anyone ever died by coffee poising, answer appears to be yes
Best Film Award Possibly Potentially goes to 1922 Haxan
And I shall tell you why

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electricity from running water
Roof and wall installation of solar panels
Falun Gong Used For Organ Transplants
First Nation Genocide
A warning from the past

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