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I implemented this site as a desktop networking site in 2007, I never have written a pretty mobile front end for it as of yet. However the site is fully functioning and I am currently single at this time.

I will at some point perhaps implement a picturesque mobile front end (desktop should be fine), but after I went under lost all my houses pre mobile web era, and all the celebritaties going down for decades old sexual harrisment claims, didn't seem much point in dating, as too high risk.

though that being said, if people did sign up and say nice things about people they had sex with, perhaps it would give peace of mind and reduce the risk of perjury years later. or you could argue for marriage as security against all the people you entertained taking you down in spite or for money afterwards!

However still here, still single and stil hopefull that the battle of the sexes will be put to one side, and people will relearn how to say nice things and remember the good things between the people they have met

At least that was my hope, love you and all the best

~ Gareth Bryn Bowen, Still Single, Still Flat broke, and Still Available For Finding Love here

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