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Ubproductive fortnight
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Few bug Fixes: like clicking on the picture links through through to the news article as not sure how that was forgotten by me, picking up language of new articles as i had broken that dropdown at some point, Enhancement to make it quicker for people to add music videos of the day by defaulting to the next scheduled date, though that code was written by me previously. and edit button on the your news articles link so if you do mess up html which looses you the edit button you can still log in to edit the news articles you wrote. tidy up of the search results page to allow it to display on my mobile phone better, a feature to show timestamp of when people logged in to those who are paid members, and only date to people who arent logged in. (on the grounds, that knowing when people function as human beings gives you more information on if you are compatable with one another and I went comercial briefly) that distraction with tv licencing which took some time up, and about a million tasks i still haven't got round to comnpleating yet, oh the faq wasnt appearing to people not logged in, that was resolved meaning that in the last fourtnight have done f**k all! as far as any software development or news article writting, or legal research goes. (which seems to show the percentage of software development i get done is directly proportional to how annoyed i am at any given moment with wanting any prticular feature in, or based on how many people are wanting anything done)

Ahh I did start tracking down like what organisations existed in durham to help business get promoted in durham (those chats that go nowhere fast) as i wrote (drafted) a letter to send to people in a few seconds (one that shuold have been sent out 10 years back) but i didnt write, and then hit the well who would i send it to as far as mailing lists goes, so ended up trying to track down organisations in durham, which supposedly help on that type of thing, to get noticed. so bailed on the letters, and then started thinking about all those leaflets I really haven't designed wrote, but really ought to do get noticed and used as a site. but that would still involve me having to work out how to make it fund itself going forward which is not really progressing currently either, unless i sit down write payment mechanisms for (...) or something. i did see the cost of hireing the town hall out though, f**king expensive (£41 to £76 an hour depending on which room) 3 hour minimum for rooms which makes me think the council are having a laugh!

New Years 2018 Update
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Well I did very little progress tin the last year with this site or anything nbut more then when undergoing torture, intimidation, harasment from the system, changes since i purchased the ssls in april (which i used to have on the site in the 2007 to 2010) period did’nt pay off, as i was hoping that was going to restore people joining, and it didn't as in 07 to 2010 people were joining at a faster rate. Anyway after i got over that, I left the site alone for the most part but did up the back admin stuff to allow me to authorise news articles other people publish on their sex tree newspaper on the root which frankly is just a task to speed me up, rather than for anyone else given i am the only one running this site currently. I did put an alternative journal view on so that the last journal anyone ever wrote would be shown, as mine were drowning people out and i stupidly missed some in 09 which i should have commented on, at some point on one news story i decided i needed to assign more than one country to a news story for one news article, so that was a minor change. as well as being able to choose how the picture displays on the news site, polls got boosted at some point as i had forgotten to show how people had voted and people who run polls can say if they want the way people voted shown at the end, and the ability to anonymous assign a tag if not logged in and are voting. I upped security auditing with when people log in, and if wrong passwords are used as that tracks ip of log in now, and comments became memories, also i added better bug tracking at my end, as emails were getting lost so if people added anything into the contact form it would go to my database email on the site so i woudn't loose anything, same with any errors encountered. architecture was juggled about a bit to allow better switching between desktop and that mobile site, that really needs a facelift, and me to go through the pages, and i added music vid of the day as it was quicker than writing news stories all the time, and decided to show upcoming events on the news site, as while that was written before 09 era I never bothered entering any, and i did add a filter to that to hide events in the past, and member campaigns got sorted by last modified date, which i decided to show on the front end as deemed relevant how old they were last put up.

ahh urls became dynamic to speed me up on tweets, as instead of writing html i could just past the url in and it would be highlighted. Though i got bogged down in a spiritual war, which slowed me down from getting anything else done. (much to my annoyance) so while 2017 was more productive that December 2012 to feb 2017, it still wasn't good, but at lest i got back into software development which could have been done sooner, if i had any friends. as bringing the site back in 2012, after loosing it in 2010, and me starving to death then loosing all my property, i had hoped old friends would have at least logged in to show support, say hi in those days, unfortunately i was wrong, and i think i tried doing polls in 2016 to see if anyone would be interested in that type of functionality, but again no responses, and instead people i knew just started using other peoples polls instead of mine, which kind of annoyed, as not one person ever bothered to ask for requirements or anything like that, so net result is 2013 was me getting over no interest, no friends, 2013 - june 2016 being tortured, which stopped me doing anything, a year of nothing and seeing if i could appeal to others, and then me walking, writing everyone off which i should have done years ago, and got back to development again on my own, unfortunately i wasn’t expecting the hit via clairvoyance to slow me down at critical junctures, but the effectiveness of that got less over the year, as i readjusted to picking up on clairvoyance, clairaudience again unfortunately saying anything more gets everyone f**ke due to the propaganda in the uk system, and how people are brain washed into f**king people over, ergo talking openly about that not going to happen here. at least until someone passes a law, restoring equality under the law for everyone again, by dismantling the existence of mental health, freeing anyone who has ever been detained, and of course rounding up and removing anyone who has ever detained, physically held down and tortured anyone via injections or other methods, and their are many of those scum bags in that system, and so will just assume the entire British excuse of a legal system is a complete write off, that everyone is scum and well nothings changed, as that gets me back up to 208, 2009 declarations of independence and how way too many people were getting screwed over by those in office.

but doesn't help me or my site out all be it theirs perhaps no point doing anything if no one wants the sites or any i.t. services. lol I suppose i could take the advice go to the pub, but given drinks seem to be over twice the price from what remembered, and on 10 times less, and that no one id want to hang out with appears to be in those venues in durham, i guess that strategy also a write off which leaves me wondering if i will get anything done this year. either way, i perhaps ought to keep note of minor tweaks to the site. (i did also do briefly a mobile site of my other but that was simply to come to terms with mobile development and to keep my ass out of being pulled in and tortured again, what with the snap election in 2017 that was distraction briefly. Anyway all that aside, a £700 a day contract 10 years ago, 10 years of that meant if i had have got the positions i was after in london, i would be a million up in that time frame, and better off. regrettably lost way too much time discovering how corrupt people in Britain were, and that’s the best years of my life over! ignorance is bliss, and nothing much is the same after that, so yes, see how it goes, i tend to do more, the more interest i get, and i'm sure i could be doing other things like reading one of those many books, that i have pilled up in my flat, upgrades, enhancements improvements will be whenever i feel like it, or whenever someone else bitches or pipes up for changes, enhancements to be done. (not like anyone says anything any more) anyway, that's all for now. this progress wasn’t really a change log, more a progress of how the site grew. now in the meantime, happy new year, hope its a good one, and all the best!

yesterday i noticed the devils playground dvd, and looked at the plot synopsis as in the 07-2010 period i did have that referenced on the front of my site, and was bemused at the subject matter, perhaps should have klept the reference up, though one of the adverts has become unmutually british after the 1967 prisoner episode, as anyone ever detained for trying to start a business up might get the joke, if not try watching the series after being detained, scary stuff considering that was 1960's and i was detained tortured in 2011-2016 era, but at least i avoid 1980s lobotomies for now! as those people running and promoting that system they really are!

Perhaps not the best time to write a progress report as i appear to still be slightly irked at 5am, and comments regarding not updating obviously haven't helped my mood, buut anyway, perhaps I will walk away, and the irreversible damage done via torture in contray to existing legislation and all human rights, statutes laws ever signed into treaty ort passed into statute and move on with my life and do something more productive today, open to suggestions or ideas, conact me on the site, if anyone would like anything done, or fun. (though i suspect if anyone was going to do that, they would have done it already, so donc whatever, and i shall just proceed with doing my own thing, as per usual here, so meanwhile adieu and auvoir for now ((As i get back to factoring all the other things that need doing, some perhaps would have been better before others, but what is done, is done for now) so enjoy, and yeah whatever, rendezvous with you at some other time

April 9nd 2017 noticed news article pages when viewed on mobile phone wernt being returned and put a fix in to compensate for the news site but still trying to work out how the query string is becomming a comma dilimited list. if you encounter bugs please contact me and indicate browser and if mobile or desktop as i think it came in when i went https so i can resolve
April 2nd 2017 and pad lock for ssl are displaying on login and registration pages again first time since I ran out of money in june 2010
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I should have done it immediatly on restoring the site in 2013 after geting out, but it slipped my mind at the time (oops), I had left the site alone as I was pulled in and tortued towards the end of 2013 and tortured via injections against my will, while this was taking place I was unable to work at a computer or concentrate on reading a book, a year after that I have got back into work mode and sorted security certificates out for this site and which I purchased in March 2017 via another company, it took over three weeks of agro with the hosting company to get them to set their servers up right and install them, all because I didnt have access to their servers and they hadn't set up anything right or were either deliberatly messing me around and going in later saying i needed deciated ip addresses after I purchased them.

Why I didnt set ssl up immediatly in 2013 is an oversight on my part as it was on the site prior to the loss of hosting I had in 2010, but I Was just glad back then to get something up again upon my release, however given I am not employed by anyone else and am still living on welfare anyway I have in the last month got back into coding again, properly this time, till I take a corporation down as I have the technical and business skills to do all roles in a company and I had that ability ten years ago as well, and I know I'm as fast as teams that easily cost half a million a year to employ if not more in salary.

Some functionality has been added when i was picking at the site before which was to enable you to do voting and for journals and news stories to be shared on facebook and twitter but back then I wasn't in the mood to code, now I have gone full circle and having dealt with more than one company to sort working domain validation certificates out, I remember what it's like to be back in the saddle and what it is to be an account manager again. Anyway in 2013 I hadnt set a desk up and was in a shared house and had no room to work, now I am in my own place and have a desk to work at and have got back into working at development full time though I have multiple projects planned for myself. I am quite capable of writting web servers, email servers and an operating system and any other computer system as well.

Not that it matters, the last month has refreshed my skill set and I am back, and hopefully the 7 year delay of being frozen out and tortured by britain will be a mere delay that fades into the abyss. I could have been further ahed by 4 years I suppose if I had got into this frame of mind immediatly on 2013 but I wasn't expecting to loose another 3 years to torture after the first time 2 years I was detained and tortured so a bit of a mute point, was annoying and hell but we get back to what we were going to do anyway, so yeah whatever here. Oh image file paths are in process of being hidden by me for content uploaded by members when pages are returned over a secure connection which is automatically the case now. Anyway I plan to systematically do all the things I Want to do, and continue improving things whether it be functionality, look or feel as I get all the internal projects desktop, web and mobile app i want to get done this includes writting an operating system at some point as microsoft annoyed.

Site went down June 3rd 2010 and was Restored January 2013
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The site went under when the money ran out I spent the following months from june 2010 having no money to pay for food, went months without eating and was starving to death looking for income I never found any. My homes were repossesed at the end of March 2011 in that Police siege after that declaeration of independence thing I did to promote human rights inter alia, whereupon I was shot and tasered three times and taken to a secure facility and tortured for a couple of years. I got out December 2012 and decided to restore the site. the angle has changed slightly to love or power as political campaigns have been added and you can run your own newspaper as opposed to the callobatory one. It's still the sex tree where you connect the world in love by signing your ex's up in order to find how many degrees of separation exist between lovers. So yeah time to get people joining again.

150 members hit and the pressure mounts
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lots happened, i went down the news site angle for users to upload their news and improved look and feel in places as well, and added some shockwave adds here and there. and focused on myspace, facebook adds though its not helped numbers grow. and broke it up to,,,, and other things. though most of my time has been spent writting news stories which go out of date quick in order to boost that bit up.

i had hit 150 earlier but, someone removed themselves on the date the elections were called. and everything else has been the psychic side. more campaigns and hosting is due may 28th since writting the news i haven't done any real development at all! as its hard to do both well.

140 members hit - 30/jan/2010 [i stuck this in after 150 as didn't write it up at the time/lost track]
130 members hit (and lousy timing/lucky escape? with an upload on my part)
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minor tweaks here and there. i.e. a tshirts/the log in page - which is always risky with site dynamics (as all the text is gone now) plus an experiment on myspace to get people on that way/make some new friends. and my new pie chart control. as you can how see a breakdown of how people have answered questions on the site. the plan is to expand the questionnaire bit. 130 caught me off guard as I'd broken the questionnaire stuff  a few mins before hand, while uploading minor changes for the future, never moved so quick to a stored procedure before (actually i have) but yes it shouldn't have happened. as i try and write a letter apologising, filling her in. as i hate touching core stuff, but onward to the future as i try to get the code in, ready for people to add their own questions/tests in which is where its going currently. not sure if its worth adding the palmistry stuff in?  but its perhaps a more political version of okcupid here.

In other news: i am being taken to the small claims court over an unpaid water bill (the ones who are billing me from -5 to 108+ units instead of the 7 i should be using) and well while i perhaps ought to pay them something, but i can't as i have no money here/trying to rent my house out before i starve/living in overdraft. so things are getting tight here (see last Christmas me living on out of date food, and £10 in 2/1ps) but development continues anyways in the hope this site turns around, but we may starve t odeath before we make it in the end *hope not*  as the site  IS going to make it/is getting more popular and i am getting more compliments now, but yes it is slow work getting it all in place, as I am only a one man band, not that I'm complaining other then the law suits are going to rip us apart notwithstanding money issues and all as the banks may be loosing patience with me as well, so yes we shall see how the future grows!

120 members hit (i started adding stuff, and membership stalled. why is that?)
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This one made me nervous, as it was starting to speed up: then i added a human right section (unhardcoded the articals/added case law, statutes), and nothing at all! as surely your counts are supposed to rise with more stuff to play with? so what sections are new since last time:

Human Rights Law - view cases from the surprem court/court of all inter alia
View UK Budget Data (including IMF Data!)
Chemistry Facts  as i'm trying to come up with a new universal theory, to explain the lot and its not helping much!

as it is these sections are perhaps too hard core for some - i was in a political mood - what can i say -  and the tax system mock up  was something i did  in an attempt to bring some money in. i even went as far as sticking a currency calculator in (to test some other stuff, a days effort just to remind me, i can do development still!) though i would need to sort some automated imports out, for it to be any real use. which means partnership with others (perhaps some graphs on shares?) but yes... little interest there perhaps?

Unfortunatly hm treasury refused to give me any numbers as far as budget data went, which isn't helpful when they are overspending by £175 billion in one year, and they seemed to want to blame it on the departments instead.
So its getting hard to work out where to cut costs at all. My view is just say your budgets are cut and be done with it, which is why I went through the last years budgets to try and get some useful information in. various flyers were done, with my political views on, but I suspect these won't appeal to the mainstream at all! Too honest (and its not the british way)

So i am perhaps banging my head against a wall, woundering what to do, and what with law suits from the council hotting up again, i am perhaps wasting my time. as the bcs accused me of advertising a sex site! me a sexsite, when i'm trying to advertise human rights law inter alia and its really anoyed me that they have threatened me with disiplinary action for "bringing the profession into disrepute" and for not thinking about what i say, which has anoyed me greatly, as i always think about what i say. i just rarely proof read it thats all, and I will not make appologise for trying to promote my site/ask for help from other members (in a recession). Especially when i'm only responding to another member asking for confirmation of who was getting the mails! Furthermore i am always honest with passing knowlege on, and its that honestry which has got me in this mess! as no sooner do you open up on the psychic side/the occult you get discriminated again in I.T. and well the BCS can go to hell, as i paid the price for honesty in Britain!
prejudice, hate and discrimination from business for talking about the psychic side openly.

 This site is my life, if i don't sell that,  well i guess i'm dead and well I want nothing to do with those pompus negative neigh sayers, full of s**t as not one of them has helped the profession at all. They are more interested in promoting fear, mystery and discrimination while they pushing up the costs of industry with negativity, as you come away with the impression that its all "you can't do that" , "your not allowed to do that", and "that wouldn't work" which is just the kind of mentality you don't want in business today,as it puts people off doing anything at all! How they like it perhaps, as at least i have tried to put my money where my mouth is build a site up from scratch, compete with america on the international scence in an effort to bring money into europe as a whole.

They just sit around and bitch at people instead, trying to look big (thinking busines sis made of money) as people go broke! They have no idea what it takes to survive in a recession at all. Out of touch close minded  morons who are taken in by the lastest buz words,  trying to  over compensating with image instead.  No idea how to run a busines at all, let alone do I.T. going by that security hole, which left lots of emails vulnerable (they forgot to secure a mailing list) which is what promoted mine, and all the other mails to begin with in response and i just decided to add a request to join my site! with it as well.

So yeah. they can take their chartered status and shove it up their arse, as i'm better then any of them,  they just brings people down, making them scared to be themselves, and well they stop anyone trying to do anything in this world today. too much negativity, not enough productivity.

 Which means if i do make it big, I won't be employing any of that lot at all, assuming I did make it big, but i suspect I will be censored to death long befre then. In the meantime I have to decide if i am now going to sue them in the high court for defamation or not. As they took one look at thesextree, and said it was a sex site, they didn't even join or look at what was here  and i'm sorry i was ever taken in as a student, and joined now. This was back when i thought letters and qualifications were the holy grail and something to be sought after. They don't make the slightest bit of difference in the end, at least as far as making money goes! just people you wouldn't want to employ/associate with at all. Unless you want your budgets run up (perhaps why so many governmetn people are in there) inter alia

So yes i've gone very anti-acamdemia of late, because they don't teach s**t, and i resent the years i've wasted bowing to people like that, and  actually have to waste time "loosing" the british conditioning, the relgious schooling, so you can actuallt start thinking for yourself as an indivudal again, at which point you take one look at people like that, and get anoyed, as I can't deal with them anymore, that life is so yesterday, and  they are worse then children, every one!

In the meantime, i've actually stripped on camera to get my numbers up again, a freebee! (apear to be doing this a lot for women of late)  in order to get some interest again... the things we do for love, and business as I have no help from goverment, and will probably die before I see the light of day. as on the one hand its nice knowing you turn a women on, but on the other, i need money again! so yes they are exploiting me again ;) and don't i love it... *sigh*

On and off, some advertising in the street - always good, and the odd psychic pick up, but nothing definite, or earth shattering yet, and so my notes/course have pretty much been left, as is. more people seem to know who I am, shout "thesextree" after me, but its all too slow.. .and time runs out. nothing coming in, and well lots going out, and any time i've brought with mortgages, respossession is that, time. as my other house isn't rented out yet! and i need to get it rented ASAP else i may not make christmas at all. anyone who want to rent a 3 bedroom semi in Usher moor, get in touch! as its available now. rent £425 a month. which is whats it been at for the last couple of years.

So yes perhaps i need to get back to the sex again? and or do something else instead, but what? as yes... I need critical mass, or someone else to post a news storey...

and i wished people would actually post profiles, which wern't negative at all, without swearing and stuff. the women are great, but some of the blokes are morons and seem to think pushing article 10,  is big and clever. as you have to tolerate their outburts, or censor them instead, which means you automatically censor freedom, and well its the ones who are trying it on, which anoy.  As i'm trying to help people open up, be themselves and well get laid, and you just get the impression that some people, can't post honest profiles of who they are! and use it as an  attack instead.

Note: I won't kick people off for speaking their mind/airing their views, but i will kick them off for fraud/misrepresentation as the very idea of a  male satanic hispanic goth,  hating all whites, and wanting to cut all dicks off appears to be a little far fetched if you ask me. technically I don't have proof, but it seems to be  more a deliberate attempt at trying to wind me up if you ask me,  i might have brought it if he said islam (or not satanic/goth), but all the other at all as the ratios/timing  seems too artifucal if you ask me. [jealouse boyfriend?] which is a shame - he will never get a date, and well the women are after dates, at least some of them are! as for some some reason women know what to do with profiles, and well blokes do not, and i've never figured that one out at all, but I guess you live and learn.

110 hit  and the tidying up of subscription stuff
the sex tree sign
6 of those sign up's were in one week, one of which involved me contacting a user on another site, after seeing clairvoyance of stigmata on my hand, and she joined, which was cool. more stuffs been added, mainly a new shopping basket as i gut the old way of doing tings and stick in multi-lin ecommerce ordering system (which is overkill for what i need now - its still not finished as i have yet to multilingualise as well) which in theory means i could offer more in future. in the meantime. i have coded the backend for winks, and stuck in membership levels, and i'm sure i've tidyed a lot of other stuff as well, such as is adult on status updates, adding rss feeds on the news bit and things like that, but i've since got distracted with london, and trying to argue my case for juducal review of council tax in the royal courts - so am not in the mood for anything now. (that may change) though I have lost track of what has, and what hasn't been done... more to come. shame i don't have my car - but i decided to upload the sign as there seems to be some confusion in london, with the police at what is legal, and what isn't, as people seem to scared of saying/doing anything down there... and i shouldn't have to be going yes you can, explaining article 10/11 to people, informing them of whats legal as they should know, and there is too much fear as is, anyway i am in a fowl mood since my hearing was ignored, as there appears to be no freedom anymore. and one women said her and 1000's others would be up for my breaking away from britian under article 15, 17 of the united nations decleration of rights, forming a union in alodial title, and a new government... as thats what i think its going to need to restore democracy, freedom in britian. i can't be arsed with the election idea, its flawed and only 16.2% of the country voted the last governmetn in, and well the entire system is so corrupt, that nothing would change anyway - hence my je suis roi stance here, as i hate being fobbed off. but at least i got the parliment is not the law comment off in court!
finally hit a 100 - and so it begins... nous esperez
I have finally got the chat rooms working, i have added a windows style start up bar, i have added the ability to search on virgins, the virgin tshirt and improved the tree. who slept with my ex button, and i think i may have tidyed some other stuff up, as well - not least the status stuff, and begun jugalling it around, added a spell check in places... and of course theres the inteligent search bit, and emails which get sent out, as i think i did that after the last lot *hard to say* and well, its the little things now, and well expanding the rest...

litigation issues continue, thesextree is fine, is fine, but i have issues with which look as though i may get distracted with suing in the states over ownership - but that shouldn't distract from the site... 

A few minor issues with shared hosting - as some idiot keeps using all the connections in the pool, but other then that, it appears to be working fine, and well its just numbers and of course me tidying it up, adding to the code, and trying to get it looking/working right.... as i need to rewrite the blurb, and i added rounded corners as well...and the login screens changed, password validation (yesterday) and well a few minor things like that - as i am not going anywhere, and well my life is the site, till its big type thing... really anoyed, as i was trying to get the 100 sign up before the 3rd of july, but for some reason it stuck on 99, and i woundered if i'd broken it again..... (it hadn't) as its odd how you get them in spurts... things are looking up, and then you get a letter from the hsbc's solicitors threatening repossession action - which oh so puts a dampner on your day - as it distracts from busienss inter alia bon sur
it's my birthday and we hit 90 members, yipee..
not much to report - other then I've added more intelligent matching with friendship/enemy scores... though I haven't stuff the search in yet as their seemed little point as is, while the rest of my time is being spent in litigation as we have filed actions in the high court, and the court of appeal now... *sigh* and could well be filing  a law suit against hsbc as well though they might be filing against me as well inter alia...

while we negotiate other things such as our hosting as this is now in the process of going accross to the uk. (its cheaper) and i no longer have visa to ay for the states, and a money order went astray, which is why any uptime is good for now

in the meantime  i continue to expand my notes on the psychic side as well, in the meantime, i have no money to buy food - hsbc reduced my overdraft without telling me on the 2nd, and i only found on the 5th june, when payments were declined, and yes the bastards are charging me £25 for everything they let through/consider - so its back to having no money for food inter alia, which is why my main focus is now keeping the site running... and the only "good" thing to happen on my birthday other then hitting 90, was a water bill for -5 units (the quater) as the mockery of random billing, on water meters continues... [they range from -5 to 108 units and are trying to get £299 out of me currently, while i default on everything still]  and i got thrown out of a club as well, within 5 mins of walking in, because a women knocked my coke over, and it sucked!  and part of me woudners if my entire life is no going to be spent in litigation instead of coding, from now on *sigh* one is easy, the other is just a pain - as i hate filing/writting up the grounds as it inevitably involves staying up all night, to hit the deadlines inter alia and thats it for now, while i sort this lack of cash bit out...
80 members hit...
the 2nd version of my anti roberta sign
Its getting painful and i've started a court case against the council inter alia as well as standing in the rain with a sign, a couple of signs, and well i had to redo one after a drunk catholic (age 50) ripped it out my hand and threw it off the bridge, after getting upset about asylum/freedom of movement of workers unprovoked and i didn't press charges because he had got a cation for assaulting a christian preacher on palace green, and well as a satanic witch and because i liked him as he was ok sobre i decided to take the unusual choice of letting him off, strupid i know to take the high ground as I rub salt in christian hypocrisy... and most of my stuff is going on the law though i did add sms and twitter functionality, so you can now update your status by phone, as well as sharing your bills - i.e. food spend/transport todate as its topical at the moment, and i also added the periodic table, as i expanded my science notes... link off the research section as i am leaving it till it catches on, or someone says what they want to see... and i was stuck on 79 for ages, grrrrrrrrrrrrr and if i had the cash i would run - assuming i can sort out the technicalies out...."the antichrist rises"
70 Membership started, then errr stalled, as i look to get it going again..
Date: 16/01/2009 pvc We hit 68 members then stalled, and not sure what happened. or why... tried to get it moving again, and started making it multilingual thank a Chinese bird, on Christmas eve for that one! have i broken it? or something, and i haven't even sold anything in the shop yet either, much to my annoyance. can you believe the b*stards actually illegally detained me because of my belief set, back in the end of October

Bloody  Christians they accused me of knowing the law! and used the fact my shop/human rights product line as an excuse! talk about dodgy, as not one of them seemed to have heard of European law, and well i am back! and stronger then ever, in fact i would say my programming is better then ever, and have been finding more support in china of all places.

In the meantime it would seem that the dictionary definition of stupid should equal Christian. While Christianity should read "a terrorist organisation, intent on persecuting those with knowledge while trying to force people into submission at the point of a sword.  kneel and serve in their image, or die at the stake" and should be declared outlaw by the civilised world, as I've had enough of them, just because you prove them wrong,  they resort to fear. its worse then Darwin, as not one of them can function in intelligent debate, and  their counterpart in Islam is nearly as bad, worse then children the lot of em!

Seems the British are so negative, anyway that explains the reason for being able to define the languages you can speak (china), and the reason why the backend now supports other character sets as i am learning chinese, as at least they have common sense over there!

and it perhaps goes someway to explaining the reason for my catch phrase changes: so far it's been social networking for the liberal mind, connecting the world in/through love, and now the place where language doesn't matter which about sums up my belief set... and in the meantime, someone ought to round up all the chrisitans for mental incompetance, as the really are blind to the obvious, as i contemplate writting my research up (again!)
Membership stalled, and it's beginning to pick up again...
Date: 05/10/2008 pvc we hit 60 on 06/09/2008 and we hit 63 on 04/10/2008. In the meantime bugs have been sorted, functionality added like questionnaires and ithe sites gone more down  a political route. Plus I've added film script and moved my research on, and even started my manifesto (see research section) url forwarded to the papacy, but as yet no response, from the Vatican. does no one answer their mail? in the meantime just give me a yell and tell me what you want, as i reflect on the irony of tracking down, and getting a very early ex on here... who has still failed to link with me.

oh yeah, strip poker mock up was done back in april, straight after temptations, though may wait till we gain some interest there, as its not been used yet...  much like the tarot readers, which could do with being extend as well, but again depends on the interest we recieve
53 hit, over the weekend, not sure if the toggled off ones count. (guess they do)
Date: 19/03/2008 pvc ok it's Wednesday and three accounts are toggled off (ones a dead guy) so the running total's changed slightly.  

  So it's full registration's from here on in, more info in the stats.
I've been adding functionality. journal's are now tracked, comments are to the front, bit like rival sites, and  we even have astrology, and the tarot on their.
rewriting huge sections, so it's getting bigger, better and brighter and well the more suggestions the more i respond.

you can also toggle privacy on/off as well as hiding deactivating from public searches. 

so keep it coming folks, as it's all just image from here on in, and the rest is easy. 

Right as for the psychic stuff, I've learnt to push it back/relax and ignore it. some of it's useful, which means I'm a machine once again, unless they get too chatty. so the eight of swords, thanks to my brilliant design i can mimic, expand and improve on any of the others, so bring it on. buys and girls. 

 Incidentally I've figured out some of the rules, on vitriol.  but you have to be on the site - to find those ones out. My journals give too much  away, to registered members of course, and frankly ignorance is bliss, so i wouldn't worry. there, there, my child nothing to worry about. Ignore it, and it shall go away ;) *patting you on the head, in a patronising tone, while I'm at it*

merchandising rights, premium rate phone lines,  and any other ideas would be of extreme interest to me right now. as well as finding a publisher, to offer the apple of knowledge too.

if i had the cash, i would start a magazine, and run for office. those women have annoyed me, i checked their voting records. it's twiddle dee, or twiddle dum, the twits, and well not sure any one of them understand the law, and/or the meaning of intent. bad poetry, even vogon poetry shouldn't be an arrestable offence. hello 1984, anyone hear me? gues not,  and besides shouldn't every good Englishmen know how the enemy thinks, ergo no one should be arrested for knowing how to do something! ever! article 10.  the art of war, baby, the art of war! i morn, what ever happened to intelligence the lowly lower house, is well just so lowly and incompetent I'm amassed we haven't had a revolution. what next arresting lappers that's the gathering out, oh now, he has a pen, arrgh quick raid the fridge.. been there, done, that. and isn't that why Jefferson and that lot, revolted?  you want, a target, go for the police, no one writes anything up straight.  the micky mouse transcripts in the press are a joke, and well, come on people.

it's speech! freedom of speech, to exert ones voice. so with that  my opposition still sticks, the MOJ is blind, to justice and is getting a blow job at it, so they can suck my cock, in the wank for freedom campaign, what ever will mr lumus think. ooops, guess the boats been rocked, silence now, beware people need to wake up sooner or later, to what's going on around them!

liberty matters, freedom too, and we're flushing it down the toilet restriction after restriction, as not one of these politicians knows what a real man could do with those laws, it's the one exception, and well intent passed by only one vote, in the terrorist act, a subtle difference, and one which could hang the world. or anyone who goes anywhere near a sharp implement, stick or anything else for that matter.  so you better hope the ECj walkes up, and overturns the lords, if not we are well and truly screwed!
the irony, Europe is our last and only last line of defence the charter of fundamental human rights, to stop a totalitarian regime, which is labour gone mad, and the rest of the parties are no better. no way i want that restrict lib dem bith in either


i want ron, and i want a government with over 51% of the countries vote, this is democracy, and the illusion is sadly lacking, people aren't stupid, well actually they are, shafted again! and i want education to be free, at the higher levels, knowledge is power, and frankly the sheep need education, desperately  tempting isn't it. the apple of thought!
40 is hit, at the top, and my will is written - lilith gets it all, divided by the rest who sign up next to me, (my sex links, not yours ;))
Date:31/12/2007 pvc Not sure what to say, Now have a world globe gone more the legal, and international law route, and expanded my writtings, int philosophy love and politics. i wrote sword on an impulse from the jealous bitch upstairs, for she never did forgive, so i i am the beast for love, yet that is pan and nature, more inside, but i worry about the apathy of the world, and my unfinished letter to pope is on display in the articles section.

Not like anyone is open minded enough to learn anything new or are they? knight of swords, and I'm not sure i can be bothered humouring the nitwits in the lower house, or anywhere else for that matter, oh i forgive google for correcting their mistake, then they removed me again, so they are no better/worse on censorship.
However  wikipedia continue to censor me, so hypocritical wankers the lot of , actualy perhaps its more accurate to say I am, but mines in a good cause, not suppression, like theres.(the latter helps, maybe?) 

My Mithras's Christmas Birthday/ new year message:

should be to end the blockade and free the world from censorship

( and perhaps editing other peoples work, and focus on sharing knowledge, and leading people into temptation, to
grow as people, and learn the love the beast has to offer, etc, etc...)

So my intent, and strategy, remain the same, to stand for president, or die to make a point, that censorship is wrong. freedom matters, and it's all in the links. Shhhh says Angel Gabriel, actually it was all there idea. ;)
uphill progress, the tortoise begins to move
Date:07/11/2007 pvc upto 30 members, figured out more of the clairvoyance, and holographic imagery Learnt never to rent a house out to people you date. Have a t-shirt though some debate about the text for the back. added more writing to the site. never do a pres release while drunk, i believe i wasn't that complementary Speaking your mind, also seems to upset people, still have a habit of uploading things in anger, as the sensations keep trying to correct me.
bloody annoying trying to appeal to everyone. seems one one one works best, though even then couldn't get it on the back of a beer mat and broke the debaters in the pub. they lost it and started shouting. if you don't want to know you shouldn't ask! close-mindedness is something you and you alone can deal with it, so admit to knowing nothing and give it a try.  If i switch modes in writing its purely accidental so i apologise to those i offend,  actually i don't they should look in the mirror of the soul and deal with it.
What To Do Next?
Date:13/10/2007 pvc 23 members and it's proved a bit of a damp squid. Slow to Start. I seem to be using it more as a platform to draw my research on psychic and spiritual development, philosophy and democracy into a single book. Notes in the article section. 
Really weird trying to work on a site as I get too much distracting imagery psychic sensations. So i shall care no more. and leave it up to the users, if they want functionality then I will offer it, if not we shall wait and see.
In the meantime my journal carries more hints and tips hidden throughout the site, perhaps i should draw together my notes and offer a course instead. Toying with the idea of letting people upload articles and share independent thought, before it becomes a misnomer in this part of the world. Again interests or do we fall to the lowest of the low offering full frontal sex video's in order to tempt the imagination. perhaps phone.  Could do anything, the pleasure sensations make it hard to focus though. hehe Perhaps i should outsource it, and instruct from  afar lol
Double figures reached
Date:03/6/2007 pvc 10 members reached. 7 women, 3 men. This is a 1000% increase in two weeks. Will have to declare myself a tantric sex god at this rate if the others don't get a move on.  The idea to get a research grant to study sexual interaction has been banded about. Perhaps we can find out how many degrees sexually separate us all....  - Gothiclight
Day 1
Date:18/5/2007 pvc Members total = 1. It begins I send out initial invites for user acceptance testing. - Gothiclight
Beta testing commences
Date:11/5/2007 pvc After three extensive weeks of development I'm hoping the initial functionality is nearly at a point where  I can start letting people on here. Official launch date is 2nd June. - Gothiclight
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